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10-24-2016 0 Mature feisty Asian cutie, Kitty is a no-nonsense MILF who's all about the fuckin'! With the promise of 'creamofsumyounguy' she sucked off our egg rolls and then filled up on every inch of our spicy pork in her forbidden city!
10-24-2016 0 Two hot Euro babes, Sheila and Carly, show us all of their best moves in a fantastic fourway fuckfest. They flip, flop, and fornicate on their knees, on their backs, and even standing up. Then they finalize our fun by exchanging strings of sticky jizz.
10-24-2016 0 We were looking for something refreshing & refreshing was some fresh pussy. Apple certainly was refreshing. Sometimes you just have to let your masculinity flow... so we let it flow all over her pretty little face! How do you like them apples?
10-24-2016 0 This gambling mom is addicted to trying her luck at the lottery and we just knew that she'd want to help us feed our addiction of fucking mom holes! We tapped her slot machine until we were sure we were winners and then shared our jackpots with her all over her face and ass! Don't miss out on this week's gambling MILF!
10-24-2016 0 When we picked up Mary Jane, she 'seemed' really quiet and conservative. But not for long! Once we got this little vixen going, there was no stopping how freaky she'd get! She went from innocent and shy, to a horny fuck machine in 0-60 - And we loved every mile of it!
10-24-2016 0 Dick and Rod were hanging at the donut shop when they eyed innocent looking beautiful Brooke. Always looking for fresh holes to fill, they forgot about the donuts and used some money to lure her back to the pad, where they they gave her enough cream-filled eclair to last her for weeks!
10-24-2016 0 Poor Kiara has lost her dog, so cunning Codi Carmichael offered to let Codi make some LOST DOG flyers on her copy machine. Of course, Codi would rather be passing her tongue up and down Kiara's pretty pink pussy, so she makes her move and next thing you know, these sweet blondes are pussy diving and dildo dicking each other to sweet orgasm!
10-24-2016 0 Little Violla is all inked up and ready to go as she spreads her pussy open, leaving it wet and gaping for the huge cock about to fill her to the top! But her pussy just isn't tight enough, so our cock-master stuffs his thick monster into her tight puckery ass!
10-24-2016 0 Jeremy's new lover Jack has a lot going for him; cute face, trim body, a nice thick cock and a gift for fellatio. He also makes adorable little grunting sounds when he's being fucked in the ass; always a major turn-on for a top like Jeremy.
10-24-2016 0 Unbeknownst to her husband, Candi has been working by day as an escort. We had already paid her when her husband arrived and discovered her secret. Well we weren't going to be ripped off, so we got on with business and let him watch! Perhaps she should seek a new career as a porn star!
10-24-2016 0 Sweet Kelly couldn't get the "o" to flow during sex so she came to me. I paired her up with a vibrator to get her started then moved on to the heavy guns to get her river flowin! Watch this pretty lady wriggle and writhe against some real powerful wild fuck toys!
10-24-2016 0 This pale bottom was delighted to see our massive meatsticks. And a little scared too! We'll just have to see if he's brave enough to take on two of the most intimidating dicks he's ever seen!
10-24-2016 0 This week's hot little number is an aspiring piano player, but costly lessons are draining her pocket. By her looks, we know Samantha has better talents just waiting to be exploited. $900 later, her tune is changed and the moans of pleasure and greed are music to our ears!
10-24-2016 0 Faith is just 18 but she's already graduated from some kind of school that lets her do hair and make-up for a living. Her daddy bought her braces, but she's been with something like 58 guys she claims. Do you think he knows? Anyhow, with that kind of experience on her knees, let's see how she does with our regular Jackson.
10-24-2016 0 They intercept Erik on his way to his internet webcam job - they understand that money will be key to taking him home. This fine cute man has a greedy mouth and 8 inches of uncircumcised meat - see the painful pleasure of his first huge cock experience!
10-24-2016 0 Carolyn's filthy Husband has cheated on her; she would rather buy a bed on her own so she doesn't have to share the same one. We have a bed to offer and that she should check out, and maybe we could do a little testing on. She's got to check out every inch of this bed to make sure it's what she really wants, but we'll get out what we want in the process!!
10-24-2016 0 Summer has just arrived in town and the Milf Seeker guys are only happy to welcome her. Not getting any at home from the hubby this hot MILF has a large appetite to fill. Before long the guys are filling both holes for some hot summer DP.
10-24-2016 0 Daniel's latest "MILF hook" is to pretend to be a personal trainer. Demi doesn't really buy his story, but once she has his cock in her mouth, instinct takes over and she has to finish what she has started...
10-24-2016 0 Walleria, Carie, Mili Jay & Viktoria know why they're here, know exactly what we want them to do and boy are they happy to do it! Once the quartet of bi-curious cuties spotted each other (and the impressively large vibes we provided for them) they were at each other's pussies in the blink of an eye, getting down in a lesbian lick-fest the likes of which may never be seen again!
