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09-26-2016 0 Lynn was a little shy at first, but after we whipped out our black cocks, she was getting more than a mouthful. Watch Lynn take it in all her holes at once as we get her to loosen up.
09-26-2016 0 Mackenzee was boning up on her soccer skills in the park when these two brittle bastards caught a glimpse of her athletic physique. Watch as they put her ball handling skills to the test and practically pay this sexy soccer seductress's way through college for a taste of that sweet pussy!!!
09-26-2016 0 Faith was more than happy to assist a couple of jocks with their academics. Stripping down, she gave them a hands on lesson of the female anatomy. But, Oh-Boy did she get a LARGE surprise when they began to give her lessons on the male anatomy.
09-26-2016 0 The other nurses and I were sick and tired of dealing with a particularly unruly and nasty patient named John. Constantly complaining about everything in the hospital, and grabbing our asses, we were determined to give him a taste of his own medicine. I'm really tired of him, candy striper Courtney said exasperated. We need to teach him a lesson, Nurse Mackenzee seconded. We agreed if he was going to give us a hard time, we were going to do things the hard way.... Time to take your temperature, John. With the three of us using all of our might, we were able to restrain him and tape his mouth shut so that no one would hear his whimpers as nurse Mackenzee stuck the thermometer up his butt! To our surprise, the harsher our treatment was, and the meaner we were, the more he seemed to enjoy it! Either he gets turned on being treated like shit, or he lied about having a problem getting his cock hard just to get the pills that he wanted. As the head nurse, I declared that it was time to investigate! I want to see if your cock is broken or not. Do you think you'll be able to cum? I asked him. I think so, he responded. I warned him, If you don't cum, we're going to stick that thermometer back in your ass! I went to work right away on the tip of his dick, while nurse Mackenzee assisted me with the lube, spit, and a ball massage. Meanwhile, candy striper Courtney monitored his pulse, blood pressure, and breathing, all of which indicated that he was in fact, going to cum. My orders were clear, give me all of your cum! I told him repeatedly. My tone of voice told him that I wasn't messing around either. Unlike his typical argumentative demeanor, he was finally being a good patient, doing what he was told. Nurse Mackenzee was monitoring his progress and made note that his legs were beginning to shake. I knew that it wouldn't be long before I'd have the results I was looking for. Just as he was about to cum, I called for nurse Mackenzee to take over. Instructing her on the proper procedure, I told her to Stroke it off, onto his stomach, and a creamy white fluid came shooting from the head of his penis. Once our investigation into his 'ailment' was complete, we promptly and professionally left the room, then headed straight to the Pharmacy where we rescinded his erectile disfunction prescription... That outta teach him a lesson!
09-26-2016 0 Sorry guys, it's vag pie for cutie Scarlett! And by the look of curvy hottie Stacee...lunch is served! Our pretty vagitarian cooked up a little snatch surprise and gave Stacee a tasty meal she won't soon forget! Watch these two cuties heat it up for Stacee's first lesbian sex!
09-26-2016 0 The daring damsels and their debonaire dates arrive at the house with some simple requests. drìnks and dick, not necessarily in that order. There's no beating around the bush here, but there IS EATING around the bush when the oral hors deurves are served up hot and steamy. This big kids petting zoo features rides - baloney pony rides, that is! (1 of 3)
09-26-2016 0 We were looking for a tight place to bury our bones when we found Puppy wandering the streets. We offered hm a chunk of our wads and it wasn't long before we he was taking our meat all the way and yelping for more!
09-26-2016 0 Women are impressed by the size of a man's muscles & curious to what else might be large. This kitty was very curious. She opened her mouth and her fucking slit for some big hard cock. Finally curiosity really paid off, she can take this money shot straight to the bank!
09-26-2016 0 This hot little MILF slut just got off work when we picked her up. A little smooth talk and we had her in the car heading back to our pad! Once we got her back to the pad she started sucking our cocks and begging us to fuck her. We fucked her tight MILF pussy and her mouth at the same time, then we gave her a hot face full of MILFseeker juice!
