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08-06-2020 0 When the Bangkok's had the Edwards' over for some wine and hors d'oeuvres, their guests were instantly drawn to Rosario, the household help. Shyness was an issue at first, but after knocking back a little wine, Rosario got into the swing of things and gave it up to her employers and their kinky pals, joining in for a five-way fuckfest!
08-06-2020 0 Brandi isn't sure that her petite little body can handle a massive mutton mallet in each hole, but she sure is willing to give it a well-lubed try! Brandi winces in pain at her first anal sex, but screams with pleasure while the depths of her virgin asshole are tunneled deep and then filled with gobs of glandular guy gravy!
08-06-2020 0 Dildos look like kiddy toys compared to what we have in store for this little slut. This isn't just a sex toy, this is a power tool that's gonna give this honey's buns a serious drilling. As if our wild invention doesn't drive her crazy enough we're gonna give her a gaggle of guys to go gonzo over.
08-06-2020 0 Now that Brad has had his anal cherry popped, he became more curious about how much cock he could take. The sensation of his ass or mouth being filled up became an obsession he could not deny! Needles to say, when Sam and Johnny hit the scene and Brad got his first look at their huge cocks, he could not wait to take these two studs deep inside of him. The pain, the pleasure...waits for you inside!
08-06-2020 0 It's Audrey's job to negotiate, it's just that she usually negotiates price rather than, um shall we say - services! When we came to the open house she thought she might make a sale, but all we had in mind was parking our hot rods in her backyard. Of course we didn't buy the house, but we did foreclose on her ass! Tune in to assess this new ass fuck agent for yourself!
08-06-2020 0 It must be fate! Johnny was fundraising for his fraternity when he happened upon horny hot MILF Sienna who was in desperate need of some hard cock! She invited him to CUM IN and she meant it. She schooled him in the art of pleasing MILF pussy and sent him away with an 'A' for the phat load he turned in!
08-06-2020 0 Three fine honeys sit'n near a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first came Nicky, then came Katie, then came Kia on her pink power tool. You won't want to miss a minute of this group grope where the gases gush the pussies purr and the power tools pump enough juice that even you'll feel an electric shock.
08-06-2020 0 It almost goes without saying that Pink Visual loves Lexi Belle. Why? Let's see, she's cute, sexy, fun-loving, a true pleasure to work with... and delivers mind-bending, erection-inducing scenes, time and time again!
08-06-2020 0 Hot latin slut Daisy was aimin' for a sexy little virgin to corrupt! Our dirty hottie hit her mark with naive honey Nancy and was all over her in no time flat! Watch Nancy lick Daisy's spicy pink taco for the first time ever!
08-06-2020 0 It took some convincing to get Kai to ditch his minimum wage job and come to our studio, but once he did he was in for some enormous surprises, namely a couple big cocks in his ass, and a huge wad of cash in his hands!
08-06-2020 0 We were looking for a tight place to bury our bones when we found Puppy wandering the streets. We offered hm a chunk of our wads and it wasn't long before we he was taking our meat all the way and yelping for more!
08-06-2020 0 Having already been seduced once by her bosses, extramarital adventures aren't new to Rosario, but including her husband in the mix is a new twist, and they both came in a little nervous. It didn't take him long to get into the swing of things once he got a look at Alexis and her big, bouncy ass, though!
08-06-2020 0 Well, every now and then we run into a wet blanket but at least she had a smokin' hot bod! Who needs a good personality when you fuck like an animal? We took this mom of 2 back to the studio and showed her what being fucked by cute studs was all about. Mama said there would be days like this so don't miss out on this weeks MILF Fuck!
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08-06-2020 0 Mark has a new workout partner named Kai. After a hot beach workout, it wasn't long before they had to hit the showers and work up another sweat in the bedroom! Mark loves a rock hard cock in the ass and Kai defiantly does not cum up short!
08-06-2020 0 Everyone is getting their far share of fresh meat tonight. And wide angle shots will turn you into a wide eyed viewer trying to catch all of the bouncing booties in just one scene. But wait there's more, gapping gashes, fingers full fuckholes, dirty double penetrations and of course hot chick on chick groping. (2nd of 4)
08-06-2020 0 Paloma and Chloe are too cute to have experienced the disco era, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to get down with solid dildos that is. Watch as they give each other a pussy pounding with not one but two dildos and then take a third in the ass.
08-06-2020 0 Tiana just loves to stuff it all down in her mouth or ass! With a surprise stuffin' in her pants, Thanksgiving comes early when this lovely seducer invites some cock inside
08-06-2020 0 It's a battle of East versus West today: 2 asians and 2 caucasians duel it out with lots of cocks to see who are better at sucking dick. With cum flying everywhere and hotties sucking like crazy, does it really matter who wins?
08-06-2020 0 One of the best places to find a MILF this season is! She wants to give the best gifts ever! So being Santa's naughty little elves, we helped her give a gift worth giving! HEAD! That's right, this MILF sucked her way on to Santa's good list!
