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04-09-2020 0 We hired this fiery redhead dance instructor for some private lessons because we need some rhythm, rhythmic strokes that is. She definitely had the body and flexibility of a dancer but we had a few things to teach her when it came to doing the horizontal bop.
04-09-2020 0 Isaac and Jaymz get right down to business in this dialog-free scene. When you've got a cock like the one Jaymz is sporting, you don't need words - just whip that thing out and let it speak for itself!
04-09-2020 0 Phoebe was out playing some cards with her friends when she noticed they had just left her there, the game is now Down to 3, so its time for a game of Poke-her and we'll play for the win! And the prize will be all over her face!
04-09-2020 0 Groupies Tori and Nikki have been waiting backstage for their favorite rock star, Johnny Crunch, so they can fuck his brains out! They've heard about how HUGE his cock is. Alexa overhears them and confirms that it is, but she's tired of waiting and talks the other girls into starting without him. Turns out they didn't needs him at all!!
04-09-2020 0 Once we explained to Rose we were giving her a session with a personal trainer, she was all ears! First he needed a full physical and what physical would be complete without some deep probing? Rose had no objections, neither did the people driving by!
04-09-2020 0 Leon's girlfriend has been cheating on him with his best friend. He forgets about his girlfriend quickly as Manny plows through his forest of jungle thickets, and down the canal of his Amazon for the first time.
04-09-2020 0 The college whores are back from winter vacation and ready to welcome in the spring with a sex party! Cum on in for more of that crazy college action we know you love!
04-09-2020 0 Two blonde babes come together to make more dreams come true! They are careful to not waste a drop of spit by using wine glasses to collect it all and pour it on themselves. With plenty of good spitting in the mouth and on the body, you'll love this sexy long scene!
04-09-2020 0 I know a lot of people have a messy fetish, so I got all sticky with ice cream toppings and made myself into a human dessert! Who wouldn't have wanted to lick all this off me after? If only they could have served me in a restaurant, that would have been great...
04-09-2020 0 Bia and Yuri go cock to cock (literally) before Bia gets busy on plowing Yuri's airtight bung!
04-09-2020 0 "Rub three times me, your fortune shall be." Have you ever wished for your very own genie? Your wish is our command! Join our guys as they dream of genie and get their 3 wishes...deep throat cock sucking, a wet pink pussy and a tight little asshole to stuff!
04-09-2020 0 Mix curious newlyweds with veteran swingers and its guaranteed to get hot. Tiffany likes it slow and passionate and her husband likes it rough. Can Kelly and Richard give them what they want? Cum see who teaches who. Don't miss this steamy adventure!
04-09-2020 0 Ryzell is barley legal!! And we spotted this tasty morsel just waiting for us to come along. A bit reserved but in time she was a click away from sucking our hard rods with ease, like a natural! It's a late birthday present, and boy did she love every minute of it!!
04-09-2020 0 This college house party turns into a wild fuck-fest when these ladies go wild and turn into cock starved nymphos who grab hold of the closest big dick and take it in any hole they can shove it in!
04-09-2020 0 Barely 18, but they're already sluts who know how to use toys like nymphos, suck dick like prostitutes, and fuck like strippers. Watch them ride our huge dicks until their holes are raw and gapping. Then watch us give 'em some more.
04-09-2020 0 Billy's big long cock was being satisfied by Ariel's wet hot mouth, so why did he he care if this chick had a dick?! His curiosity had been piqued and he was rock-hard and ready to learn how it would feel to stuff his stud-stick into this tranny's taut asshole!
04-09-2020 0 This ivory harlot walked right into lions den when she approached us, and the scent of her pink tortellini had us bouncing off the walls, and we couldn't wait to stick our Thick Black shafts inside her for the pounding of a life time!!
04-09-2020 0 Jaymz and his latest playmate, Chance, get straight to the point here, quickly transitioning from a passionate makeout session to working each others' cocks like their lives depend on reaching orgasm!
04-09-2020 0 Among our many endeavors we sponsor up and (soon to be) cumming cuties in pageants and bikini contents. Our newest client wants to sign up for a huge bikini contest but she's afraid of the other babes. We have the prefect plan to help her loose that fear of catty women.... We'll teacher her how to make those pussies purrrrrrrrrr.
