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07-15-2019 0 When we met Aryan she informed us she wanted to become a wildlife biologist. We got a couple of land animals for her to inspect. Although these inhabitants might be a little to large for her to wrap her hands around.
07-15-2019 0 Four new friends and one nasty sexual adventure... What better way to welcome the new babe to Cali-porn-ia? It's time to show her the ropes and stretch those holes! Her raw pink tissues matched her bright red hair when we got through with her!
07-15-2019 0 After listening to Mark complain about his aching back, Jerry calls his favorite massage therapist for an emergency house call. She strips off all of her clothes and Mark's pain begins to drift south... Into his throbbing cock. After she massages it with her mouth they take turns seeing how good of a massage her ass gives their cocks!
07-15-2019 0 Mackenzee was boning up on her soccer skills in the park when these two brittle bastards caught a glimpse of her athletic physique. Watch as they put her ball handling skills to the test and practically pay this sexy soccer seductress's way through college for a taste of that sweet pussy!!!
07-15-2019 0 We spotted Mia outside the clinic after a colon cleansing. Little did she know she was preparing for an ass pounding of a lifetime! See us squeeze into the cleanest, tight virgin asshole ever and give her an even better cleansing of our own!
07-15-2019 0 After 140 push-ups Lexxx is going to show us his favorite 'tension release routine.' First he titillates us by showing off his ripped bod complete with 16 gauge guns and six pack abs. Followed up by a healthy slathering of oil all over these parts and the plump muscle he soon turns his attention to.
07-15-2019 0 If you crave beefcake don't let locker jocks Josh and Jimmy fool you. They look tough and hard on the outside but they're sweet and tender on the inside. These guys enjoy a good rub down followed by the kind of workout that you'll find rubout worthy.
07-15-2019 0 While on spring break the only lesson this little slut had in mind was how to get chalked full of black cock. She played innocent but we saw right through her act and stuck her deep. How deep, you wonder? Well, there's only one way to find out.... See you inside.
07-15-2019 0 Angel has some HUGE FAKE BOOBS, and we mean that, these things are massive! As soon as Kris spotted them he knew that he needed to oil those babies up and sandwich his huge cock in between them, fucking those titanic tits until he sprayed his sweet man load all over them!
07-15-2019 0 Paloma and Chloe are too cute to have experienced the disco era, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to get down with solid dildos that is. Watch as they give each other a pussy pounding with not one but two dildos and then take a third in the ass.
07-15-2019 0 Pretty bubblehead Bree had few inhibitions and fewer brain cells. But that didn't stop the monsters of cock from injecting miles of throbbing meat in her perfect holes! You can almost hear the wind whistle through this hottie's ears as she tries her first big cock!
07-15-2019 0 It was Saturday night and I met up with my girlfriends for our school reunion. We visited an old class we all had together and noticed not much had changed. We all sat around with each other reminiscing and catching up with each other. Turns out Gina became a fetish dominatrix, Lindsay opened up her very own topless hair salon, and Bonnie is a store owner that sells a variety of apparel. We were all just bullshitting and having a great time when all of a sudden, one of the honeys mentioned a name I hadn't heard in a long long time."Do you guys remember, Josh the jerkoff!?" Everyone gasped as they remembered who Josh was. Gina tried to recall, "I remember that one time when they caught him jerking off in the guys locker room shower? It was right before a game or something like that... I think that's how he got the name right?" The honeys and I shared horror stories of Josh's terrible antics. Pulling our pants down, grabbing our tits and trying to fiddle with our pussies in front of everyone. It was so embarrassing that it stayed in our memories even after years of not seeing the guy. It was no wonder that we all wanted to teach him a lesson as soon as we noticed him walking in. Everyone laughed insurprise when he strolled through the door... smugly massaging Bonnie's tits as if he owned them. We'll show him. As he continued to make an ass of himself, Gina and I huddled together for a mini-chat. I told her I wanted Josh to pay for everything he'd done. Gina agreed and suggested we get him wasted and tie him to a desk for a little humìlìatìon retaliation. I grinned coyly as I heard her plan and couldn't wait to actualize it. We made him chug beer after beer until he finally passed out cold. I undressed him completely as Linsay and Bonnie held him up. We carried his naked heavy body over to the teacher's desk and tied him up with some rope.All of us saw the marker on the desk and couldn't resist. Gina began writing obscene things all over his face and chest. I colored his balls black and wrote some more. When we'd had our fill, we splashed some beer in his face in which he jolted awake. The honeys and I began smacking his ass in a frenzy, enjoying his humìlìatìon. We demanded an apology and he gave us one, but it was half-assed. So we became f0rceful about it until he sincerely apologized. Having so much control over him, I noticed the honeys getting turned on. We poured some lukewarm beer on his groin and started spitting all over it. Gina milked his shaft with her hands. I joined in kneading softly at his shaved balls and cooch. It was obvious how much Josh was enjoying this as his member grew longer and harder. Soon, all four of us were touching and caressing his dick. He grunted and groaned as he ejaculated. Our hands were all covered in his sticky semen. Josh's smile quickly faded as we all grabbed our things. The four of us giggled satisfactorily as we left the room, leaving Josh tied up and all by his self. What a great reunion.
