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10-23-2020 0 Seems as though a hot cup of tea is all that it takes to get this steamy siren fired up. And it seems that a hot and bothered bewitching brunette is all it takes to inflame your man meat and spark some truly amazing pussy pounding that will leave your blood boiling.
10-23-2020 0 Daphne Rosen and Nikki Hunter team up with their big titties and take turns getting ass-fucked. The hot thing with these blondes is that they get off by tasting the cock pulled right out of the other babe's shithole. Maybe they're trying to guess what the other had for dinner the night before...
10-23-2020 0 David was a normal pussy lovin' guy until he was propositioned and coaxed by that dirty ball sucking Blake. It was at this point that David forgot all about the sweet punani and settled into the moist comfort and warmth of a man's lower intestine. Don't miss out on this gay virgin's debut. Butt fucking at its best!
10-23-2020 0 We all know that milk does a body good, but they probably mean you have to drìnk it to get the benefits from it, rather than fuck your cunt with it! Still, Sophia enjoys warming up a bottle of milk with her tight pussy then squirting it all over her pussy and tongue despite being lactose intollerant!
10-23-2020 0 Sexy russian dancer Irine got our little Savannah wanting to try the horizontal mambo! Savannah got her to show off her sexy body then moved to licking her sweet little clam! Watch Irine try out the lesbian tongue dance and give it up for a sexy lez for the first time ever!
10-23-2020 0 This episode of Gay College Sex Parties is a wild fuck house, and we get to meet Ryan & Gaston up close. There's some heavy fucking and sucking at this drµnkin' ass fag ho-down! Dicks and Cum are flying with everyone in on the action! Don't miss these studs get down!
10-23-2020 0 She took a little more work.. she is really shy, says wife, Monica, as we drive to meet her new pen pal. Lystra wasn't afraid of the camera, and soon that shyness turned into screams for more!
10-23-2020 0 The game plan today was to pick up a cute straight college stud and before long ran we into Corey and his tales of skanky theater bitches. Never having had gay sex before Corey was not too interested in the idea but once he got a good look at that hunk of man meat James had just hangin' there Corey had to have himself a taste.
10-23-2020 0 Brian and Alan thought they were doing a hot XXX shoot with a couple of babes...but surprise, surprise, after the cameras had been turned on, these two rookie guys were devouring cock like nothing we had ever seen before. After his first taste of man-meat, Alan decided he liked it best on the bottom so he turned over and let Brian dig some tunnels!
10-23-2020 0 A game of mini-foosball turns into sexual exploration of a new and different kind for Aiden and Justin. An awkward and uninvited kiss quickly leads to eager cocksucking, vigorous anal play and, finally, a robust butt pounding!
10-23-2020 0 Ethan, Lexi, Mika and Randy were trading houses as part of a two week vacation for both couples. Lexi couldn't help but bring her and Ethan's swinging past... which is all it took to get everybody's juices flowing.
10-23-2020 0 In this scene, superslut Holly Wellin does what she does best; enjoy some good, rough sex! Even while being face-fucked until she's gagging and covered in her own drool, Holly is loving every minute of it. Then her real joy in life begins: the deep, thrusting double-penetration and ass-to-mouth action!
10-23-2020 0 Blake was lonely in the playground at the burger joint so we asked him to come play with us. He showed us what he plays with the most and let us suck on it. Then the playing became serious when he let us fuck his ass for cash!!
10-23-2020 0 Toys, toys, and more toys! Tune in to gawk at these gorgeous gals groping their way to good times and gapping wet gashes. No doubt your gonads will grow watching their girlish figures and listening to their groans as they greedily grind gadgets to g-spot glory!
10-23-2020 0 It's cold outside and it's time for the guys to look for warmer weather. Enter Taig the travel agent. Taig is 24, Australian (complete with the hot Aussie accent) and not the best at his job. Nor worries mate! Sam and Johnny will take care of your down under with their huge cocks.
10-23-2020 0 Nicolai wanted his six grand that Brian borrowed to buy sex from hookers. When payment wasn't given, the wife Debbie became his option (or he'd end up giving blowjobs to pay it back). Well when Debbie found out why the money was borrowed, she happily dove on (throat first) Nicolai's dick. She made hubby watch as Nicholai sucked, fucked, and blew his huge load on her.
10-23-2020 0 We were heading out to sea for some fun in the sun. On our way to the dock we convinced two hotties that they'd have more fun sailing with us than sitting on their porch. It's a good thing too because Gotti's trouser trout needed some mouth to mouth resuscitation.
10-23-2020 0 Just what is it with babes named Victoria and big asses? We really aren't sure; all we know is that every one of them we meet has a booty worthy of worship!! This week proves no exception, so cum give our newest Victoria the warm and sticky welcome she deserves!
10-23-2020 0 Autumn is here and the college parties are in full swing. You can imagine what happens when we get these liquored-up sorority hotties in front of the camera...
