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03-07-2021 0 If you had Sophia as a houseguest in your living room on the pull-out couch and your wife was asleep upstairs could you resist? What if she was wearing a hot pink bikini and you could sense that she had been fingering herself all morning? Well this guy couldn't resist and ended up going balls deep on every orifice of her body. What would you have done?
03-07-2021 0 We took bland, vanilla Bailey and made ourselves a double-dipped chocolate sundae. Not only did we spice up her sex life, we penetrated front and rear! Our creamy cones slid deep into her dishes and gave not one but two scoops of cock!
03-07-2021 0 We found this big breasted MILF wandering into an art gallery, so we told her if she came back to the house with us we would show her some real pieces of art. As soon as we got her back to the pad we got her out of her clothes and we showed her some MiIFseeker art as we painted her MILF face with hot sticky cum!!
03-07-2021 0 They call him "Tripod Trevor," and Martin is about to find out why. (Hint: this has nothing to do with photography, but Trevor's "tripod" sure looks good on camera. ;-)
03-07-2021 0 Drew Scott shows us what he's got - with special emphasis on his nice, thick cock and its massive, bulbous head! That thing looks like it was *made* to be sucked, but today is just about Scott doing his thing for the camera by himself. Oh well... maybe next time!
03-07-2021 0 We found sweet Michelle by herself and hungry, and found out she never ate soul food! In no time flat we had her workin' our monster black beef steaks and getting her sexy rump roast stretched wide! And for desert we gave her heaping helping of man pudding! Bon Apetit!
03-07-2021 0 College is a place where people of all creeds and colors put aside their differences to join together under the umbrella of higher education. In the spirit of such a melting pot, Gay College Sex Parties brings you this frisky frat-function where hung studs of all colors get down to some interracial ass fucking and dick sucking!
03-07-2021 0 Have we got a piece of ass for you! Welcome back fans! This week we have for you the very bubbly, and charismatic Kami. This big assed floozy knows what she wants, when she wants. Cum see Kami give one of the best performances we've see yet!!!
03-07-2021 0 Wow! You just can't loose with this episode.... Holly's most certainly got an insatiable appetite for fucking! She warms herself up with some cold metal that makes her pink pussy wink. But when our boy arrives things really heat up with some blazing ass to puss action, atm's, gagging and amazing close ups!
03-07-2021 0 We never thought there'd be drive-thru pussy, but our sexy latin lesbo Avy ordered up a tasty helping of straight muff called Sabrina! This sexy little morsel never licked clam before but couldn't resist Avy's spicy cunt! Watch Sabrina have it her way in Her First Lesbian Sex!
03-07-2021 0 Milf seeking leads us to new adventures and new places! Dirt malls, late night strolls and now we've met up with the hottest Psychic we've seen, but we've got some special Psychic powers of our own, we see some hard nasty fucking in her future and we see you watching every dirty second of it, cum watch it...we know you will!!
03-07-2021 0 Rookie guy Rob had never been with another dude before, but after we offered to pay him some big bucks, he agreed to spread wide both his wings and his ass to try some hardcore first time gay sex. This first timer took to chugging cock and getting reamed like he'd been doing it all his life!
03-07-2021 0 Hey there honcho, is that a dumbbell in your swimming trunks or are you just happy to see me? Black Steel has it all--a perfect form, muscles galore, and a big stinky weener that could use some jerkin' and chuggin' right about now!
03-07-2021 0 Poor sex-starved, single mom Kayla. She hasn't had her cooter touched in a long time and was really horny with no one to fill that hole. MILFSeekers to the rescue! That tight mom-hole didn't know what hit her when we got a hold of her. Bangin that mom-muff is what we do best and she was one sweet fuck! Don't miss out on this week's Lonely MILF, Kayla.
03-07-2021 0 Unbeknownst to her husband, Candi has been working by day as an escort. We had already paid her when her husband arrived and discovered her secret. Well we weren't going to be ripped off, so we got on with business and let him watch! Perhaps she should seek a new career as a porn star!