07-15-2019 0 Vince had just left the airport after a long flight. He agreed to come back and answer a few of our questions. After he saw the size of our pot stickers he couldn't keep his mouth off of them! His tight ass was what dreams are made of! Arigato for my first huge cock!
07-15-2019 0 24 year old Hollie came all the way from Kansas City Mo. to show off her bountiful behind for our cameras. This big butt party slut wasted no time steaming up our cameras and camera men. So if you like humongous asses on horny bitches, then you'll have to cum inside and see just how steamy it gets.
07-15-2019 0 Meet Cadence Calibre, a regular white slutty valley girl except she's not afraid to work up a sweat outside of the gym. One look at our huge black cocks and she knew that we were just what she was looking for. She sucked us hard then spread wide for some foot long black dong. CUM see how worked up she gets!
07-15-2019 0 The #1 request is always to see more spit swallowing. We know that Kacey is a favorite with many of you, so she came back to give everyone what they want: lots of hard thick spitting in the face and of course a nice huge cum swallow at the end.
07-15-2019 0 Anastasia visits a Dr. of Dildonics because she is afraid that the voices in her head will take her orgasms away. He's confident that he can help her with a healthy dose of the "Thrill Hammer". Watch as her pussy gets drilled by a mechanical miracle that changes her 'voices' into screams of ecstasy.
07-15-2019 0 When we told this blonde babe that she could earn some extra cash taking our survey, she never expected the first question to be "Will you take your shirt off"! But then again, we never expected her to agree only if BOTH of us paid her! She drives a hard bargain... But we're gonna get our money's worth driving hard into her!
07-15-2019 0 Pretty Charly was anxious to play their skin flutes all day, but sorry Charly...the Brothas had other ideas! The maestros of meat played hide the kielbasa as they rode her pretty ass into the sunset!
07-15-2019 0 Tory Lane has been fucked six ways from Sunday, but has never...and we mean ever...had her ass breached by a boner until now! With one cock to keep her wet pussy and pouting mouth busy, we stuff another one up her tight tushy-hole, pounding at her sphincter until it splits!
07-15-2019 0 Angelo surprises Kattie with a bottle of champagne to kick off a romantic evening. The champagne will have to wait, though, because these two lovers can't.
07-15-2019 0 There's nothing like a hot shower after an intense workout and there's nothing like a hot mouth job while in the shower. Cum and watch what happens when these muscly mariposas dry off and really start to get wet and wild.
07-15-2019 0 Our little Mexican friend TNTown, is ready to learn some more English and his buddy is here to help him, too bad he doesn't have a clue that you don't need to know English when you have a mouth full of dick!
07-15-2019 0 Sam lured in Jesse by advertising his leather gear in the paper. The price was a little steep for Jesse, so they worked out an alternate form of payment....
07-15-2019 0 While picking up pencil boxes for the kids Sophia Mounds bumps into the Milf Seeker crew. Soon the guys have her at their place and start working this mom's assets off. Now watch as they fill her hot box and give her mounds a thorough schooling.
07-15-2019 0 Film buff Jordan and I had a bet over movie trivia, since she lost I got to fuck her sweet ass! Her tight holes felt amazing but she got a suprise ending...a jizzload in her foul mouth that she got to swallow! What a show!
07-15-2019 0 A quick dip in the pool Jacky thought she was just there to have a little relaxation, but we had another idea in mind...It's so easy to show a little cash to get a nice piece of ass! cuties are so money hungry its amazing how much of the pleasing pussy we're getting! jealous? Check it out!!
07-15-2019 0 Big Smoke and Mr. Darvin are in the house, and they've brought the party with them. A few drinks and these anal rangers just can't resist sucking and fucking each other's giant meat sticks. Nothing says party like being balls deep in a tight ass.
07-15-2019 0 This clip is a blast from the past, in one of her starring roles in a theatrical production you can get a chance to see Sophia's acting chops as she does some dialogue with classic 70s and 80s porn icon Peter Horner. Don't worry, the sex is sure to come as Sophia gets jam-packed right in the middle of the restaurant with a huge jerked load blown all over her face as desert.
07-15-2019 0 Tantalizing Thai Priva may not speak much English, but she is fluent in the language of fucking another man to get back at her cheating husband! Oliver is unaware of her vengeful plans, and Jake and Kylie, who are back for a second round, havent a clue what the outcome will be of this steamy sexual session, but they are hoping for a good time.
07-15-2019 0 We met the very sexy Lexi in the ghetto. You know what they say the darker the berry the sweeter the juice, and Lexi's ass was blacker than a mutha fucka, precisely why we chose her fine ass booty. Now the thing was that we needed to get this bitch in a position where she couldn't refuse us, and it was it easy with lame ass Buster trying to get in her pants. Cum in and find out how we got this piece of tail.
