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01-28-2021 0 "A story of a farm honey going to the big city...and luck goes her way!" Running into the geriatric googling guys, small town lass Heather had thought she hit the big time! Interviews... and getting paid! Watch as she is stripped, flipped, and dipped while getting some cash to boot!
01-28-2021 0 Tyler is a loan officer from Ft. Lauderdale and Casey is a bartender who hails from Virginia. Casey gets enough of the bars from his job, but Tyler loves to go dancing. Will both guys get their way and head home to do the horizontal mambo? Cum see!
01-28-2021 0 Isabel isn't one of those uptight British bitches -- she's here from across the big pond to share her talent: the Royal Squirt! All she needs to get going is some hard fucking, which we provide, and she is off to the races! Squirt after squirt the Brits know how to please!
01-28-2021 0 Kelly Wells is as famous for her screams of pleasure as she is her love of swallowing spunk, but one thing she isn't known for is taking a cock in the slit and another in her sour second hole...which she is more than happy to do when two thick-dicked fanboys show up at her doorstep. Talk about living the dream, these two lucky bastards get to ass fuck theirs!
01-28-2021 0 Welcome back loyal butt fuck fans! This week we have for you Dexter the straight stud & his tight virgin asshole. Cum on in and see this man on man virgin suck fat dick & get his bunger banged. Watch this smooth pickup & finish with Dexter getting some man rammed up his can!
01-28-2021 0 Domino is a student gone slut! She gives teachers blow jobs for "B's", and anal for "A's". So, we gave her an oral exam where she got everything right. Then she got her grade... an "F" for "fucks on the first date!".
01-28-2021 0 You could do your laundry on this guy's washboard stomach but why would you want to do that when his cock is as hard as his abs? Instead, let's watch him stroke his fat pipe until it bursts his sticky load!
01-28-2021 0 Are you ready for a gun show? Because after a nice long workout and run we've got a couple of dream boats that are hot to show off their gunboats. Stripped down and slathered in baby oil, they're both getting a 'hard body' for each other... It's only a matter of time before 'flex' turns into 'sex.'
01-28-2021 0 This week, we were involved in a Hit and Run in more ways than one. Hailey backed her car into Mr. Friday's ass. Instead of involving the cops, we involved our cocks. She was ready willing and able to keep this private. Watch us bang the dents outta her ass and pump some jizzy gas into her tank.
01-28-2021 0 Slender, sexy redhead Amanda Copper and her pal Baby Silver make a great team -- especially when the game is getting fucked hard, side by side! After a good 20 minutes of having their tonsils tickled and their pussies probed by a pair of huge cocks, the girls kneel down to share mouthfuls of man jizz. Bon appetite, ladies!
01-28-2021 0 Like Cleopatra of the great Ptolemy dynasty of antiquity, Luscious presents herself as an Egyptian princess. Though history tells she was a great seductress, such will not be the case in this reenactment. See Luscious encounter the ebony antics of the asp lords, the black mamba kings, the Insane Cock Brothers. Enter and witness history in the making.
01-28-2021 0 Talk about making their day! Sophia asks two guys to fuck both her holes at the same time so she can have the orgasm to end all orgasms. Being stuffed in her cunt and ass at once makes her so horny and so wet that she wants the double fucking to last forever before they drain their balls all over her.
01-28-2021 0 One rainy Miami day, Andrew was poking around for something to do. Little did he know his two pals would be doing all the poking instead. It's good to have friends, WINK WINK!
01-28-2021 0 Luis knew that one day he would inevitably succumb to the call of the cock, but he had no idea he would end up with one mammoth meat monster stuffed in his mouth, and another one filling up his amateur asshole! Luis had no idea that a lubed love-hole jam packed with a colossal cock could feel so good, but now that he has had his first taste of gay sex, he can't believe it took him so long to try it!
01-28-2021 0 Daniel started off on the wrong foot with Morgan, but by the time she took his hot load all over her face, I think she had forgiven his rudeness.
01-28-2021 0 This hot housewife was found alone outside, and we decided to con her loser husband for a chance to fuck her. In trade for not turning him in for being a bad husband, we banged her while he watched and we filmed! Better watch out - your wife could be next!
01-28-2021 0 Pretty Cindy was out getting her nicotine fix while dirty Donny was itching to smoke some ass! A little white lie later, Donny was cock deep in her tight little ass! Watch pretty Cindy get some rectal rooterin' in this episode of Her First Anal Sex!