03-07-2021 0 Straight arrow Mickey was out for a walk when he came across seemingly not so gay Nicco. Much to our surprise, Mickey went quite willing to experiment with a little dick sucking and booty fucking. At first he was worried about it hurting but after a gentle poke he was fucking like a pro!
03-07-2021 0 This little slut needed some help with her biology homework. We gave her a lesson on the female sex organs. Charlie loved the taste of pussy so much she missed her class to get another lick!
03-07-2021 0 Being a loan shark is a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. And do it we will, with this loser's wife! Now Krissy is learning a HARD lesson about finances that neither her, nor her hubby, are soon to forget. In fact, this video will be there to remind them!
03-07-2021 0 After a great bust, 5 of the agents head down to the local bar to celebrate. When the waitress comes by to take their order, the agents decide that it's gonna take more than just booze to make this party. After they pat her down and perform a cavity check, she pleads naughty on all charges and sucks their big black batons!
03-07-2021 0 Sexy Lexi doesn't need an Aussie to hunt for prime punani! To prove it she hooked up with stacked hottie Dakota and began workin' her sexy tongue all over her tight pussy and colossal tits! Watch us turn another hottie into a sexy lezzie!
03-07-2021 0 This smokin blonde sausage stasher gets hot for he-men and found Felix getting an eyeful! Watch as sexy Thays springs her sausage and makes good use of this burly boy's kung-fu grip!
03-07-2021 0 We were looking for a Sammy Davis Jr. Bobblehead when we met Alana. Shane thought she was fine and wanted to see if she would do 'Da Interview.' Little did she know that we were setting her up to do some bobblehead action with the GBS Squad.
03-07-2021 0 Marcinha and Patrick suck, jerk and pound each other to a cum soaked climax.
03-07-2021 0 I think I need to get home, my Dad's gonna wonder where I've been Sophia whimpered, I was only supposed to deliver a package. Just tell him you sat here and had a cup of hot chocolate with us Devon suggested
03-07-2021 0 We never thought there'd be drive-thru pussy, but our sexy latin lesbo Avy ordered up a tasty helping of straight muff called Sabrina! This sexy little morsel never licked clam before but couldn't resist Avy's spicy cunt! Watch Sabrina have it her way in Her First Lesbian Sex!
03-07-2021 0 This week we have a twist for the fans... Dimitrius sent an email asking if he could bang his wife, Roxy, in the backseat of our van. Backseat Bangers does not discriminate! Sure, we said, bring that pussy on down! Don't miss this couple get their kicks on route 66!
03-07-2021 0 Come on down and see our three little cowgirls, Anastasia, Janessa, and Jewels romp around in their cut-off hot shorts and, oh yeah....lick each others PINK PUSSIES in some first time lesbian action. These three good ol' girls put their hard bodies and swollen clits to the test in this three-way lesbian cherry buster!
03-07-2021 0 Marcinha is one hung tranny -- Andre and his sore asshole can vouch for that!
03-07-2021 0 this cute and sweet beauty definitely had something we wanted ...a virgin ass! So after a bit of coaxing we had her sucking our cocks and getting a piece of that sweet clam...after that we fucked that sweet hole raw!
03-07-2021 0 This sexy slut loved her first sweet taste of hot lesbian pussy. Anna loved the cock but until today never tasted a pussy. Another cock hungry slut turned into a pussy eating lesbian!
03-07-2021 0 We were kicking back in the park when we met Eric. We started chatting and convinced him to come hang out with us. Little did he know that our dicks would be hanging out too! Though Eric had never been with a man before, he was quickly on board to suck us and get fucked by us!
03-07-2021 0 I've never been with a girl before, says wife, Sophia, in the car. My wife will say ANYTHING to get in a girl's pants! Husband - Brad
03-07-2021 0 Puma Swede was in town and mentioned she loved to get rough with American babes, so we paired her up with the one honey we knew could take her on, Sophia. Puma turned on some crazy dominatrix attitude while she roughed up Sophia. Watch as Puma sucks a dildo straight out of Sophia's gaping asshole!
