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01-25-2021 0 Sexy but straight, Karma wants to learn the basics of the jab, cross, and hook, but instead gets a double dose of shaved snizz from two pussy obsessed pugilist pedagogues in this tale of a foxy boxing lesson gone awry... in the best possible way!
01-25-2021 0 Dude, no, never! Yup that is the phrase for this episode of His First Gay Sex. Never say never buddy, because you will wind up eating those words along with a huge cock to chase it. Looks Tyler Page ended up liking the pecker, and just had to turn a little of that sweet virgin asshole loose.
01-25-2021 0 A game of 'spin the bottle' turns into another kind of game for Ferrera -- a game of 'fuck four dudes at once,' that is. After having her asshole and pussy plowed nice and hard, Ferrera wins the Grand Prize: four loads of hot sticky sperm all over her incredible body!
01-25-2021 0 Kayden is looking for a donation for the cutie group home; we'll give a donation into her deposit box!! This sexy Bad lady is ready to cash in and so are our hard cocks!! cuties for Cash!! Cum and get em!!!
01-25-2021 0 Alex runs into Marick and Thomas for some real sucking and fucking in this episode of "His First Huge Cock." Alex is 35 and has a lover of five years, but decides to spend the afternoon with these two hot studs!
01-25-2021 0 Ricardo is half Italian, half Puerto Rican and 100% sexy! He claims that he's never dipped his stick in the team pot, but we hope to change that. Thinking he's just our new cameraman, Ricardo has no idea we want to make him the star. If we get our way POV is going to get real personal with this crew.
01-25-2021 0 In the world of porn, there are asses, there are nice asses, and then there's Alexis Texas' ass, which is so far beyond nice that it takes the light from nice 3 years to get there! If you can watch this scene all the way through without blowing your load... well, then you must have ED, my friend.
01-25-2021 0 This slutty blonde was so hot that all we could think about was fucking her!! So we took her back to our pad for some three-hole activities! Once she had both of our cocks pounding her front and rear she was screaming for more! See Alana get her first DP!!!
01-25-2021 0 In this scene, superslut Holly Wellin does what she does best; enjoy some good, rough sex! Even while being face-fucked until she's gagging and covered in her own drool, Holly is loving every minute of it. Then her real joy in life begins: the deep, thrusting double-penetration and ass-to-mouth action!
01-25-2021 0 This summer resort caters to the beautiful and fit - but since when do cardio workouts include multiple repetitions of dick? Must be the new in thing, and these two dudes are definitely DEEP "in", pussy, that is! When this power set is done, the recovery drìnk includes Pole Protein in large amounts. Wouldn't want our hottie to get dehydrated - and it sure beats taking salt tablets!
01-25-2021 0 Missy was caught shoplifting, and nothing is more important to the Gang Bang Squad than speedy justice. Sentenced to pleasure the Squad with her every hole, Missy served her whole term in under 25 minutes!
01-25-2021 0 Kaden was fast asleep on Cuban's bed when he decided to take advantage and cop a good feel. When he woke up this straight guy was so hard that he couldn't help but swing the other way! His girlfriends not going to be happy if she sees the geyser of cum we got out of him!
01-25-2021 0 This gambling mom is addicted to trying her luck at the lottery and we just knew that she'd want to help us feed our addiction of fucking mom holes! We tapped her slot machine until we were sure we were winners and then shared our jackpots with her all over her face and ass! Don't miss out on this week's gambling MILF!
01-25-2021 0 Port Beach, and had never had the luxury of being around a 24 inch cock. Don't worry Lisa we can solve that problem for you. Luckily for little Lisa The Insane Cock Brothas were in the house and ready to treat this fine cute lady to a smorgasbord of baseball bat sized man meat logs. It's an all-you-can-eat buffet and Lisa's a hungry hottie!
01-25-2021 0 Another loser with another sob story seeking our help... We are always willing to help, for a price. This chump tried to offer us beer for our services, but we wanted a sweeter juice - his wife's pussy juice! We cashed his check for him, then cashed in on sexy Aurora! Everyone loves payday!
01-25-2021 0 Hanging out at this frat house means free beer and all the college pussy you want! Our fraternity studs get sucked off on the sofa by some sweet sorority sisters in a co-ed orgy that leaves the guys satisfied and the ladies splattered with white hot man-gravy!
