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01-16-2019 0 Before they arrive, Clara says she's not sure if Zafira and Ginger are even hot. It turns out that her concern was for nothing; these two are smoking! Even better than watching them strut around in their lingerie is watching them go down on each other and getting each other off with their big, kinky toys!
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01-16-2019 0 While the parents are away the honeys will play and the freaks get their fuck- on Miami style. The party has moved uptown, but the honeys decide to dress down, suck down some drìnks AND some cock. With superb talent in attendance, this one ends with a tropical cocoa-butter double facial!
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01-16-2019 0 Tristan sure didn't seem the gay type at all, but after a very heated debate on the subject, he was willing to try a cock up the ass. There is no doubt about it here folks, this is a hot man on man episode with everything you want to see. Watch these cute gents sample one another. Wink! Wink!
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01-16-2019 0 Anita and Caty just don't see to eye to eye... but only because Anita is six inches taller than Caty. No worries, though; when it comes to eating pussy and getting each other off with dildos, these two lovely ladies are definitely on the same page!
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01-16-2019 0 Chasity thought that hangin' out with Veronica and Celeste meant doing girl stuff, but she never expected to be stuffing girls! Her mouth said I don't know but her smile said yes. After they got her creamy wet, she turned the tables and fucked both of them at the same time. It's as if she's had this fantasy before....
01-16-2019 0 Moni Michaels was visiting some friends when she decided she would call up her gal pal Sophia. They decide to dabble in the crazy niche of spit play in Sophia's tub. Watch as they sensually exchange warm spit with one another and get their big titties all messy.
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01-16-2019 0 Faith is just 18 but she's already graduated from some kind of school that lets her do hair and make-up for a living. Her daddy bought her braces, but she's been with something like 58 guys she claims. Do you think he knows? Anyhow, with that kind of experience on her knees, let's see how she does with our regular Jackson.
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01-16-2019 0 "Our schedule is hectic," said Joe, "so we need to know if you can handle what it demands." "Are you two, like always making out?" asked Kinzy. "Oh yeah," said Joe. "We can't get enough of each other. And other babes..." Kinzy was shocked: "But your wife is just around the corner!"
01-16-2019 0 We found this hot little MILF out shopping at a local discount store. We knew we had to get us some MILFseeker action, so we brought Mason back to the pad and showed her how we do it. We fucked this sexy mama hard and she sucked our big MILFseeker cocks like a pro. She even let us cum in her little MILF mouth!
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01-16-2019 0 "Hey man, I want maybe I can fuck your butt?" said Ricky. Andy had no clue what to think or what Ricky was saying. Before long though, tricky Ricky had fooled Andy out of his pants with his Latin charm, & soothsaying bad English. Here is for to say I am ask you have never make the sex with a man???
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01-16-2019 0 Welcome back, back door man-whores. Meet Jack and Riley in this week's tail of brotherly love. A tail so sweet and epic, you are going to want to rub one out... maybe two. Only Gay College Sex Parties delivers that hot and heavy homosexual action we know you love!
01-16-2019 0 "I don't know if I can do this" Toni protested "What if my parents find out?" "They're never gonna find out. We wont say anything if you don't say anything" Devon replied
01-16-2019 0 Jeremy's new lover Jack has a lot going for him; cute face, trim body, a nice thick cock and a gift for fellatio. He also makes adorable little grunting sounds when he's being fucked in the ass; always a major turn-on for a top like Jeremy.
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01-16-2019 0 MILF CeCe hired her son's friend, Joey as a personal trainer. She remembers how turned on she got watching him play football. Now she's got her own plan for how they can burn some calories together - And get her daily dose of protein!
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01-16-2019 0 Billy Thunder, Jason Black, Lucas Rio, Rick Valentine, Sebastian Jaymz -- You get these fucking studs together for a party, you better believe the action is gonna be hot, heavy and most importantly, hung! These studs take turns tasting each other's meaty treats before playing some rock, paper, cock to decide WHO is gonna be on the bottom!

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