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03-05-2021 0 At the start of this scene, Jenaveve Jolie is in the closet... literally. She's also starving. Clara solves both problems by bringing Jenaveve a little Audrey Bitoni to eat. Jenaveve demonstrates that she loves to play with her food by jamming a dildo deep into Audrey's tasty snatch!
03-05-2021 0 How does Jaymz find so many hot guys who are capable of deep-throating that massive cock of his? Who cares -- so long as he keeps letting us film the action, his seduction techniques can remain a mystery. :-)
03-05-2021 0 A game of 'spin the bottle' turns into another kind of game for Ferrera -- a game of 'fuck four dudes at once,' that is. After having her asshole and pussy plowed nice and hard, Ferrera wins the Grand Prize: four loads of hot sticky sperm all over her incredible body!
03-05-2021 0 Charlie and Celeste, Zoe, and Karlie. Lipstick lesbian wife switch - It's about time! Watch these horny pussy-licking sluts get it on- Celeste wants to bring Zoe out of her shell. While Charlie and Karlie do not waste any time with small talk- they have one goal- to make each other cums as hard and as many times as possible in this wife fuck fantasy.
03-05-2021 0 This hot little lesbo was so in love with her dude she never thought she would be licking a big wet pussy. This sexy babe will never forget her first lesbian sex!
03-05-2021 0 Well, every now and then we run into a wet blanket but at least she had a smokin' hot bod! Who needs a good personality when you fuck like an animal? We took this mom of 2 back to the studio and showed her what being fucked by cute studs was all about. Mama said there would be days like this so don't miss out on this weeks MILF Fuck!
03-05-2021 0 Brooke and Mandy giggle, then wiggle their way out of their clothes after confessing sex with their spouses is snoresville. Brooke's boots are made for walking AND eating pussy as she takes to Mandy's honey-pot like a duck to water. When the husbands jump in, the screamin' and slammin' starts and doesn't end 'til the girls share two mouthfulls of fresh squeezed jizz.
03-05-2021 0 This English mum was just the cup of tea we were looking for! She was hot and sweet and went down nice and smooth! Sienna wasn't shy about showing us her melons and we buttered that English muffin like there was no tomorrow! Don't miss out on this not-so-proper English MILF!
03-05-2021 0 This week we have for you two ebony brothas that found them selves alone and in a bit of a tight squeeze. See these two engage in a steamy romp as they take advantage of their close quarters. Top or bottom, it's all the same for this collegiate couple. Enter now and see all the Gay College action!
03-05-2021 0 Another perfectly packaged yet hummer humble porn star has entered into our race. She's lost track of how many guys she's been with but our guess is that she's done more fuckin' than suckin' cuz her time, well, wasn't so good. But that's great news for you who gets to enjoy her slurping and gaging even longer!
03-05-2021 0 When we picked up Kody she had no idea we were planning on some hot backdoor action. After lots of pounding she finally let us through the back door. Now suck it clean you little slut!!
03-05-2021 0 Gwen could be mistaken for a star. Her eyes and smile could have fooled anyone. She acted shy but once we told her about the website she couldn't resist seeing our vaginal dilators! We stretched her to the point of breaking and then blew our soul sauce on her face!
03-05-2021 0 This isn't your mother's 'Tupperware' party! Sammie's invited some friends over to learn all about her favorite plastic tools, but these gadgets are more likely to end up in their ovens than their fridges. Once they've seen her goods, Sammie invites the honeys, and you, to stick around for some advanced lessons, enjoy!
03-05-2021 0 Cherie told us that she loved black cocks. She then made it a point to prove that much to us by taking on 4 big black poles at the same time.
03-05-2021 0 Jesse is looking for a place to stay for her first semester in college. She's not sure Jordan and Tony's place is right for her. Once she had her lips wrapped around Tony's "benefit package," she knew she'd found a new home.
03-05-2021 0 Raquel may look innocent, but she's one slutty mom! She couldn't wait to have a slurp on Jerry's cock and was all over his jock as soon as they got in the van! That was great but we wanted to dip our whore pipes into her tot factory and fuck this mama until she begged us to stop. Don't miss out on this mom-fucking great time!