04-09-2020 0 Our girls are hosting a princess sleep over for adults! However sleep is not what these ladies have in mind. There are plenty of games to be played - games like; pussy lick, vibrating toys instead of boys, and passionate kiss n' tell!! You're invited too, so cum on in...
04-09-2020 0 This MILF was easy to convince to get in the van and was even easier to convince to let us into her pants. When we got her back to the studio we told her to take a load off.. and after we fucked her.. we blew our ball batter all over her face.
04-09-2020 0 Things heat up in the breakdown lane when Daryll's truck takes a dive and her husband can't foot the bill. Good thing their roadside savior takes "alternative forms of payment"-- like horny housewife snatch! A few hundred bucks of parts and labor for a cum-stained romp while hubby watches? What a deal!
04-09-2020 0 Ginger had a slow Southern drawl and a body that'd make a preacher man blush. She threw caution to the wind, pony'd up and jumped into our wagon for another hot ho down... You won't want to miss this belle, she'll get ya'lls guns to fire better than a professional six shooter!
04-09-2020 0 The fellas have a special birthday surprise in mind for a friend -- the gift of Bobbi Starr, that is. A striptease leads to a blowjob, and before you know it, Bobbi has cocks stuffed in every hole along the way to ending up with a completely cum-soaked face!
04-09-2020 0 Nate loved being a top and had never gone bottom before, so when Johnny pulled out his python with the intent to break in Nate's virgin asshole, Nate was worried that the massive member would be too much for him. Johnny knew better, and helped to loosen Nate's love-locker with some tawdry tonguing before finally delivering Nate's asshole its first huge cock!
04-09-2020 0 Jim was on the street and we reeled him in as a potential male model. He wanted to break into the business, but he had no experience. We wanted to help so we took down his pants and went to work! He complained and acted upset, till he got his turn to beat his meat and the creamy cum came a flowing'!
04-09-2020 0 Downhome cutie Paige was in town for a little fun and met up with our horse-cocked heroes to give her a few riding lessons! Well, when black cock met white ass yee-haw wasn't the only thing she was screaming! Watch these black cocks turn her tiny twat into a wide open range!
04-09-2020 0 Electra is a fitting name for this fiery vixen. With persimmon hair and in an orange dress she works 2 gold dildos into her pink holes until they're a blaze with lust. But that doesn't kindle the glisten in her gash as much as a real hose. Once stuffed with an enflamed cock, her pits turn scarlet... with the perfect mix between pleasure and pain.
04-09-2020 0 The mansion's ocean view is trumped by bitches in bikinis as the party heats to a simmer. Asses are on display poolside as threads drop and cocks pop out to play. The hotties are in heat and the hors d'oeuvres offered up will all be served with pussy at this sea- front sex palace. (1 of 4)
04-09-2020 0 Enrique is just about to be taken by the gay crowd at a local park when his buddy picks him up; he soon finds out that he likes to take it up the bunger. Watch as Enrique gets tricked into getting his arse pounded like a fancy piece of meat!
04-09-2020 0 When we encountered this sexy little hoodrat strutting that black booty of hers down the street we knew it was our duty to put some white in her. All we needed to do was feed her a few bullshit lines about how we could make her into a big T.V. star, and we got her in the car. She was willing to do whatever it took to get the part, including opening up her blackbox to some strange white cock! Kapri got the part of course, in our porn movie!!!
04-09-2020 0 These four dont waste any time violating there marital vows. Lance was easily convinced by shameless wife Megan to trade each other out for a few hours of carnal pleasures. This may be just what Bruce and Camilla need to breathe some life into their ...3 month old marriage!
04-09-2020 0 CWP delivers more of that crazy college action we know you love! This week we have for you a devilish cute lady that wants to show off and fuck some random jock. See it all inside!
04-09-2020 0 This is what going to college is all about...deep throat dick sucking and tight twats. We are giving lessons in hair pulling, ass slapping, and how to take a hard cock deeper! The party isn't over until our hot loads are all over these co-ed's 'cum suckers!'
