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09-23-2020 0 "I had my first lesbian experience at 18," said Lauren. "Maybe I can show you what it was like. You can always change your mind!" Still nervous, Vanessa cried, "It feels so weird to me!" Soon she was having her first threesome-- and the best sex of her life!
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09-23-2020 0 Is this some kind of weird TV show? What's going on? asked a confused Micah It could be, but not quite answered Marcus, Maybe we can better explain it to you...... he continued
09-23-2020 0 Chase has been trying to catch Tiffany all night. He finally hooks her in the pool where she gives him a few special strokes before flopping on her back and on her knees as he dives deep into her shallow end like a fish into water.
09-23-2020 0 Too much thrusting and humping will eventually lead to aches and pains, so we called for a masseuse. Luckily for us, Miss Carmella showed up at our door step. Frankly she wasn't the greatest masseuse, but damn was she a good fuck!
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09-23-2020 0 What happens when two devils con an innocent church going lady to come home with them? Some delightfully sinful lady-on-lady-on-lady action. Watch as Mia and Sammy kneel at Crissy's alter with wet wagging tongues and vibrating plastic deities.
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09-23-2020 0 I've never heard anyone break up with a boyfriend like that, said Lexi. Have you ever been with a woman before? Christina: I guess I've thought about it. But my parents would kill me if they found out! Don't worry, said Lexi. We won't tell!
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09-23-2020 0 Carol and Yaiza catch a thief in the act of robbing their apartment, and the negotiations begin: How can he persuade them to not call the police? The answer is in his pants... and I'm not talking about his wallet.
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09-23-2020 0 Jesse is looking for a place to stay for her first semester in college. She's not sure Jordan and Tony's place is right for her. Once she had her lips wrapped around Tony's benefit package, she knew she'd found a new home.
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