01-28-2021 0 Gianna is self-conscious about her appearance. Maybe she needs her eyes checked because she's smoking hot - but her sex life needs a jolt, and Lexi and Ethan are just the couple to open her mind, AND her legs! When she asks Lexi to spit on her pussy, her inner slut takes hold and she fucks herself out of her sexual rut.
01-28-2021 0 Cynthia was out looking for a car for her sons birthday when we found her. It wasn't hard to get this hot MILF back to the pad and riding our big sticks. This MILF sure knows how to drive stick. We fucked this hot slut, then we gave her a hot load of lube across her sexy MILF grill!!
01-28-2021 0 Sexy but straight, Karma wants to learn the basics of the jab, cross, and hook, but instead gets a double dose of shaved snizz from two pussy obsessed pugilist pedagogues in this tale of a foxy boxing lesson gone awry... in the best possible way!
01-28-2021 0 We found this MILF slut out shopping, she was horny and ready to go back to the pad and fuck. Isabella turned ut to be one horny mom, we fucked her tight MILF pussy while she sucked a big MILFseeker cock. We gave this MILF a hot shot to the face before we sent her on her way!!
01-28-2021 0 Poor lovely Daniska. Sittin' home all alone trying desperately to fill all her holes. Her mouth, her pussy, her ass! What's a hot hot blonde to do? But wait! What's this? Two guys are here with just the things she needs to fill all three of her holes tout de suite!
01-28-2021 0 Johnny finally gets the chance to meet Sam's friend Jordan, and to pass along a kinky kilt for Jordan to wear at a party the next night. In order to really test out the garment, though, Jordan has to take it off and let Johnny suck his cock. Sure, that doesn't make much sense -- but it makes for some mighty fine viewing!
01-28-2021 0 This week's episode is a special one. What we have here may be one of the finest hours of His First Gay Sex. Thusgzilla was very pleased to get to tap sexy white-boy Sean's tight virgin asshole. Cum inside and see this very steamy episode. Swarthy Sean takes it all, and loves it!!!
01-28-2021 0 The Captain's are experienced swingers who have a lot to teach newlywed's Kevin and Jeanie. Kevin gets the blowjob of his life before spewing his creamy white all over Kareama's dark skin while fucking her ample titties. But Mr. Captain ruins the fun for Kev by giving Jeanie as many orgasms as Kevin's given her all year.
01-28-2021 0 Locked out of his place while his bros were getting some pussy. Alec's nice neighbor invites him in for a beer while he waits. Lamenting the fact that he's always the wing man but never gets the chicks, he noticed his neighbors gay porn and thought 'Fuck it- This guy might suck my cock... I'm gonna get some too'
01-28-2021 0 At first look we thought Missy blue was worried about being naughty. Once she got over the shock of our huge cocks she jumped right in...or on without hesitation. So we poked prodded and stuffed her with cum. Take a look and see how naughty she gets!
01-28-2021 0 Tommy is interested in Dallas' sister, but the only way he's gonna get to fuck her, is by going through Dallas, and sucking him off first. Then Tommy has to give up his ass to Dallas big time, in this episode of "His First Gay Sex!"
01-28-2021 0 Sabrina and Tony are a couple of crazy swingers. They are on their way to another sleazy swinger's hotel. Tony isn't holding back, he's ready to strip and get Sabrina wet and horny for the road. Swingers are the best gift you can ask for! Cum see the kinky action now!
01-28-2021 0 The MILF Seekers are out and about again, on the prowl. They're looking for a new car, AND a new ride. Catch the guys in action as they hassle Christina into a deal she wasn't expecting and won't soon forget.
01-28-2021 0 Her body like a magnet made of flesh - we broke every traffic law in existence turning around to pick up Vena! She was a little skeptical about our "studio", but it didn't matter - this ho started to blow once we put up enough dough! Just wait 'til you see her nice firm tits covered in hot spunk!
01-28-2021 0 Neo, Neo, Neet-O! Chinese flight attendant, Neo, cost us a pretty penny, but he was worth every cent. His rippling muscles and beautiful skin, perfectly bronzed except where his speedo snuggles up against him, made us drµnk with lust. But it's seeing his tight ass stretch for His First Huge Cock that makes this a stroke-worthy romp!
01-28-2021 0 Katie hired Seth to do some yard work, but it was a different kind of bush that ended up getting most of his attention...