04-09-2020 0 Is this some kind of weird TV show? What's going on? asked a confused Micah It could be, but not quite answered Marcus, Maybe we can better explain it to you...... he continued
04-09-2020 0 Two of my best girlfriends and myself decided to take a big chance and open our very own ice cream parlor. We'd been working our butts off, getting ready for our grand opening, in the morning, when lo n' behold one of our ice cream machines broke!!! Right away I called a handyman I know to come over for an emergency fix. He was fast, friendly, and totally saved the day!! So we offered him a really special thank you.... He froze watching us slowly lick the milky sweet cream off the top of the cup he gave us to sample. He looked like the kinda guy who doesn't get much play, so we enjoyed indulging his fantasies with some fun teasing. Taylor and i took a lick together, both of us scooping just a little bit of cream onto the tips of our tongues then kissed, a sweet, soft, slow, wet kiss. It was obvious that he was hungry for the treats we were offering so Taylor trucked him over to our dining area where we all followed to get a taste. Hungry to gobble up his banana split, we peeled him out of his uniform. Churning his chub we got him hard then then we made him melt, spewing his satisfying man milkshake.
04-09-2020 0 Marcus met Allie online, which was great - until Devon found Allie's self-shot pics on Marcus' phone, that is. Devon's anger turned to arousal once she saw Allie in the flesh, and she was more than happy to share her hubby's cock with the young whippersnapper.
04-09-2020 0 Welcome back butt fuckin party fans! This week we bring you a white on black threesome that will leave you drooling at the mouth, among other places. Vaughn, David and leisurely Louis met at one of our famous Gay College Sex Parties, where they hit it off and sparks began to fly. Cum see all the action!
04-09-2020 0 Sweet fortune-cookie Sasha needed a limo ride from the convention floor to her hotel and we were more than happy to give her a ride like no other. She stepped into the limo, spread her TIGHT PUSSY and rode the huge cock we gave her.
04-09-2020 0 Smokin hot bone smuggler Bruna wanted cock pronto and after seeing her sexy curves Michel was only too happy to oblige! Watch as Bruna turns the tables and buries her meatstick in a very uncomfortable place! Ouch!
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04-09-2020 0 David thought a bike seat was going to be the only thing between his legs until he came across these two. With a little hard headed convincing , these guys will have David riding something else in no time at all.
04-09-2020 0 Hunting for live cuties to skewer, we found Mariah heading to a job interview. Little did she know, we already had a different kind of interview lined up for her, with great pay and plenty of 'positions' to try out. So she eagerly went to work immediately, starting with our cocks!
04-09-2020 0 It's a black tie affair when Sam Swift and Johnny Maverick collide in their first ever two man dick dance! Hot bodied and hung like fucking pack mules, these two gay superstars finally find out who is gonna be on top and who is gonna spread his sphincter to take the other one's supercock in an episode of His First Huge Cock that not only delivers all the gay flesh you could want, but also serves as history in the making!
04-09-2020 0 We told this blonde slut that were were from a radio station looking for talent. Little did she know, the only broadcast she would be doing was when we show her first DP to the internet!
04-09-2020 0 I don't know. I've never kissed a girl before. Well there's no time like the present. OK, I'll try. And with that Devon leaned in and gave the cute basketball player a long wet kiss. Well you haven't run out screaming yet so you must have liked it. Said Marco as he works on finding out what else she'll like.
04-09-2020 0 Meet Brock and Joey. These two athletic coaches were frustrated by having to watch hot sweaty guys all day, so they decided to hit one of our parties. They arrived as friends, but we got our drag-queen matchmaker to convince them to take their friendship to the next level. Cum watch these two studs get nasty together!
04-09-2020 0 Quadruple your fantasies with four cuties who can't wait to make each other cream. One by one, these ladies succumb to their swollen snatches with shattering orgasms that you can only see here!
04-09-2020 0 Well, every now and then we run into a wet blanket but at least she had a smokin' hot bod! Who needs a good personality when you fuck like an animal? We took this mom of 2 back to the studio and showed her what being fucked by cute studs was all about. Mama said there would be days like this so don't miss out on this weeks MILF Fuck!
04-09-2020 0 It was a hot day here in the desert and the guys working in the backyard had their shirts off. My friend Sunny and I just couldn't resist so we invited them in. They had no idea two of the nastiest honeys in town just hooked them in for an hour of the dirtiest sex they've ever had. We take turns fucking them and there's lots of ass-to-mouth and hard ass pounding. I lick the cum out of Sunny's pussy, it was so good!

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