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01-20-2021 0 The Magnificent Mina had always been the star of her own slutty show, but only recently had been fantasizing about becoming an anal acrobat. She carefully selected her two assistants from a collection of willing cocks and soon after she was in the spotlight once again, perching on one cock with her spread sphincter and another with her gaping gash!
01-20-2021 0 Brent's screen test is his first time performing on camera, so he's understandably a bit shy about getting naked at first, but once he gets down to business he settles in to deliver quite the solo show!
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01-20-2021 0 Brooke knew he wanted Kevin to be his first from the moment Kevin entered the studio and stripped off his shirt to reveal his tightly toned torso. It may have been Brooke's first time, but he took Kevin's firm cock into his mouth and asshole in a way that needs to be seen to be believed!
01-20-2021 0 Religious hottie Joey needed help getting the immaculate orgasm and only a sacred curio would be her savior! And 'lo we delivered unto her "the Jackhammer Jesus!" As it parted her pink sea the blessed waters flowed! Come and witness the miracle of these divine Wild Fuck Toys!
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01-20-2021 0 Julia Ann shows that sometimes a tight ass can be like a fine wine: it improves with age! Unlike most fine wines, though, Julia's ass has now had Manuel's massive cock deep inside of it. Julia gets herself a taste of that, too, actually -- along with a faceful of his hot, sticky sperm!
01-20-2021 0 Looks like three's a crowd on this date, but not when the princess wants her cake and eat it too. The guys decide to punish the pussy for inviting them both over, but this turns out to be less of a punishment and more of a pleasure when Dakoda gets a double shot of guy gravy to her smokin' ass! Looks like she's caught and released both of these dudes!
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01-20-2021 0 Some babes buy dollies to play house with, some to find companionship. Sophia is no different than those babes. She has a lovely little box house she wants to put her dollie in, and oh the companionship. Oh my! Who knew they fit so nicely?
01-20-2021 0 OMG this was too crazy! You remember the guy Bryan who was cheating on his girlfriend with me? Well she showed up at my place confront me about it. Well I tie her to the chair and face-fuck her to teach her how to suck better dick...then we call her boyfriend together!
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01-20-2021 0 Ok I'm going to tell her that we're shooting a reality TV show, and that we want to interview her for it and she can do her laundry at our house. Can we wait another day to wash the comforter honey? - Hell ya! Go get us that cutie Ethan!
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01-20-2021 0 Cameron was upset: "I've been waiting here for over two hours and my phone died! Where is he?!" "We'll give you a ride home," said Michelle. "But we've got to swing by our house first...I need to get changed for dinner. Hang around for a minute!"
01-20-2021 0 Ryzell is barley legal!! And we spotted this tasty morsel just waiting for us to come along. A bit reserved but in time she was a click away from sucking our hard rods with ease, like a natural! It's a late birthday present, and boy did she love every minute of it!!
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01-20-2021 0 Our friend, Mason, has a strong suspicion that the guy who does his pretty guy blonde hair is deep in the closet. Xzavier's always talking about his 'girlfriend' but she's been an illusive creature for years. We head over to his house armed with a 'European' film and a plan to turn this uptight hairdresser out.
01-20-2021 0 Megan Monroe is getting a mouthful today! Sinfully delicious big black cocks are on the menu. She's taking those sausages like a champ; with everyone cumming back for more. Don't forget dessert; we're serving up some yummy creampie!
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01-20-2021 0 Skyler thought he was stuck with the most boring vacation ever, until he found Craig the pimp hanging around at his hotel. The helpful pimp pointed in him in the direction of Tyler for some hot, anonymous gay sex -- just thing he needed to make the trip to Florida worthwhile!
01-20-2021 0 Funny how things work out. It was Vin's idea to do Wife Switch and his wife, Nikki who was most hesitant. But, once they were there Vin couldn't handle watching his wife with another man. Nikki on the other hand ended up having a blast getting the full attention of two experienced swingers.
01-20-2021 0 "When I said that about my husband and I having sex with strange people, I wasn't kidding... that's kinda what we do. In fact, we kinda like the innocent, give em' their 1st threesome type of lass... Like you." "Uhm, Ok" was all that shocked Kaylee could think to say before she started nervously giggling....
01-20-2021 0 Gentlemen prefer blondes and this blonde prefers big black cock! Tune in to watch her do the chocolate cha cha with one hot hard hunk of man meat!
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01-20-2021 0 Mark hired Kattie and Leonelle to do some cleaning at his place, but they wanted to be paid more than he was willing to pay, so Mark came up with some additional 'service' they could offer. I'm not saying that he fucks them both and then cums all over them, but it does end up a sticky situation.
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01-20-2021 0 They say that flattery will get you everywhere and we know just how true that is. We told Brandy that she'd be perfect for our modeling agency's beach shoot. So she got in our boat and learned that the only thing "main stream" about this photo op is her bikini just before we convince her to take it off!
01-20-2021 0 Sam is opening a new sex club, and Etienne is looking for a management position. Etienne figures with his sexual talents, he can start right at the top. Sam decides he needs to see some proof, starting with an "oral examination" and working their way up to more penetrating subjects...
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