01-25-2021 0 Pretty Taylor found our sexy new candidate Emily hockin' DJ goods and our lesbo knew she could pull a little girl on girl magic on that hot bod! With a tongue in that pretty pussy this sexy Texan loosened up and gave Taylor a little clit licking of her own!
01-25-2021 0 Jeremy's new lover Jack has a lot going for him; cute face, trim body, a nice thick cock and a gift for fellatio. He also makes adorable little grunting sounds when he's being fucked in the ass; always a major turn-on for a top like Jeremy.
01-25-2021 0 Becky was showing her team spirit helping out at the school car wash. But what we saw was an opportunity to cover a dirty little cheerleader in our hot wax. We offered to give her a big donation but first she's gonna have to give each of us a spit shine.
01-25-2021 0 The Kole's are in a sex rut so we've sent in the adventurous Burke's to fan their flame. Although we served these couples Mexican food and margaritas but that doesn't account for all of the spice we caught in the bedroom....Or the loosening up we saw happen either!
01-25-2021 0 Thomas is in for a surprise, he wants a job, and he's going to get one! Job #1 is lick my balls, #2 suck my dick, #3 open wide for a big surprise!! And the only cash you'll see is the money shot right in your eye!
01-25-2021 0 They may not want to ask or tell, but they sure the fuck didn't mind us shooting it! Lucke and Marco live to serve their country and to serve up some anal action as Lucke gets his first taste of the heavy artillery Marco is packing in this His First Huge Cock episode!
01-25-2021 0 This can be an educational experience for yourself as well as for us explained Lexi What do you mean? asked Jessica, Since you taught us about the computer, maybe we can teach YOU a little about something Lexi continued
01-25-2021 0 Tabitha was fiending for her cash fix, so we agreed to let her audition for one of our videos. She was willing to do anything for money, but by the time she realized what we had in mind, it was too late: we had already transformed her pleasure-pockets into pain-pits with our meat drills!
01-25-2021 0 Kaiden Bailey dressed as Joseph Smith and pulling on his awesome cock for you? Why yes, that's what we have here. Awesomely hot Kaiden wanders into the forest to pray to the one religion we can all appreciate right off the bat; His sweet cock and onanism. This is a leisurely prayer that ends with exactly the kind of salvation we could all use. A hot guy and buckets of his cum, then a quick zip and some shame. YES!
01-25-2021 0 Bella says she's never used a sex toy before. Luckily for her, Sammie is generous enough to show her how it's done!
01-25-2021 0 By the looks of Jon he had sucker written all over. This twink was ever so slightly resistant, but once he got a good look at those greenbacks he was ready to turn loose the goods! Cum see Jon go jolly for the Johnson!
01-25-2021 0 When Sarah got locked out of her house her mother instructed her to go over to the neighbors but when she arrived, there were new tenants. But Will and Mike were happy to watch over her... and under her, and beside her......
01-25-2021 0 A night at the club, everyone is tired so hey, why not crash at my place? drµnk and horny, why don't you let me suck your cock? Hard and hot, why don't you let me fuck you in the ass? Hot gay porn - Yes please!!
01-25-2021 0 Straight from the set of a recent live shoot by Pink Visual, it's everybody's favorite Sarah Palin impersonator, Lisa Ann! No parody roles or goofy dialog for Lisa this time, though; just hot, hard-driving, no-holes-barred sex with master cocksman Erik Everhard.
01-25-2021 0 Sexy Sativa was on the rebound and ready for a grudge fuck! She may not mind a hot pussy pounding, but this spicy latina wasn't cool on deliveries in her rear! Watch our lone wolf harm that hot heiney and give this cutie a sore ass to remember her first anal sex!
01-25-2021 0 Party over here party over there, party on the dance floor. Move the party off the floor and give your partner a lap dance. There might not be any sex in the champaign room, but this ain't your local strip club. This is a house party so tune in and watch these stripped down dudes do the suck n' fuck bump n' grind!
01-25-2021 0 Bailey's rack rivals even the biggest swells of Kahauna! This surfer honey's 34D fuck pillows are lubed up and ready to squeeze around anything. We slid up between 'em, grabbed her nips and gave her a pounding that had her tits swinging in every direction!