03-05-2021 0 Dick and Rod are two lecherous old goats that will do, say, and pay just about anything to get fresh faced Faye to fondle them. Flirting finally freezes her fears, opens up her mouth, and her snatch to their pay for play offers. Cum and watch this hottie learn as she earns the title!
03-05-2021 0 Dominic and Jordan have a couple things in common: highly toned, muscular bodies, and big, uncut cocks. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me! By then end of this scene they have another thing in common; their cum is all over Jordan's face and chest!
03-05-2021 0 Ashton was a little sore after a few hard days at work, so naughty Nate offered to give him a deep-tissue massage. Ashton thought it was a little weird, getting a massage from a dude, but he was desperate, so he agreed to a hot oil rubdown....for his neck...and then his back...and then his cock!
03-05-2021 0 Corey & Tomas are having an impromptu Spanish lesson when Carlos steps in because he, too, speaks Spanish! With 7 1/2 uncut inches & sensitive nipples, this South American boy learns the joys of receiving two huge cocks on film while you watch!
03-05-2021 0 We found this couple stranded on a street corner, new to town, and with no cash. We offered to put them up for the night and give them some cash, but there was just one catch. We get to fuck his hot wife and catch it all on film! Just call us the welcome wagon!
03-05-2021 0 After narrowly avoiding a deadly avalanche in Colorado, Alex inadvertently stumbles into our lair of sin. He is immediately singled out by the dark and vampiric Xander, who proceeds to seduce Alex with the pleasures of flesh. Will Alex escape unscathed, or will his ass forever belong to the underworld?
03-05-2021 0 Monica wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Doesn't matter, we just need a slut to fuck silly! She heard the words cash and suck my cock, she was like "totally"! We had her pussy stuffed faster than a prize turkey and finished with a load of man fat to the face!
03-05-2021 0 Introducing the one and only Monica Breeze. This sexy latina knockout from Orange County was packing some serious junk in that apple bottom of hers, and loved to show it off!! She had more than enough to work with, and had no problem sharing, so I did what any ass lovin' man would do: baste that big ol' booty with a fresh load of ball batter! Bubble-icious!
03-05-2021 0 Preparing for friends James and Ricki to come over, Cayden admits to Evan that she doesn't want to have sex with him anymore, he just doesn't turn her on. Cayden confides in Ricki and a plan to switch spouses is devised! Step 1: Make out with each other until they get their husbands' attention. Step 2: Become swingers!!
03-05-2021 0 Genesis wasn't much for talking, she was ready to get fucked up and fuck her brains out! Little did she know that we party double! As soon as we had the chance we slipped one in the pink and one in the stink! We reamed her holes and glazed her face!
03-05-2021 0 When you ask a twisted girl like Sophie Dee to indulge in her wildest fantasy, you know you are going to get something dirty - like jamming pieces of candy into Puma Swede's tight little bunghole, for instance. Add in some paint, plenty of toys and a very eager partner, and you've got yourself one hell of a party!
03-05-2021 0 A laundry day disagreement over a pair of underwear gets unexpectedly passionate for roommates Fernando and Matias. Once your dick is being sucked, who cares who the underwear belongs to?
03-05-2021 0 Grab an umbrella cuz we're about to get things real wet. We'll start by spitting on the bitch's face just to put her in her place. Then we'll give her just a drop on her ass before we shove a dildo in her tight and otherwise dry hole. If the humiliation doesn't moisten her maybe 5 well earned jizz loads will!
03-05-2021 0 Our mission today- get the hottest slut in Hollywood in the van by telling her she is going to be on the next Fear Factor! Jamie is more than eager to come along when we tell her $100,000 is on the line. We find out that taking cock in every hole while on the open road is not a factor for Jamie!
03-05-2021 0 The pussies are pink and puffy as the bash lingers into the evening. There's no resting 'til every ball has busted and the pussies have turned from rosie to red. Riding the meat mallet isn't a requirement at this soiree, but it's becoming an obsession. All the babes want in, and who are the guys to deny them? The agenda includes grinding and dining on savory stud sauce before this party is over!
03-05-2021 0 Angelo surprises Kattie with a bottle of champagne to kick off a romantic evening. The champagne will have to wait, though, because these two lovers can't.
03-05-2021 0 Mahlia was waiting to find a ride to the greyhound. We will definitely give her a ride alright! It's a ride that she's going to be begging for again and again! Nothing is better then having a good fuck while speeding down the freeway!!
