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05-26-2020 0 -EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES EPISODE!-Have you ever wondered what happens after the cameras stop rolling? Cum join us at the beach and find out!! We're giving you a little more pink for your green!
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05-26-2020 0 -EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES EPISODE!- Peek a boo! Cum on in for a sneak peak of our 'husbands' and 'wives' before we accelerate their relationship into high gear!
05-26-2020 0 When the Sky's viewed Joey and Kylee's last Wife Switch appearance, they knew that this was a couple they were all juicy to swap with. Three e-mails later these two hot couples were swapping spouses in a pussy-packing group fuck so hot, these sweet bitches fucking cum at first penetration!
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05-26-2020 0 Kalyssa is a 1st generation American who describes herself as a good little lady that doesn't party much. And after she told us that spooning was her favorite position we believe her! She is however, pretty daring when it comes to what she likes to eat.... For example "Creamofsomeyoungguy" is one of her favorite dishes.
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05-26-2020 0 Growing up I was always told that zombies are only after one thing, BRAINS! But the day my girlfriends and I actually came face to face with one we learned that brains aren't the only thing that'll satisfy a zombie. He... or It was chasing us thru a dark ally and we were running as fast as we could but when we came to a dead end, we thought it was going to be our end. With our backs up against the wall I did the only thing I could think of to take his mind off of our brains. I pulled my top down exposing my voluptuous cleavage strapped in by a lacy black bra. We could hardly believe that it worked! My tits stopped him dead in his tracks. My friend, Alexa, caught on quick. She turned around, lifted her skirt and stuck out her butt. With my tits and her ass rousing his carnal desires he seemed to forget about his craving for carnage. Without giving him anytime to remember what he was there for, we backed him into a corner, took his pants down, got on our knees, and went to town! He got really hard really fast and his scary groans started to sound more like moans as the three of us stroked his big zombie cock. I was somewhat surprised that his package was as normal as any I'd ever seen, especially when considering that one of his eyeballs was hanging from it's socket! Our fears were subsiding as his prick got stiffer. Emi and I started kissing and Alexa started spitting, she couldn't wait to find out what zombie cum tastes like. We got down on our knees just as he was about to climax so that we could all have a taste..... The only thing I remember after that was a burning feeling and a yearning for BRAINS!
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05-26-2020 0 Dante helps James out with a ride, and James returns the favor by arousing him from his slumber with a blowjob. Now that's what I call a nice wake up call!
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05-26-2020 0 Kiko is a student who enjoys the outdoors and quiet evenings in. Andrew likes dance clubs and loves Chinese food. Watch as these two go and have a meal, then make a meal out of each other! They cross their chopsticks and soon are enjoying each others lo mein noodles with special sauce!
05-26-2020 0 Stonie's so hot he sizzles when he walks. We had this smokie on a platter smothered between 2 buns & covered with xtra sauce! For a few dollars more I'll let him lick the spoon!!
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05-26-2020 0 Caroline and Brooke were friends who shared a few fish dinners before they got married. Now, they're cooking something up to share with their husbands; Bearded clam and mutton dagger for appetizers followed by buried beef with plenty of white hot gravy for a tasty finish.

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