01-25-2021 0 Ladies and Gentlemen don the raincoats and strap-on your golashas because a flood is a cummin! Nasty slut Jenna doesn't know how to stop and after you see the blasts that come from between her legs you won't want her too!
01-25-2021 0 If you've got a hot cute slut sitting on your lap, you'd better forget what's holding you back and go after that tight hot twat. Don't miss out like you did in college!
01-25-2021 0 Sasha told us she's open minded and willing to try anything, but she didn't have a clue what we had in mind. Before she knew it, Sasha found herself trapped in a painful sausage sandwich courtesy of Joe and Valentino! Maybe next time she'll think before jumping in the frying pan.
01-25-2021 0 Kyra Black squares off against a team of rock hard cocks. It's a rough competition, as she takes the guys deep inside her pussy, mouth and tight little ass. In the end, everybody wins, as the guys fill up her ass with hot sticky spunk which she squeezes out for our viewing pleasure!
01-25-2021 0 Audrey has very pretty eyes. So we heard because we were too busy drooling over her tantalizing titties. They were a perfect fit when she wrapped them around our juicy cock. Bounce for us Audrey, bounce!!
01-25-2021 0 The crew ran into Lussy fresh off having a fight with her boyfriend. Driven by anger as much as lust, Lussy offered up her tight little holes for a serious pounding. Being mad must really bring the slut out in this hottie, because she seemed more than happy to accept four hot loads on her pretty face, too!
01-25-2021 0 Orion is confident, sexy, and ready to fuck! And best of all we got him for a mere $350! We pounded his pretty body, had him suck us off, and he still wanted more!
01-25-2021 0 Janice has the perfect body and willing attitude to make anyone pop fast. So why does her own boyfriend seem to have trouble? Is he too used to her mouth on his cock? She gets so frustrated with him that we actually took a break while they re-grouped so he could finally spray her face with his load.
01-25-2021 0 Nothing gets Jamie squirting harder than a couple of her favorite toys and a giant cock. Lucky for us, she's has both ready to go. We just hope that nobody drowns.
01-25-2021 0 This girl is just another roach in the GBS joint jar. They gonna fuck with her cause they like the way she scream. You know she likes the dick with all the pleasure and pain. These boys are gonna ride this pussy here and they ain't gonna stop. Beyotch! Better take it doggy style and then hop on top.
01-25-2021 0 It's Mariah's last day in town and Sammie wants to make it a day to remember. They don't waste anytime picking up a blooming blonde at the local garden center. Cum watch them work up a sweat planting their lips on her rosebuds and climbing way up into her sweet pink cherry tree for its deflowering.
01-25-2021 0 Mae is just minding her own business, playing on the swing set, when Devon shows up with a different sort of 'swinging' on her mind. Luckily, Mae is an open minded girl who likes to try new things - like sucking Devon's pussy juices off of Marcus' cock! Just another day in the park, right?
01-25-2021 0 Now that Brad has had his anal cherry popped, he became more curious about how much cock he could take. The sensation of his ass or mouth being filled up became an obsession he could not deny! Needles to say, when Sam and Johnny hit the scene and Brad got his first look at their huge cocks, he could not wait to take these two studs deep inside of him. The pain, the pleasure...waits for you inside!
01-25-2021 0 Cameron thought that she was in for a simple fuck but we set her up with a real rough rider. Our guy put a tight collar around her neck and preceded to play by slapping and gagging her while going back and forth between fucking the crap out of her twat and tight ass.
01-25-2021 0 The Milf Seeker guys always have good luck with food. They just know what Milfs like to eat. Barbie's one hungry broad and what she's craving is revenge. These guys are going to satisfy her desires with a double order of MILF Suprise and special sauce.
01-25-2021 0 Starring Tristan EverHARD and Sebastian, this episode of Gay College Sex Parties is a must see. When these two twinks get a hold of eachothers stick shifts the ride never ends! Join us as we raise the roof...and our cocks at one of the hottest parties in Ft. Lauderdale!
01-25-2021 0 Breanne dropped by Madison's studio for just a quick photoshoot, but Madison had bigger plans in mind -- like giving Breanne her first taste of snatch!

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