03-05-2021 0 Look what we found in our archives - footage of Sasha Grey shot long before she became a household name! For a porn newbie, she sure could deep throat a cock like a seasoned pro. Very hot stuff!
03-05-2021 0 They often said Seinfeld was a genius because he allowed the other actors to shine in the spotlight as well. Here we see Sophia in a supporting role as three other actors get to use her like a well designed prop. On the floor of a therapists office, Sophia gets double-donged, fucked and sucked while a hot brunette masturbates. Sophia's only complaint after this video was that she didn't get to eat the cumshot
03-05-2021 0 This week's slutty mom was shopping at a yard sale when we showed up and offered to stuff her bag with our cocks. She couldn't wait to check out what we had to offer. This mama was on our cocks like a little brat on a nipple! Don't miss out on this Mature MILF!
03-05-2021 0 Once again true booty lovers we are back, this time with Rachel and her booming back end. Rachel and her bountiful buttocks are fresh to the scene, watch as we show her how to put some shake in that can.
03-05-2021 0 Sexy wannabe starlet Jen Stefani came all the way to LA to make her mark in the industry, after realizing what kind of doors her amazing ass could open for her. This homegrown Vegas slut is out to prove that her booty is one of the best in the business, and after sampling her, we have to agree whole-heartedly! Welcome to the entertainment biz, Jen!
03-05-2021 0 Brandy wants to go to business school, and everyone knows it takes money to make money. Well we've got cash and she's a stunning slut, so we thought we'd test her bargaining skills. But who needs those when you can fuck like a pro, all the way to the top!
03-05-2021 0 I want my essay to depict the nature of human sexuality, declares Jeanie, the sexy exchange student. Rod and Ginger will have no problem giving her plenty of first hand experience to write about!
03-05-2021 0 Drew Scott shows us what he's got - with special emphasis on his nice, thick cock and its massive, bulbous head! That thing looks like it was *made* to be sucked, but today is just about Scott doing his thing for the camera by himself. Oh well... maybe next time!
03-05-2021 0 Neo and Bruce were both looking for someone to workout with at the gym. Neo likes to lift weights and bulk up while Bruce focuses on cardio to stay long and lean. Working together they'll get sweaty and pumped up until they reach a physical PEAK. But who will get there on top?
03-05-2021 0 Kissy needed to raise some cash and her car wash was on a one-way road to failure. We had a few extra bucks that we were going to put in our tank but we'd much rather spend it filling up hers. We took a joyride in her pussy then rammed one in her tailpipe too.
03-05-2021 0 Our handsome new friend might be a little bigger than average in the hardware department, but he's never wrapped his lips around a HUGE cock! Simon was even willing to skip soccer practice to satisfy his curiosity. He certainly did get a mouthful from Skylar and Bernardo both!
03-05-2021 0 Kacey returns to fulfill some member requests, this time with her stripper girlfriend Mya. The ladies enjoy some boot licking and spitting on clothes and tits, before turning it up a notch and doing some straight open mouth spitting. Watch as each one swallows a nice load of spit too!
03-05-2021 0 This episode of Gay College Sex Parties is a wild fuck house, and we get to meet Ryan & Gaston up close. There's some heavy fucking and sucking at this drµnkin' ass fag ho-down! Dicks and Cum are flying with everyone in on the action! Don't miss these studs get down!
03-05-2021 0 Alex was a bit difficult to persuade into coming back to our studio, but we had more money than he could say no to. By the time we took the first shot, the easy cash had him eating out of our hands, and our asses!
03-05-2021 0 With a name like "Jordan Deep," you have to be ready to accept a BIG cock all the way from its tip down to its base... or a massive plastic toy will work, too. As this hot 'n heavy romp with Jaymz shows, Jordan's moniker is very accurate indeed!
03-05-2021 0 I don't even know if I can get my mouth around it! Ginger said exasperated. We convinced her to give it the old college try and cheered her on. The more she got in her mouth, the bigger John John's Johnson grew until he was ready to see where else his monster cock might just barely fit.....
03-05-2021 0 My buddy called us up and told us he had a hot MILF doing a photo shoot, we knew this would be an easy MILF to bag!! This sexy slut sucked my cock while my buddy fucked her from behind... Another hot MILF conquered!

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