10-24-2016 0 I was waiting around for my two roommates Tarra [everybody calls her 'Princess'] and Prissy, one summer. We were all planning on going down to the beach, but I had to wait for the babes to get ready. Princess is a hot looking hottie with a bangin' bod. I've always had fantasies about fucking her, but never gathered the courage to even ask her out. Her roommates Prissy is a babe as well. Long black hair and a tight little ass. The babes went into Prissy's room to get her things set for the trip so I waited outside. I wandered around the apartment and snuck into Princess's room. I noticed one of her dresser drawers was slightly opened so I leaned in for a closer look. There they were. A large heap of her panties all grouped up inside. I was so mesmerized by the colors and the thought of her wearing them, I couldn't help but bring a pair up to my nose and take in as big of a whiff as I could. Before I could relish in that lovely scent Princess came bursting through the room. Appalled to have caught me partaking in something so obscene and personal. "WHAT the HELL!?" She yelled as she dove to take her underwear out of my hands. "Oh my god... you've GOT to get in here!" Princess exclaimed. Prissy rushed in and gasped as she realized what had occurred. "Were you jerking off in our panties!?" Princess interrogated. Naturally, I tried denying it. I was fucking embarrassed but I still couldn't help but smile for some reason. "That's it. YOU have to find somewhere else to live." She said. Prissy grabbed the undies and pulled them over my head before shoving me f0rcefully on the bed. "What do you think we should do with him? This is horrible. YOU just went through her room! Her undies! In Princess's room. WHO treats a princess that way? Are we going to have to punish you?" Her words were so convicting yet her eyes were mischievous. What were their intentions? Just as I thought this, Princess snapped, "I have an idea. I know exactly what we can do... You know what? GET my handcuffs." Princess held me down on the bed and started undressing me. I felt my cock twitch as I let her dominate me. Prissy and Princess snapped on the cuffs on me and to a PILLOW. I couldn't help but burst out with laughter. They didn't like that much so they gagged me with their underwear. They rubbed their panties all over my face. "You're buried in panties now. You go in MY room.. sniffing MY panties? Do they smell good? Huh?" They taunted. I enjoyed their teasing and my cock was at full attention when Princess began to milk my cock with her hand. It felt so nice, having her lubing up my big shaft and massaging it the way she was. "Do you like them dirty or do you like them clean, you sick son of a bitch!?" Prissy ridiculed. I could tell they were both really turned on. Dominating the hell out of me. I loved it. Both of them started spitting on my shaft, jerking it up and down as I laid on Princess's bed of undies. While they continued to work my cock, Princess crawled over my body and faced my dick, shoving her very luscious ass into my face. I couldn't breathe but I was okay with that. What better way to die than to be smothered by such a voluptuous booty? They stopped just as soon as I was about to get off, taunting me and making me beg for them to finish me. It took some convincing but I got them to fuck my cock with their palms. It felt so fucking good my cock spit out loads and loads of cum. They playfully used their panties to clean up. "Now get the FUCK out of here!" Princess shouted. So hostile! I thought as I got out of Princess's bed. They even managed to give my ass a hard kick before I rushed out.
10-24-2016 0 Mimi was bored while she was waiting for her car's oil change so we offered to check her fluids back at our place. Even fully lubricated she couldn't believe the size of our dipsticks! We gave her a full service fucking, popped on her hood, then left knowing we'd satisfied another customer.
10-24-2016 0 Deja Daire was one of our better contestants over a year ago, so we had her back for another pornstar edition of Blowjob Races! She had a much softer look to her and Tim was really turned on by her cute feminine voice. Watch and see if they have what it takes to be the champions!
10-24-2016 0 Ethan and Lexi discovered that their hot young neighbor from up the street was a naughty cam girl online. Sensing an opportunity for seduction, Lexi dropped by Ally's place to work her magic.... and it just gets better from there. ;-)
10-24-2016 0 Alex, Kristian and Matt explore a new way to make money at work - no hard hat required, but a Jimmy Hat might come in handy...
10-24-2016 0 These junior jizz junkies are in for a treat today, and so are you! Only here can you get farm fresh flesh, served tender and pink only to be fucked fiercely until well done; Red, swollen and stuffed full of cum... Just how you like it!
10-24-2016 0 "You could be our next shoe model!" SIKE! What we really want is to see how deep Britney can take her first big cock. We know she's tight, but her pussy juices should let us slide right in.
10-24-2016 0 So much pussy, so little time! Never has this much sweet sloppy slit been packed in one room! These hot horny bitches are climbing all over each other to get to the colossal cocks waiting to spray spunk all over their tits and ass! You think you've seen an orgy sex party before, you ain't seen nuthin' until you've seen this cum spattered group fuck!
10-24-2016 0 Ladies know miniskirts are good boy bait...and Taina's was so high she almost gave herself away! Watch as this spicy tranny shows off her meatballs and gives Max a five inch surprise in this one!
10-24-2016 0 Parisian Angelique and her loving Chicano hubby were in need of IDs and some forged paper work to make themselves "legal". Unfortunately for them dumpy ol' Joe Friday was there to pull a fast one on this cute couple. Will they fall for the scam? Will Joe come through with the IDs and paper work? See it all unfold NOW!