03-07-2021 0 Our pal Tristan has had gay experiences before, but never like this! He's eager to let our throbbing units expore his tiny frame! Despite a little groaning, he took every inch in stride!
03-07-2021 0 A four man game of hearts turns into talk about first time sexual experiences -as the men move over from the table to the couch they begin feeling out each others' cocks for the first time. Their innocent experimentation leads to their fullest pleasure as they stick their hard dicks into one anothers' virgin assholes.
03-07-2021 0 Holly West starts out in the trunk of a car in this scene, but its the junk in her own trunk that makes it. After loosening up with a butt plug, Holly takes a huge cock deep in her tight asshole, reaching multiple screaming orgasms along the way!
03-07-2021 0 Harmony loves the idea that she will have to swallow this guy's cumshot after he is done fucking the shit out of her. The challenge here is more of a mental one for her. She is recently single again and hasn't eaten another man's load in quite some time. We made sure our guy ate as much weird stuff as he could to make his cum taste terrible. Pretty cool huh?
03-07-2021 0 Nikky is so ravenous that she just moves her panties to the side before sliding a glass cock between her flaps and into her tight wet muff. But we get there just in time to show her how much better the real thing really is.....and just how much better the real thing is when we ream her in the rear with it.
03-07-2021 0 Blindfolds and strange men seemed an odd recipe to get sexy Cindy off, but to help her kick her fix we brought in the heavy artillery! These wild fuck toys played peekaboo with her pretty privates and helped her quench the thrill of the unknown!
03-07-2021 0 The guys were on their way to a poker game. But when they saw this little blonde princess all thoughts changed to poking her in that sweet tight ass. Cum watch and see if they hit the jackpot in this episode.
03-07-2021 0 Don, a 21 year-old bisexual fella who says that personality is as important to him as good looks. He was a little awkward performing on camera at first, but after talking about his desires and turn-ons for a bit, he warmed up and gave us a good little jackoff show!
03-07-2021 0 Late one Friday night, Tabitha was all alone in her empty home, with no insane cock to gag on or bone. Insane Cock Brothas to the rescue, tada!!! The brothas have arrived to please that pussy and give sleazy Tabitha a ride. Ladies, when in need the ICB can help you indeed!
03-07-2021 0 Good thing Sarah's in fatigues because she's about to get her foxholes raided by a small army with big guns. She gives our soldiers a spit shine then we press on, and into the back of her throat before showing her who's really in charge.
03-07-2021 0 These four dont waste any time violating there marital vows. Lance was easily convinced by shameless wife Megan to trade each other out for a few hours of carnal pleasures. This may be just what Bruce and Camilla need to breathe some life into their ...3 month old marriage!
03-07-2021 0 We picked up this little MILF waiting for a train at the train station. As soon as we saw her we knew she was going to take a ride on the MILF train...
03-07-2021 0 Preparing for friends James and Ricki to come over, Cayden admits to Evan that she doesn't want to have sex with him anymore, he just doesn't turn her on. Cayden confides in Ricki and a plan to switch spouses is devised! Step 1: Make out with each other until they get their husbands' attention. Step 2: Become swingers!!
03-07-2021 0 Jessica isn't quite sure if she should tell her man what she really wants for Christmas -- three extra cocks to play with! Luckily, Jessica has a very vivid imagination, and our cameras can see right into it....
03-07-2021 0 We spotted Mia outside the clinic after a colon cleansing. Little did she know she was preparing for an ass pounding of a lifetime! See us squeeze into the cleanest, tight virgin asshole ever and give her an even better cleansing of our own!
03-07-2021 0 When Angela orders room service, she expects FULL service, including a cock to suck and fuck until it spews jizz all over her incredible ass!
03-07-2021 0 It took only the slightest provocation for these horny couples to strip down and start grinding. I guess that's what they had in mind all along! A few minutes after the guests had arrived, it was a gooey, messy pile up on the couch, floor and coffee table! Thank goodness there's enough to go around... 'cause everyone wants a second helping! Or even a third...

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