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01-16-2021 0 Josette is a junior jam pot, a juicy tart who titillates us with the thrust of two fingers in her tweeny twat. The anticipation grows when a toy sprouts but that's not the only thing growing.... Two dudes join her and with their fully developed desires they pummel her pussy until she pouts and they spout.
01-16-2021 0 We scooped this naughtly little fashion ho slummin' around over at the outlet mall! It must be Teri's lucky day, 'cause we're serving up two monster black schlongs for the price of one! Time to open that tight little cash register and stuff our thick dollar rolls in that pink till! Ka-ching!!
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01-16-2021 0 Sweet Dee is feeling the pressure of school finals. All work and no play makes Dee a bad babe. Time for stress relief. Study buddy Nikki is just a booty call away, but poor Nikki has never known the taste of another woman. That's all about to change.
01-16-2021 0 Tom is a video game animator. We stopped him on his way home from work. He was in need of TLC or better known to us HFHC! We animated the back of his throat and then moved to his tight ass! We finished with a sticky love potion #9 on his face.
01-16-2021 0 This was Mahlia's first-ever Hollywood audition and she showed up late! She had to work extra hard to impress us...and she was all too happy to give us what we wanted! Her trim, tight little figure looked shabby in her sweatsuit, so we had to pimp that ass out! Soon our nervous little first-timer was gagging on cock for our cameras, ready to do anything for fame!
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01-16-2021 0 Brian and Enrique need a little pick me up this morning. Miguel works at a coffee bar, and we offer a little "cream" for his coffee on his way to work. Miguel is in for a HUGE surprise as Brian and Enrique bring new meaning to "GRANDE LATTE"
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01-16-2021 0 Jadelyn Santana, a Harlem NY native, has graced us with her presence today & is going to show us how they do it in Uptown. This Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa is here to give you a piece of her mind, & her whole ass with it. Don't miss this one of a kind episode!!!
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01-16-2021 0 Zack's on the fast track to modelhood, or so he thinks. We made sure he had his passport, told him stories of Paris, London, and Milan, but the only trip he'll be taking with us is on the Sodomy Express. There'll be a stopover on Daisy Chain Drive before we end up at our final destination.... And Everybody Gets Off!!!!
01-16-2021 0 Zoe couldn't help getting aroused sunbathing next to Cayden. Barely covered by her little bikini, Zoe wanted desperately to see, and feel more of Cayden's glistening breasts. Cayden let Zoe take a peek at her boobs, and both of them knew where this was going to lead... To some steamy girl on girl sex!
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01-16-2021 0 Bella the sweet little cleaning hottie arrived and boy were we excited... We weren't ready to have such a horny sexy cutie fall into our laps, but that's the best place for her to be! A few flashes of the bills and she's all set to be another cutie FOR CASH!!!
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01-16-2021 0 This week we welcome back a special skank that just couldn't get enough! See Lisa shame her family a second time on College Wild Parties. Cum crash the party!!!
01-16-2021 0 The best way to find a reliable escort is to get a recommendation from a friend. Mikah came highly recommended, but his idea for seeing the town had less appeal for this client than having Mikah suck his dick, so... fuck going outside, right?
01-16-2021 0 Ever on the prowl for fine MILF pussy, the boys find Shannon. This cruel mommy knows what she wants and today she wants our boys to give it to her from both ends. She only has an hour so the boys better get started.
01-16-2021 0 We were smooth picking up this MILF at a smoothie shop. We told her that we needed help on a college project but what we really want is to do is give her a thorough exam and fully test out her holes. We made the grade and rewarded her hard work with our warm Pina colada mix all over her mom mammaries.
01-16-2021 0 Sexy wannabe starlet Jen Stefani came all the way to LA to make her mark in the industry, after realizing what kind of doors her amazing ass could open for her. This homegrown Vegas slut is out to prove that her booty is one of the best in the business, and after sampling her, we have to agree whole-heartedly! Welcome to the entertainment biz, Jen!
01-16-2021 0 Dildos look like kiddy toys compared to what we have in store for this little slut. This isn't just a sex toy, this is a power tool that's gonna give this honey's buns a serious drilling. As if our wild invention doesn't drive her crazy enough we're gonna give her a gaggle of guys to go gonzo over.
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01-16-2021 0 Valeria is a veritable strip mall with an outlet on the top floor and offices in front and back. Her back hasn't been open to the public so it took us a bit of tongue, finger, and third leg work to shove our way through that door. But once we did, her other orifices were begging for a taste of what we found there.
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01-16-2021 0 Johan was in for a surprise when he showed up for this shoot and spotted the size of the cock that Johnny Maverick was packing...but give Johan credit, he was more than willing to swallow every last inch of Johnny's cock in this hotter than hot first huge cock episode shoot!
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01-16-2021 0 Honey... What are you doing? - Hi! This is Deena. - She told me about your piercing, the one on your cock. I came to see it. - Ya, I found her shopping and brought her home. - Um, well I just woke up, but O.K! - I've never done this before, but wow! You have the best wife ever. She makes me so wet.
01-16-2021 0 Honey was browsing the lingerie aisle looking for a bra big enough to hold her most prominent features. She couldn't find one, of course, but she did find our cameras! We took the opportunity to get these gorgeous globes on film while they were big and squeezable. She reluctantly slipped into a too-tight bikini and showed us all her titular talents. This Honey gets wild!
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01-16-2021 0 After a disappointing lunch, we really needed to have a good snack. Luckily we ran into Erika while she was shopping and she looked good enough to eat. Before long we had forgotten about that sandwich from lunch and made a sandwich of our own. Nothing like a snatch snack to make your day.
01-16-2021 0 Riley Reid, Sammie Rhodes and Taylor Tilden get together for a spirited round of nibbling, finger banging, pussy eating and plenty of playing with their favorite toys!
01-16-2021 0 Avilla gives us a bit of a 'solo show' before hammering Bruno in the ass.
01-16-2021 0 Poor Candy is an exchange student from Germany. This sweetened treat is looking for some help that only we can provide. All we had to do was flash a couple of bills in her face and her tight muschi was ours for the taking!

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