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07-28-2016 0 The doctor was out, but his attractive ASSistant was in when Zane stopped by to have his sore knee checked out. He conned her into taking a look at it, so that he and Dane could get a better look at her. They found she's more than just a good SUCKretary... this mom's DICKtation skills flexed n' sexed Zane outta pain and deep into pleasure!
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07-28-2016 0 Ethan, Lexi, Mika and Randy were trading houses as part of a two week vacation for both couples. Lexi couldn't help but bring her and Ethan's swinging past... which is all it took to get everybody's juices flowing.
07-28-2016 0 Our home boy "Ty" was feeling bummed out because his car was on its last legs. Luckily out of the blue, a kindly mechanic came to get him out of trouble. He insisted on checking Ty's vital fluids... again, and again, and again.
07-28-2016 0 Adam has decided to come and play with us ! Adam's job as an underwear salesman lends well into his voyeuristic side. But, can this confirmed bottom handle his time in the spotlight with TWO HUGE COCKS to contend with?
07-28-2016 0 "It's the same as training. You have to try different programs and genres..... It's actually very good cardio, and it helps your blood flow... I know my blood's flowing really well right now... We're going to make you into a new woman in more ways than one!"
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07-28-2016 0 Nikki and Tess are as close as friends can be. They share everything, including the latest catch of fresh meat. Recently they reeled in virgin labia licker little Nikki and showed her a good time at the club. Then, they showed her that the best cure for a hangover is a pink taco stuffed with dildo.
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07-28-2016 0 Ashlyn is the daughter of some old friends of Ethan and Lexi who needed a place to stay for a little while. Ashlyn didn't know that being spied on and getting her brains fucked out was going to be part of the deal -- but she doesn't seem to mind. ;-)

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