08-06-2020 0 When we saw Etalia's huge mom melons we knew that we found our next piece of MILF ass. She was looking at bicycles for her kids so we peddled a line that got her back to our pad where we played a game of show me yours and I'll show you mine. She really made the grade though when she grabbed our joysticks and suggested that we join in a multiplayer game of slap and tickle.
08-06-2020 0 Mya is our resident slobber hound and she's invited her friend from down under to cum over and have some spitty sloppy messy fun. Monica Mayhem's no stranger to a good time but she's never gotten as wet as Mya's gonna get her.....
08-06-2020 0 Marlena and Leah were getting acquainted over some donuts, but she was down for tasting another sweet hole! This naive blonde cutie was a total stranger to lappin clam but gave up her tasty pink taco after sexy Marlena rubbed her the right way! Check out this sweet treat!
08-06-2020 0 Alex, Kristian and Matt explore a new way to make money at work - no hard hat required, but a Jimmy Hat might come in handy...
08-06-2020 0 It's time for a crash course in mouth to mouth resuscitation and Dick reviving. Marco and Rio are at the head of the class. Now throw in some nice ass massaging and we have a party! Cum see who gets left behind and who gets revived!
08-06-2020 0 Desiree may have fought for her country but she was more than willing to surrender her ass for some hardcore first-time anal sex. Our two good old guys show this honey their gratitude by giving this sexy vet a place to stay and a couple of hard dicks for ass fucking her puckery hole!
08-06-2020 0 If you've got a hot cute slut sitting on your lap, you'd better forget what's holding you back and go after that tight hot twat. Don't miss out like you did in college!
08-06-2020 0 Back at the house, Lauren suggested baking cookies: "I've heard chocolate's an aphrodesiac!" "We're really open-minded about sex," said Frank. "Have you ever thought of sex with another woman?" "I'm from a small town!" cried Ginger. "Stuff like that would get around!"
08-06-2020 0 Austin is a cute blonde who's having problems with his girlfriend pleasing him, so he's ready for Jack to take care of his ass and pound it hard. Austin also loves sucking dick, as you'll see in this episode of "His First Gay Sex."
08-06-2020 0 Audrey and Otto expose Madison to the wonders of double penetration. One cock + one dildo = countless orgasms!
08-06-2020 0 Christina Agave is one sweet desert flower, and flowers may need to be pollinated, so our collection of thick-pricked black bees show up to snap this bitch's pistil, stamen and ovary with their mammoth meat before dropping some of their sticky seed to pollinate this flirtatious flower's open bloom!
08-06-2020 0 Parking in LA can be rough. Just ask Amber, who got her new car towed in 10 min! Unable to spring for the impound fees, Amber accepts a little help from Harry and Jake. Watch this little fireball earn her keep as Harry and Jake pound her sweet pussy and paint that cute face with cum!!
08-06-2020 0 We found Joclyn shopping for a new mattress. We have a mattress we'd like her to take a good look at. Face down, ass up, that's the way we like to fuck. That's right Joclyn, it might not be new, it has a few stains, but we're pretty sure it'll make you happier than any mattress you'll take home to your lazy husband!
08-06-2020 0 Whoever said two are better than one obviously never met Celeste! This hottie is very hot and totally kinky. Instead of another hottie, she chose to use a mirror and play spit games with herself. Drooling, sucking, licking, blowing bubbles, hard spitting, close-ups and messy hands can all be found here.
08-06-2020 0 Reily and Ruby were outside of the club lamenting the late hour and how disappointed they were that they hadn't found anyone to take home. Just then, Lacey, a British blonde bombshell came over and explained that she'd lost her passport and needed some help. The embassy was closed but her port would soon be wide open.
08-06-2020 0 Sexy Riley never stood a chance as Sammie let her fingers do the walking all over those pretty curves! Watch this hot ginger slut munch some tasty twat and take all eight inches of Sammie's strap-on friend for her first lesbian sex!
08-06-2020 0 Deer in the headlights doesn't even come close to the confusion on these two lads faces when asked why they're here. Why, they're here so make some money, and we're here to watch their first time gay experience!! Tune in here if you want to watch this hot gay porn too!
08-06-2020 0 Isaac is planning to visit Mexico, so he enlists Deano to help him learn some Spanish. Being the helpful soul that he is, Deano teaches him a little "Greek" while he's at it... ;-)
08-06-2020 0 Andrija, Renato and Sasha strip down for a three way assplay session that's chock full of rimming and fingering -- plus plenty of balls-deep ass ramming, of course!
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08-06-2020 0 Survey says.....MONSTROUS COCKS! Adam thought he'd had some huge cocks before, but when salacious Sam and joltin' Johnny Maverick pull out their pouch-packing pythons, Adam spread his ass and opened wide for their colossal cocks in an ass tearing gay get it on that leaves Adam's asshole aching!
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08-06-2020 0 Sam is at again! This time around, Antonio wants to buy Sam's exam table for his new sex club and Sam is more than willing to negotiate the price; that is, if negotiating means dropping his HUGE COCK into Antonio's mouth and ass. Antonio was more than willing to pay the price and stretched his tight gay hole for a negotiation he won't forget!
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