01-28-2021 0 There's nothing quite like watching a hot tanned babe finger her wet pink pussy. As if that's not good enough, how about watching two tanned tarts tickle their tacos till they've titillated you to total satisfaction?!
01-28-2021 0 Andrew was late to soccer practice, but that didn't matter! This is one talented top: he can suck his OWN dick! But that's not all-- He can't wait to show his team spirit and take His First Huge Cock! Goooooal!
01-28-2021 0 Pretty blonde Barbie had no change for the payphone. We invited her to come back to the pad to use ours -- while we direct dialed her pretty little asshole! Anal sex calling! Do you accept the charges?
01-28-2021 0 Myah wanted to be a swimsuit model, but we thought she'd be a better cum gargler! We tricked her out of her tiny swimsuit and fucked her good! Afterward we sprayed the back of her throat with warm salty man juice! Swallow it slut!
01-28-2021 0 Angela never was able to squirt vaginally so she tapped us to get her flowing! With a dildo to test her plumbing we brought out the heavy guns to pump er' like like an oil well in Texas! Get the scuba gear ready for this pussy flood!!
01-28-2021 0 Skanks be warned! These gladiators will show no mercy to toes of the camel type. Like any common rapscallion, they will be dealt with accordingly! Two men enter one floozy screams. See this week's skank get a serious lesson in big cock gobbling. Put 'em in your mouth and suck 'em!
01-28-2021 0 Crissy was waiting for a ride... she just didn't realize at the time that it was from our two studs. Without missing a beat, watch as Crissy not only sucks both cocks at once, but takes one in her pussy while the other pounds her sweet ass!
01-28-2021 0 Johan is a sexy lad with a tight body and an even tighter virgin asshole just begging to be breached...and Phillipe was happy to do the breaching! The pain, the agony, the joy...Johan experiences it all as he takes a firm cock in the mouth and in the ass for his first gay sex!
01-28-2021 0 Who says you can't teach an old bitch new tricks? Tabitha may have a few years on her but that East Coast pussy still needed prodding by the West Coast Gang Bang Squad! We knocked the cobwebs out of every hole and made sure to top off this dirty slut with a load of gonad-glue!
01-28-2021 0 Poor Kiara has lost her dog, so cunning Codi Carmichael offered to let Codi make some LOST DOG flyers on her copy machine. Of course, Codi would rather be passing her tongue up and down Kiara's pretty pink pussy, so she makes her move and next thing you know, these sweet blondes are pussy diving and dildo dicking each other to sweet orgasm!
01-28-2021 0 We caught up to Laeh on a workout run and offered her a real workout. She was eager to show us her form. When we whipped out our dicks she knew she was in for a HARD time. We fucked her into shape with our huge cocks, and cooled her down with some of our man milk!
01-28-2021 0 With his ripped, lithe little body, Rikky was all too willing to show it off and take our offer of a little cash in exchange for being turned out by hot gay stud Marco! It took Rikky a moment to settle himself when Marco's big cock pushes its way deep inside of him, but Rikky toughed it out and was soon enjoying the pleasures of the thick dick!
01-28-2021 0 Straight from the set of a recent live shoot by Pink Visual, it's everybody's favorite Sarah Palin impersonator, Lisa Ann! No parody roles or goofy dialog for Lisa this time, though; just hot, hard-driving, no-holes-barred sex with master cocksman Erik Everhard.
01-28-2021 0 Sexy ex-waitress Chanel used to sling burgers n' fries but this joint is strictly seafood! Our dirty dyke served up some hot clam and tasty nips, and pretty Chanel kept cummin' back for more! Watch this slop slingin' slut go vagitarian for her first lesbian sex!
01-28-2021 0 This adorable hunk just landed a gig at a sex club. We knew he had a kinky side! It only took a few bucks for him to open his mind and his mouth for His First Huge Cock!
01-28-2021 0 Joselyn may have won Miss Nude Internet 2006 but that doesn't mean she's too good to get on her knees and give her husband a blowjob while we time her and tape the whole thing! He has no problem fucking her face and telling her what to do to make him cum. Watch her be his open-mouth oral slave for as long as it takes before he busts all over her face and chest.
01-28-2021 0 Sophia has a ton of pornstar experience and has sucked off close to 1000 men in her life, so if anyone can win this thing it's her. She's got the looks to match her skills so let's see how she does with one of our regulars, Johnny. Will her gagging make him cum in time?

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