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01-27-2020 0 Desiree may have fought for her country but she was more than willing to surrender her ass for some hardcore first-time anal sex. Our two good old guys show this honey their gratitude by giving this sexy vet a place to stay and a couple of hard dicks for ass fucking her puckery hole!
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01-27-2020 0 It's heatin' up and spreading like wildfire! A little cleavage here, a sideways glance there, and minutes later everyone was naked on the floor! Care to watch? Or would you like to join in? There's plenty of room for extra bodies at this orgy! Just flip over any wriggling little piece of flesh and dive in! You're always welcome at Orgy Sex Parties!
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01-27-2020 0 Jamie and his wife Rhylee's neighborhood has been rezoned and now half their pool is in neighbor, Brad's yard. But Brad makes him an offer that Jamie might not be able to pass up - Rhylee's so mad at Jamie even considering paying the neighbor off with her, she decides to give it up to Brad for free!!
01-27-2020 0 Vivien drops by for the 'Clara treatment,' and you know what that means: her pussy, asshole, tongue and fingers are in for a serious workout! Vivien shows that she can give as good as she gets, eating Clara's pussy and rimming her asshole like the dirty little slut she is.
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01-27-2020 0 Riley was at the park looking for someone to play some ball. I told him we had some balls he could play with! Riley had never been a switch hitter before but we showed him that there was nothing to it! Cum watch as we teach Riley how to play for the other team!
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01-27-2020 0 All the way from East Africa, Karibu traveled halfway across the world for scholarly pursuits. 'You can't work all of the time though' he told us just before we offered to help him unwind with a carnal cock-tale. Hope Karibu brought his appetite because around here, we only serve JUMBO COCKS.
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01-27-2020 0 What happens when you put two guys named Jeremy in the same bed for any amount of time? Well, I suppose the answer to that question varies from situation to situation, but in THIS instance, they totally suck each others' cocks.
01-27-2020 0 Todd is from Sydney, and comes to take our sexuality survey. For $200 and the promise of tag team blowjobs he removes his pants! With a set of low hanging balls & a cute little rosebud of an asshole, come and experience his first huge cock encounter...
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01-27-2020 0 Why did the twink cross the road? For a little bit of cash and to deep throat some dick. Barry puts the wink in the word twink. Cum watch him beg for some cash as we play with his sweet little asshole.
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01-27-2020 0 When John and Zane told stressed out Debbie that they were going to school to become massage therapists she jumped at the chance to get a free rub down. She never expected that they'd end up rubbing every inch of her body, except for her back!
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