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08-25-2016 0 We were a little upset that Melanie and Kissy got started working on each other's tight WET PUSSIES before we got there, but when we arrived with our HUGE COCKS, the honeys were more than willing to try our big thick dicks on for size!
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08-25-2016 0 A laundry day disagreement over a pair of underwear gets unexpectedly passionate for roommates Fernando and Matias. Once your dick is being sucked, who cares who the underwear belongs to?
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08-25-2016 0 A chance encounter with her new neighbor took Sunshine's mind off her problem with her boyfriend; fucking four guys at the same time took her mind off of everything else. After a morning like that, any girl would want a shower -- a cum shower, that is! Luckily for Sunshine, her new friends are more than happy to supply the spunk.
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08-25-2016 0 This summer resort caters to the beautiful and fit - but since when do cardio workouts include multiple repetitions of dick? Must be the new in thing, and these two dudes are definitely DEEP "in", pussy, that is! When this power set is done, the recovery drìnk includes Pole Protein in large amounts. Wouldn't want our hottie to get dehydrated - and it sure beats taking salt tablets!
08-25-2016 0 Melody is a timid beauty salon worker with an undeniable sexual appetite, and we want nothing more than to satisfy her hunger. If it's not her English accent that gets you hard, then her rhythmic strokes, long licks, and cock riding certainly will!
08-25-2016 0 Yarr! Brad went boat shopping but ended up hijacked by his butt pirate buddy! The salty sea captain's packing one heck of a sword, and landlubber Brad's never walked the plank! Yo ho ho!
08-25-2016 0 The Captain's are experienced swingers who have a lot to teach newlywed's Kevin and Jeanie. Kevin gets the blowjob of his life before spewing his creamy white all over Kareama's dark skin while fucking her ample titties. But Mr. Captain ruins the fun for Kev by giving Jeanie as many orgasms as Kevin's given her all year.
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08-25-2016 0 Welcome back party fans. You're just in time for the first annual Spring Spank! This week's bash will leave you drooling for more. Step inside to see sexy students get it on!
08-25-2016 0 Melodie's a 34 Double-D phenomenon comin' straight outta the Big Apple. This city girl's got some huge knockers, and we're gonna put 'em to use! She loves to get her titties fucked, and this jubbly lady is in luck today! She knows all the best ways to get 'em bouncing around. Take a bite and sample this tasty East Coast tart!
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08-25-2016 0 Kiko is a student who enjoys the outdoors and quiet evenings in. Andrew likes dance clubs and loves Chinese food. Watch as these two go and have a meal, then make a meal out of each other! They cross their chopsticks and soon are enjoying each others lo mein noodles with special sauce!
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08-25-2016 0 Back from an afternoon of dental work, Tangent can't feel her mouth at all, but she can feel the hot, wet drool that's running down her cheek and cleavage. Sky helps her out of the wet top but the drool keeps flowing until her chest and stomach are glistening and....
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08-25-2016 0 Candy comes to us from the wholesome midwest. A cornfed cutie with a rack of the finest farm-bred breasts around, she wastes no time soaking up, scrubbin' our truck and squeezin' them jugs! Then it's time for the real action: an oily, roly-poly romp on the bed and a gooey load frosted on her HUGE BOOBS!
08-25-2016 0 Two of my best girlfriends and myself decided to take a big chance and open our very own ice cream parlor. We'd been working our butts off, getting ready for our grand opening, in the morning, when lo n' behold one of our ice cream machines broke!!! Right away I called a handyman I know to come over for an emergency fix. He was fast, friendly, and totally saved the day!! So we offered him a really special thank you.... He froze watching us slowly lick the milky sweet cream off the top of the cup he gave us to sample. He looked like the kinda guy who doesn't get much play, so we enjoyed indulging his fantasies with some fun teasing. Taylor and i took a lick together, both of us scooping just a little bit of cream onto the tips of our tongues then kissed, a sweet, soft, slow, wet kiss. It was obvious that he was hungry for the treats we were offering so Taylor trucked him over to our dining area where we all followed to get a taste. Hungry to gobble up his banana split, we peeled him out of his uniform. Churning his chub we got him hard then then we made him melt, spewing his satisfying man milkshake.
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08-25-2016 0 Joselyn has that skinny tight hardbody look that just yells "cum slut". It turns out she needs more than one shot of cum to keep her satisfied: she needs at least 5 loads at one time. After letting them ravage her mouth and throat, one by one she lets them jizz in her mouth and all over her face. Joselyn proved to us she is up for pretty much any cum we can throw at her.
08-25-2016 0 Everyone is having a good time but we can't help turn out attention to one very sexy raven haired vixen. She doesn't miss a chance to suck, sit, spit, lick, probe, pull or ride, and she loves every minute of it, especially when she's rubbing another ladies pussy while getting her own ass and twat tapped until taking a big swig of man champaign. (part 2 of 3)
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08-25-2016 0 Alex and Jonathan are out and about, giving the 'sex survey' hook another go as a seduction device. It worked to land them Shawn, a French Canadian barber who didn't seem at all troubled when the 'interview' became a raucous three-way romp! By the way... does anybody know of a good way to get cum out of your beard hair?
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08-25-2016 0 Heather went to Sandy's place looking for a house-sitting gig. She got a lot more than she bargained for, including Sandy's tongue buried deep in her pussy!
08-25-2016 0 I've been really looking forward to this one. There's been some scuttlebutt about how hot and how much fun Victoria is. Well, I must say she does not disappoint. She's so cute and so sweet and she love, love, loves to get her tight little pussy pounded!
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08-25-2016 0 This college house party turns into a wild fuck-fest when these girls go wild and turn into cock starved nymphos who grab hold of the closest big dick and take it in any hole they can shove it in!
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