09-26-2016 0 After repeatedly calling her man at work, Sophia's guy gets so pissed off that he shuts her up by sticking his big man pole down her throat. Like a plunger in a clogged toilet, Sophia's mouth gets fucked over and over until he unleashes his manjuice all over her tongue.
09-26-2016 0 Shante was looking for a hot ride. I told her I had all the secrets about buying Corvettes. She agreed to join us. What she found out, was the "hot ride" she was going to get was on my cock! Long Blonde hair, slender legs, and HUGE tits make her a MILF to remember!!!
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09-26-2016 0 Nervous Shannon is wound up tighter than a bull's ass in fly season, but when orgasmic India gets hold of her, all bets are off - and so are her clothes! Rod follows up with a good mouth stretching with his cock, and once Shannon gets the 'ol squat, stroke and gobble down, the quick bitch- switch is full speed ahead and what follows is some furious fucking.
09-26-2016 0 Baby-Sit or Car-Copulation? Although slightly reluctant, Miss Whitney Stevens obviously wanted a bumpy car ride with deep dickin' opposed to little cash while baby sittin'. This gorgeously shaped female specimen is going to make you cum and cum again!
09-26-2016 0 Karina, a self proclaimed nympho, had never had two guys. We hooked her up but on our conditions. She would let us plug both of her holes, no not your twat then your ass but both at the same time! We gouged both of her holes and finished with nut on her face!
09-26-2016 0 After a leisurely stroll down the beach, Matthew and Nash decide to head poolside for a look at the scene there. As it turns out, there *were* the scene there, since nobody else was around... and when there's nobody else around, Matthew and Nash have a tendency to get naughty.
09-26-2016 0 Nothing like a little blackmail-style action to get the ball rolling. I fuck his wife, I don't sue him for my cash. He pays up, I don't show the tape to the world. Well I got my balls rolling against this hussy's ass while she paid for her husband's screw-up! Maybe next week I'll go back to collect interest!!
09-26-2016 0 Relax, we'll take good care of you, Lexi reassures Jessie. And indeed they do...
09-26-2016 0 Little Tommy Twink had never been with another boy before, but after offering to pay him some big bucks, he agreed to spread wide his wings and his ass to try some hardcore first time gay sex. This first timer took to chugging cock and getting reamed like he'd been doing it all his life!
09-26-2016 0 This Asian momma-son was just what we were wonton! We couldn't wait to get full on this delicious helping of dim sum and chow her mein! This Szechuan honey was hot and spicy and after we took the fortune from her cookie we let our spring rolls go and unloaded our oyster sauce all over her face. Don't miss us Bangkok on this episode of MILF!
09-26-2016 0 David and Brodie don't have to say much to each other. Their hard cocks tell everything that needs to be known. They're hot for each other's lean, toned, tanned trunks, and tight tails. Watch them suds up then slurp down.
09-26-2016 0 When John and Zane told stressed out Debbie that they were going to school to become massage therapists she jumped at the chance to get a free rub down. She never expected that they'd end up rubbing every inch of her body, except for her back!
09-26-2016 0 Griffin is hating his boring, do-nothing job as a Life Guard, until Bailey shows up and demonstrates one of the significant perks of having a job with no responsibility -- like being able to get your dick sucked poolside with no repercussions! By the time Bailey's cock is balls-deep in Griffin's tight ass, Griffin has a whole new attitude about his job.
09-26-2016 0 When I feel tired, I call this nursing agency that makes house calls. I requested a busty blonde nurse to visit me and that's exactly what I got! She took my urine sample, then checked out my eyes, throat, chest, vagina and rectum. She explored all my holes deep to make sure I was ok. Things got very kinky when she got my urine results back from the lab...