07-15-2019 0 Porter and two of his teammates really got to know each another when their hotel room only had one bed. When they couldn't fall asleep an innocent game of truth or dare quickly led to more fleshly fun like; swallowing the sword, three way tackle, and some good old fashion ass fucking.
07-15-2019 0 Sexy singer Samantha was a dirty birdy for straight sex, but she was gonna change her tune with Sasha! After a little warming up Sasha opened up her sexy pipes (and hot legs) and gave Samantha a performance she wouldn't forget! Watch these two make sweet music together!
07-15-2019 0 Pretty Chloe was happy to be on our makeover show, but she had NO idea she was gonna end up switch hitting in this one! A stroke of her nips and a tongue in her pretty gash she was giving sexy lezzie Jordan a tongue lashing of her own! Check these two out!
07-15-2019 0 Tristan's body is totally incredible (especially for a chick who is 28) and she got creative with her scene by using a clear glass table to give us some amazing views from underneath. With her big boobs, sexy pussy and hot tongue rubbing on the spit-covered glass, this is one to remember!
07-15-2019 0 Ian was just like any other twink: cash starved and willing to profit on a commodity like his ass. Well we just happened to have the money to invest! Watch Ian make a killing selling his meat on the open market!
07-15-2019 0 John couldn't believe how huge it was...he had to continually catch his breath, gasping for air and wincing in pain as inch after glorious inch dove deeper into his quivering ass! John had wanted, no, needed Kiko's titanic tool ever since her laid eyes on it...but John had no idea how much it would hurt or how good it would feel...
07-15-2019 0 The Brooks had no idea what they were in for when we invited them over for a surprise. It took some convincing, but these first time swingers were all hot and bothered to do some wife swapping with Bailey taking on my husband's beefy boner and me going down on my first huge black cock!
07-15-2019 0 When the Michaels checked into the swingers resort for some vacation fun, it didn't take long to find a couple they were interested in. Madelyn made the first move, talking Chelsea into giving Sean's big black dick a ride. Chris was fine with that, because he got to plow Madelyn's tight pussy in return. Talk about a win-win situation!
07-15-2019 0 Playing football has always been rewarding. Bent over a husky tight end, reaching for the ball! But, this reward doesn't cum from endorsements or contracts. It cums from 2 hot dicks all over 1 greasy Tony!
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07-15-2019 0 All the way from kentucky these party people are here to get lucky! Get the beer ready - We're here to party let loose and fuck the night away in that wild college sex party way!
07-15-2019 0 Caroline and Brooke were friends who shared a few fish dinners before they got married. Now, they're cooking something up to share with their husbands; Bearded clam and mutton dagger for appetizers followed by buried beef with plenty of white hot gravy for a tasty finish.
07-15-2019 0 There ain't nothin' like finding fresh cute wannabes on the streets of Los Angeles. Yazmene was just another back alley slum skank before we worked her over, ho-style! First we dangled the promise of stardom over her nappy head. Then we dangled our wangs right in her desperate face! We popped a bubbly bottle of cock on her cheek and she learned that there's only one way to make it outta the 'hood. She's movin' on up by goin' down!
07-15-2019 0 Felicia is a milky white milf, a milf that we haven't had in a long time, catching her on the side of the road was the start of a great day! Not knowing what the term MILF we were more then pleased to explain that to her and her cooter!
07-15-2019 0 There is nothing quite like swapping spouses...the awkward introductions, the moments of excited anticipation...pounding the fuck out of someone other guy's wife! Alec can't wait to dip his man-wick into Evan's blonde bombshell wife, Cayden...while Evan's is chomping at the bit to plunge his mammoth meat monster between Alec's wife Gianna's HUGE TITS!
07-15-2019 0 We found Mia in the meat section of our local grocery store. It was her lucky day, because we had all the dark meat she could handle back at the office. She came back, we came on her back, and then threw her out back. Come watch the squad in action.
07-15-2019 0 Clara says it best when Eve and Adrianna first walk on screen: "Oh my God!!" And that's before you even get a good look at their perfect asses, tight pink pussies and pert little tits in all their uncovered glory! By the time Eve jams her strap-on up Adrianna's ass, you'll be ready to burst!
07-15-2019 0 Jada was strutting around waiting for her flaky friend, when we noticed that hard body of hers. We knew we had to get our sneaky white hands all over those juicy tits. We got her hooked on the idea of getting into a movie role, but only after some QT on the casting couch. See this black beauty turn that ebony pussy loose on our "director".
07-15-2019 0 Sabrina and Tony are a couple of crazy swingers. They are on their way to another sleazy swinger's hotel. Tony isn't holding back, he's ready to strip and get Sabrina wet and horny for the road. Swingers are the best gift you can ask for! Cum see the kinky action now!

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