10-24-2016 0 Poor Faith has never been poked by a pecker. Her lover, Abby, has never been with another woman. Scott and Nadia are inexperienced but enthusiastic Wife Switcher's who can't wait to get started. Cum on over to find out if these two, green to swing couples, are brave enough to play games of perversion.
10-24-2016 0 What do you get when you cross eight nipples, four asses, and about half a brain? A hot lesbian fuck-pile, that's what! Tired of buttering their own muffins, these shameless slit-slurpers fulfill all their wanton greed for pussy as they mercilessly shuck each other's oysters! Cum see all the pearl-diving action right here!
10-24-2016 0 It's time to kick in the brown door and paint it white! When we told Devon that she was gonna get the butt-shaft, Richard promised to take it slow. But after feeling the grip of her tight chute our assman couldn't help give her the anal pounding of her life!
10-24-2016 0 Pretending to be talent scouts we told Lucy she could be in our upcoming calendar, '12 Months of Pussy.' At first she said that she wouldn't pose in anything less than a bikini but once we told her that all the proceeds were going to save kittens her pussy was on CJ like a real friendly lap cat.
10-24-2016 0 Jeremy and Neo get down for a half-hour of hot and energetic fucking, sucking, rimming and jerking, ending in two explosive orgasms and massive loads of cum!
10-24-2016 0 Jocelyn is a bartender when she's not sucking cock on camera in a race for money. We're not sure how good she is at making drìnks but she certainly sucks a great dick from the looks of it. Her amazing attitude, southern accent and desire to make men happy is a perfect match for getting a guy to cum in her mouth in as little time as possible.
10-24-2016 0 Double your pleasure with Carrie and Patricia as they take it up the ass with two big cocks! Watch them stretch their holes, swap spit and lick a hot load off of each other!
10-24-2016 0 We happily bring you another barely legal fuckhole, only this weeks teen slut has a bit of an edge - She's got a real cute punk thing going on. She looks and acts like she's tough and we're here to put that demeanor to the test... The gonzo sex test!
10-24-2016 0 Sexy bombshell blonde Gina is all dressed up with no place to go. Home alone with just her black beads and toys, Gina occupies her time in her own little Fuckfest. Cock stand-in hand, beads turn into anal beads and Gina takes the ride of her life solo-style.
10-24-2016 0 By the looks of Jon he had sucker written all over. This twink was ever so slightly resistant, but once he got a good look at those greenbacks he was ready to turn loose the goods! Cum see Jon go jolly for the Johnson!
10-24-2016 0 Jessie was looking for an easy way out of his financial worries; we were looking for an easy way into his muddy love canal. So we gave him a nice stack of Ben Franklins, tore down his fences and set our canoes a sailin'!
10-24-2016 0 Fiona and Kyra enjoy drooling in each other's mouth but they really get excited when they take turns spitting on and licking their pussies. Talk about getting themselves wet! Fiona has nice feet and wants Kyra to cover them in spit, sucking the drool from in between her toes and licking it up.
10-24-2016 0 I was fucking around with my neighbor who cheats on his girlfriend with me every week and I made sure my stripper friend Melony would show up so we could have a 3-way with him. I treated Mel like a dirty whore and fucked her good and hard then ate cum off her big boobies.
10-24-2016 0 In a world where no women like to swallow, Jack set out to change that. With a cock that could explode any minute Get down, so I can make it in your mouth! he was ready to find his victim. One man, one mission, one load. Who will swallow? Ashley Belle!
10-24-2016 0 Now *this* is my idea of a wake up call! If there's a hotel out there that offers a lotion rub down, followed by a nice long suck, fuck and jerk session, sign me up!
10-24-2016 0 We found Chad on his daily walk in the park and took the chance on picking him up. He had never been with another man before, so we filled his virgin mouth and ass with our hot cocks!
10-24-2016 0 Nate loved being a top and had never gone bottom before, so when Johnny pulled out his python with the intent to break in Nate's virgin asshole, Nate was worried that the massive member would be too much for him. Johnny knew better, and helped to loosen Nate's love-locker with some tawdry tonguing before finally delivering Nate's asshole its first huge cock!
10-24-2016 0 Recently I had the chance to hang out with a hottie who can squirt like crazy. Jamie is from Montreal but was in the US visiting and wanted to teach me how to squirt. She has a terrific body and is in total control of it, so we decided to play together. You better put on your rainsuit for this one!
10-24-2016 0 Avilla gives us a bit of a 'solo show' before hammering Bruno in the ass.
10-24-2016 0 Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Juicy Joselyn leeks lady lube after getting her labia loved by Jay, and his gigantic Johnson! Cum watch this watery wet whore lose control of her pussy and let loose her Niagara falls-like ejaculate! See the Juice cum running down her legs as Jay struggles to get out of her line of fire. There are no short cummings here!!!
10-24-2016 0 Brian and Enrique need a little pick me up this morning. Miguel works at a coffee bar, and we offer a little "cream" for his coffee on his way to work. Miguel is in for a HUGE surprise as Brian and Enrique bring new meaning to "GRANDE LATTE"

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