10-23-2020 0 A farmers daughter from Oklahoma, Bianca was pawning her ring to make some cash. Luckily, Harry and Jake have deep pockets (and hard cocks). We offer her a way out of her money troubles in exchange for some of that farm grown ass! You KNOW she won't be writing home about this one!
10-23-2020 0 MacKenzie isn't so sure she's ready to share her hubby of 3yrs, but agrees to do it so he can fulfill his greatest fantasy. What a surprise she's in for, when they meet the other couple only to find out that her husband and the other woman had a fling in college!! (But that doesnt stop MacKenzie from having a romp with her too!)
10-23-2020 0 One of the best places to find a MILF this season is! She wants to give the best gifts ever! So being Santa's naughty little elves, we helped her give a gift worth giving! HEAD! That's right, this MILF sucked her way on to Santa's good list!
10-23-2020 0 When we brought Maxxx in for this shoot, he was visibly excited and maybe just a little nervous to get his first taste of cock! Our guys Kevin and Nikko did Maxxx a solid by getting him ready to go with a manly stroke session before breaching his back-end and plunging their rigid rods into his tight holes!
10-23-2020 0 The gorgeously gushing Kylie loves getting wet and wild in squirting sexcapades that leave her satisfied and smiling in a pool of sweet snatch syrup! Give this girl a nice thick dick in her soaking slit and some fast and furious fingers on her tasty clit, and she will blow a blast of girl-gush that literally soaks the room!
10-23-2020 0 Little Alice wanted to be an actress, so we gave her some lessons in acting on camera. This little slut didn't know she was about to star in a hot lesbian porn episode. Surprise!!
10-23-2020 0 Neo and Bruce were both looking for someone to workout with at the gym. Neo likes to lift weights and bulk up while Bruce focuses on cardio to stay long and lean. Working together they'll get sweaty and pumped up until they reach a physical PEAK. But who will get there on top?
10-23-2020 0 Mya Nichole has an ass that just won't quit -- no matter how much cock you stuff up it! After fucking the living hell out of her pussy and asshole, the guys give Mya a simultaneous double creampie that leaves her leaking like a BP oil well!
10-23-2020 0 This episode of Gay College Sex Parties is a wild fuck house, and we get to meet Ryan & Gaston up close. There's some heavy fucking and sucking at this drµnkin' ass fag ho-down! Dicks and Cum are flying with everyone in on the action! Don't miss these studs get down!
10-23-2020 0 Skyler thought he was stuck with the most boring vacation ever, until he found Craig the pimp hanging around at his hotel. The helpful pimp pointed in him in the direction of Tyler for some hot, anonymous gay sex -- just thing he needed to make the trip to Florida worthwhile!
10-23-2020 0 What's the craziest thing you've done, sexually? Um, uh, I haven't really. What! You have to be in your experimental phase. I mean you're 19! Well, No. I've never really experimented. I've been with a guy before. Two guys? No. How about a guy and another girl.....
10-23-2020 0 Curry n' tikka masala may be tasty, but nothing beats warm pussy! Sammy ordered indian and boy did they deliver! Watch as she makes a meal out of this spicy indian honey for her first lesbian sex!
10-23-2020 0 So much pussy, so little time! Never has this much sweet sloppy slit been packed in one room! These hot horny bitches are climbing all over each other to get to the colossal cocks waiting to spray spunk all over their tits and ass! You think you've seen an orgy sex party before, you ain't seen nuthin' until you've seen this cum spattered group fuck!
10-23-2020 0 Johnny hasn't been a good boy...and that's the problem. Saving yourself for marriage? Fat chance when you've got a hottie in heat who'd rather be holding a prick than a pool cue. So this virgin dude is doomed - especially when Lexi Belle decides she wants to play pole in the hole. Johnny figures he'll bust a long overdue nut and explain it away in confession. What a good christian lad!
10-23-2020 0 Dylan's practicing as much as possible before his final massage exam and Saki's his next appointment. When Dylan was finished it was Saki's turn. But once Dylan was bent over the bed Saki decided to give him a deep tissue massage deep in his tight virgin ass.
10-23-2020 0 Bianca and Victor take a slow, gentle roll in the hay. An attentive and sensitive lover, Victor pleasures Bianca in ways that make her eager to return the favor. No domination or subjugation here; just two lovers enjoying each other joyfully, deeply and completely.
10-23-2020 0 We get losers asking us for cash all the time, but we stop and think about non-cash profits when he has a hot wife! Devaun was a sexy vixen and we knew we couldn't miss this chance at plugging her pink pussy! Most would call her priceless, we call her collateral on 5 grand!
10-23-2020 0 For Jason and Todd tonight it was all about getting wasted and fucking. Things heat up quickly though and jump straight to the dick slurping and ass plunging. While they may not get wasted they do get a little cum drunk! Another can't miss party!
10-23-2020 0 We've paired a couple of delicious devils up with a couple of amiable angles. These hot hellions put our scintillating saints in their place by binding their hands with some pretty pink tape. Then they poke and prod those pie-ous pussies until everyone's praying for more, More, MORE.
