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09-28-2020 0 Britney had to be pretty happy about being handed 800 dollars, but she still was a little hesitant about being banged by 4 big black cocks. In the end, it was too much cash money to say no to for this pretty lil slut.
09-28-2020 0 It is great how just a lil bit of alcohol can turn sweet and innocent ladies into cum guzzling sluts!! Thank the beer gods for parties and horny ladies!!!
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09-28-2020 0 We caught naughty Nick working laundry duty. We told this little hottie we had a sorority chick for him. 3 or 2 or 1 chick for 3 guys. That's some kinky reggae. No chick for 3 guys. What's the difference. We just slid right on in. Watch this pretty cream puff get butt stuffed.
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09-28-2020 0 N/C I was scoping out this apartment complex when i spotted Danne with her girlfriend at the pool having an afternoon cocktail. Her friend split and we moved in to join her. Took a bit of work, but we loosened her up with a few more beverages, and she was ready to have alittle fun. Kept givin' me this line about how it was the first time she ever did anything "wild" . She let Cruz suck her tits in the elevator!
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09-28-2020 0 Capri is a little magic slut from Vegas. We decided to let her try her new routine with us- Hide the Magic Sausage. See how many she tries to take on at once in this gang bang bonanza!
09-28-2020 0 I think some introductions are in order, Johan, meet Niko's big cock...Niko's big cock, meet Johan! Johan swallows his first throbbing manly dick in this hot His First Gay Sex episode!
09-28-2020 0 Will is such a bad bartender that these rowdy chicks decide to tempt him with their goods and then punish him for his incompetence. They lure Will in by flashing him a little tit, and making him strip down, but these clothed hotties quickly turn the tables on Will by jerking him off until he lets them have all their drinks for free!
09-28-2020 0 Ann Marie loves her workout. Getting her tight body nice and sweaty is her place for pleasure. That's just getting her training partner Sammie all hot and bothered, but Ann Marie doesn't know the satisfaction of tongue curls to the clit. Looks like Sammie is going to have to give her some pointers.
09-28-2020 0 Sex addict Veronica couldn't pull off a multiple orgasm on her own so she came to us for help. She warmed up with the normal sex toys, but after she got some high octane lovin from the Power Pulse she was squirting like a machine gun in heat!
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09-28-2020 0 Walleria, Carie, Mili Jay & Viktoria know why they're here, know exactly what we want them to do and boy are they happy to do it! Once the quartet of bi-curious cuties spotted each other (and the impressively large vibes we provided for them) they were at each other's pussies in the blink of an eye, getting down in a lesbian lick-fest the likes of which may never be seen again!
09-28-2020 0 "Ever been with a hottie?" "No" "Have you ever wanted to?" "Ah, that's kinda a personal question." "I know, but we're so comfortable. And Johnny, he's heard and seen it all. He's even taped us having sex. Have you ever thought about doing that?" "Your like my boss, this is weird." "Don't worry, we're really open people and outside of work is different... This won't interfere with you job."
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09-28-2020 0 Anastasia's single but she's gonna be playing doubles after meeting up with a couple of hot honeys on the b-ball court. These honeys have fun fondling balls when they're at the park, but when it comes to getting sweaty in the bedroom... there are no balls allowed! Tune in for some exciting one-on-one-on-one action.
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09-28-2020 0 Deadbeat Steve owes Ethan $600. He can't come up with the money... but he does have a fine piece of ass for a wife! Perhaps they'll work something out? You know they always do! Jen's eager to get down to business. She'll fuck and suck her way out of any problem!
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09-28-2020 0 While picking up pencil boxes for the kids Sophia Mounds bumps into the Milf Seeker crew. Soon the guys have her at their place and start working this mom's assets off. Now watch as they fill her hot box and give her mounds a thorough schooling.
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09-28-2020 0 This week we have for you a pair of "fluid exchange students". They have come to your home town from abroad to show you what students are doing across the pond!
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