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09-20-2019 0 Hola! The guys are going to Mexico and want to learn some spanish, so they hired a private tutor. However, it's the guys who teach the tutor how to deep throat a huge burrito and stuff a taco!
09-20-2019 0 Jenner has a hard time convincing wife Paris to drop the inhibitions, but when Anthony takes to face-fucking her - things change lickity split. Before you can say, "fuck my wife, please", the couples are at it full-bore. Pussy stacking never looked so good!
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09-20-2019 0 They say that opposites attract. This sun kissed beauty and her raven haired friend are no exceptions to that rule. Their animal magnetism heats up their lust for each other then spills onto the huge cock that turns up just as their passion simmers to a boil. Don't miss this hot hot hot episode.
09-20-2019 0 Kayous joined us for a little shopping surprise in suburbia. There is not much more fun than a glory hole in a dressing room! Kayous is getting the blowjob of a lifetime but what will happen when he finds out another man is behind the hole... He'll enjoy his first gay sex of course!!!
09-20-2019 0 Rock and Dre met at the gym and exchanged phone numbers. Today, they meet again, to exchange MUCH more than that.
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09-20-2019 0 Johnny (AKA Alex) has a hard time answering the question Are you gay, straight or bisexual, which means that he must be bi, right? Does getting fucked in the ass by a woman wearing a strap-on count? Anyway, gay, straight or bi, he sure has a nice cock!
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09-20-2019 0 Cara won't even give her boyfriend a blowjob, but then again he doesn't have a pension to entice her with. We knew she was going to be an easy sell because she was seriously broke, but seriously money hungry. She named her price and we doled out: boobs $20, pussy $200, but her 1st taste of CUM... Priceless.
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