10-23-2020 0 Anastasia visits a Dr. of Dildonics because she is afraid that the voices in her head will take her orgasms away. He's confident that he can help her with a healthy dose of the "Thrill Hammer". Watch as her pussy gets drilled by a mechanical miracle that changes her 'voices' into screams of ecstasy.
10-23-2020 0 Tyler is a loan officer from Ft. Lauderdale and Casey is a bartender who hails from Virginia. Casey gets enough of the bars from his job, but Tyler loves to go dancing. Will both guys get their way and head home to do the horizontal mambo? Cum see!
10-23-2020 0 With the third largest boobs in the world and the number one largest boobs in porn, with honor, we present Echo Valley. What a pleasure it was to bury our manhood in these gifts from god. Huge Boobs Galore has met its soul mate!
10-23-2020 0 This hot little anal virgin was a little scared of taking it in the pooper but after we started fucking that sweet ass she didn't want it to end! We left Camilla with a face full of hot cum and a sore ass to remember us by.
10-23-2020 0 This time out , lots of european blood grace the screen. Vanessa is a blonde honey-pot built for fucking, plain and simple. Pamela is no slouch either, with a mouth made for a fuck stick of any size. After multiple switches like we've never seen, it's obvious these chicks are comfortable with cock, as long as there's a load at the end of the rainbow...a load of pole pudding, that is!
10-23-2020 0 Andy and Bianca are in for a rough ride today, filled with butt blasting, face slapping, double penetration and throat fucking, with a pair of facial cumshots to top it all off!
10-23-2020 0 "You've never played around with a married couple before?" asked Marcus "No I haven't" replied Kimberly. "There's a first time for everything" Devon interjected and before she knows it she's in the middle of a threesome!
10-23-2020 0
10-23-2020 0 It was Saturday night and I met up with my girlfriends for our school reunion. We visited an old class we all had together and noticed not much had changed. We all sat around with each other reminiscing and catching up with each other. Turns out Gina became a fetish dominatrix, Lindsay opened up her very own topless hair salon, and Bonnie is a store owner that sells a variety of apparel. We were all just bullshitting and having a great time when all of a sudden, one of the ladies mentioned a name I hadn't heard in a long long time."Do you guys remember, Josh the jerkoff!?" Everyone gasped as they remembered who Josh was. Gina tried to recall, "I remember that one time when they caught him jerking off in the guys locker room shower? It was right before a game or something like that... I think that's how he got the name right?" The ladies and I shared horror stories of Josh's terrible antics. Pulling our pants down, grabbing our tits and trying to fiddle with our pussies in front of everyone. It was so embarrassing that it stayed in our memories even after years of not seeing the guy. It was no wonder that we all wanted to teach him a lesson as soon as we noticed him walking in. Everyone laughed insurprise when he strolled through the door... smugly massaging Bonnie's tits as if he owned them. We'll show him. As he continued to make an ass of himself, Gina and I huddled together for a mini-chat. I told her I wanted Josh to pay for everything he'd done. Gina agreed and suggested we get him wasted and tie him to a desk for a little humìlìatìon retaliation. I grinned coyly as I heard her plan and couldn't wait to actualize it. We made him chug beer after beer until he finally passed out cold. I undressed him completely as Linsay and Bonnie held him up. We carried his naked heavy body over to the teacher's desk and tied him up with some rope.All of us saw the marker on the desk and couldn't resist. Gina began writing obscene things all over his face and chest. I colored his balls black and wrote some more. When we'd had our fill, we splashed some beer in his face in which he jolted awake. The ladies and I began smacking his ass in a frenzy, enjoying his humìlìatìon. We demanded an apology and he gave us one, but it was half-assed. So we became f0rceful about it until he sincerely apologized. Having so much control over him, I noticed the ladies getting turned on. We poured some lukewarm beer on his groin and started spitting all over it. Gina milked his shaft with her hands. I joined in kneading softly at his shaved balls and cooch. It was obvious how much Josh was enjoying this as his member grew longer and harder. Soon, all four of us were touching and caressing his dick. He grunted and groaned as he ejaculated. Our hands were all covered in his sticky semen. Josh's smile quickly faded as we all grabbed our things. The four of us giggled satisfactorily as we left the room, leaving Josh tied up and all by his self. What a great reunion.
10-23-2020 0 Jeremy Johnson is the latest guy to step up to the Sam Swift challenge, and he proves himself more than capable of giving Sam all the pleasure he has grown accustomed to. Sure, he chokes a bit while sucking on Sam's massive staff -- but then again, who wouldn't?
10-23-2020 0 Ram keeps bringing us new contestants every week and tries to beat his record of cumming in under 2 minutes. Today he has a waitress from a diner he frequents. She skipped out on work to be here for you, so let's hope for her sake she does well enough to make up for missing out on tip money!
10-23-2020 0 The Milf Seekers are feeling artistic and decide to show Lauren some priceless works of art. Little did she know, the display they had in mind was a performance piece starring her naked body. Once they pull out the paintbrushes it's not long before her canvas is covered in their creamy white oil.

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