09-26-2016 0 Rub a dub dub, there's lots of cocks getting sucked in our tub. Among the benefits of living in a warm climate is that everyone loves getting naked! So scantly clad horsing around in the pool evolves into bare naked monkeying around with a delightful array of luscious melons and engorged bananas. (2 of 4)
09-26-2016 0 Gorgeous gusher Trishelle needs a little teasing before she can squirt the sweet nectar, so we agreed to tongue-bathe her clit, fuck her pussy and finger her frothy insides until we hit that magic button that makes this lovely lady eject her hot juice!
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09-26-2016 0 Joe gives Kelli her first ass fucking... and from her reaction to the experience, I'm guessing it won't be her last.
09-26-2016 0 Alejandro and Antonio know how to brighten up a dull afternoon -- a little oral, a little ass play and a whole lot of jerking and fucking!
09-26-2016 0 When the Sky's viewed Joey and Kylee's last Wife Switch appearance, they knew that this was a couple they were all juicy to swap with. Three e-mails later these two hot couples were swapping spouses in a pussy-packing group fuck so hot, these sweet bitches fucking cum at first penetration!
09-26-2016 0 Jada wasn't buying our line about the makeover show in the beginning - she flat out didn't trust us at all! (Smart girl). Once we told her she'd get $800 up front, though, she was good to go! And once the sex started, Jada forgot all about everything else, and worked that cock like a pro!
09-26-2016 0 What happens when two pornstars gag on big dildos? They make lots of spit! They put that saliva to use on each other and spit in their mouths and drool it back and forth. Things get a little rough in this spit battle, so enjoy your front-row seat!
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09-26-2016 0 With his usual partner Sam on vacation, Johnny needed a well-hung stand in. One look at Joao's meaty member, and Johnny knew he'd found his man.
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09-26-2016 0 Brandon Areana wasn't scared to show us how feisty she can get, so we whipped it out and let her take control. What kind of girl do you think I am? Well Brandon, we know how well you suck and fuck a DICK! That's for sure!
09-26-2016 0 Ashton was a little sore after a few hard days at work, so naughty Nate offered to give him a deep-tissue massage. Ashton thought it was a little weird, getting a massage from a dude, but he was desperate, so he agreed to a hot oil rubdown....for his neck...and then his back...and then his cock!
09-26-2016 0 The Lelanis are neophytes to swapping - just what the Livingstons are looking for; fresh meat. Things quickly heat up when the wives strip naked and slip in the jacuzzi before gobbling some hard cock. Just when Ben draws and busts a gargantuan load on Mia's tits, inexperienced Chris blows his stud butter inside Leah's gaping pussy. Ben is horrified; Leah seems tickled pink.
09-26-2016 0 Just what is it with babes named Victoria and big asses? We really aren't sure; all we know is that every one of them we meet has a booty worthy of worship!! This week proves no exception, so cum give our newest Victoria the warm and sticky welcome she deserves!
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09-26-2016 0 Aaron, was just trying to be a nice guy, helping out a friend of his, who has just got kicked out of his place. He's a bit curious about why he got kicked out. He then learns his friend is into the man-pole! He gets his thank you by a hard pound in the ass, a different way of getting thanks!
09-26-2016 0 Mya could be an Asain model. Her beautiful face and tight ass had my cock sprung! I talked her right out of her clothes and had my cock down her throat before she knew what hit her! She proved to me that once you go Asian you will never go Caucasian!
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09-26-2016 0 The guys of reparations are trying to collect once again this week. They found themselves a barely legal (18+) shy lady named Karen. This little black - endowed Goth became a "star" because her horoscope told her to "try something new". It forgot to warn her it might be a big black dick!!
09-26-2016 0 Randy redhead Babalon might be spelling-challenged, but she sure sucks cock like a pro!
09-26-2016 0 Once again our hungry guys went down to their favorite hotdog stand where they met soccer mom Drunna. Drunna's been married for 12 years but regrets never having diddled two guys at once when she had the chance in college. Lucky for her our guys were just as hungry for MILF taco as they were for hotdogs, so they brought her back to the studio to show her exactly what she's been missing out on all of these years.

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