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07-20-2019 0 It's boring in the barracks, so Nicholas decided to pass the time by seeing if his acrobatic anus could take every throbbing inch of Max's boner-bayonet! At first, Max's war-machine took it slow and steady while infiltrating into Nicholas' dark territory, but soon it was all systems go and Max was dropping every inch of commando cock into Nicholas puckering ass!
07-20-2019 0 There isn't enough time in the day to sit on the beaches waiting for bitches. It's spring break Chulo, and we've got a couple hard hitters to get in your culo. Our guy Chulo has an open mind and the spread butt cheeks to match. SNAP!
07-20-2019 0 Our home boy "Ty" was feeling bummed out because his car was on its last legs. Luckily out of the blue, a kindly mechanic came to get him out of trouble. He insisted on checking Ty's vital fluids... again, and again, and again.
07-20-2019 0 We got these couples together to double your pleasure and your fun. Twin sisters, Lacy and Lindsay, have always shared everything, and now they're ready to share their husbands! Tune in to find out just how close these twin tarts are willing to get in order to satisfy their husband's fantasies.
07-20-2019 0 Blake was lonely in the playground at the burger joint so we asked him to come play with us. He showed us what he plays with the most and let us suck on it. Then the playing became serious when he let us fuck his ass for cash!!
07-20-2019 0 Mya could be an Asain model. Her beautiful face and tight ass had my cock sprung! I talked her right out of her clothes and had my cock down her throat before she knew what hit her! She proved to me that once you go Asian you will never go Caucasian!
07-20-2019 0 This big breasted slut was looking to have some fun today. We just wanted to put our cocks between those big tits. Kayla sucked my cock while my guy pounded her tight MILF pussy raw!
07-20-2019 0 Just what is it with babes named Victoria and big asses? We really aren't sure; all we know is that every one of them we meet has a booty worthy of worship!! This week proves no exception, so cum give our newest Victoria the warm and sticky welcome she deserves!
07-20-2019 0 Maybe you should start kissing girls again... There's a pretty tasty girl right here. Marco says to Tia as he caresses his wife's leg. If you did we wouldn't have to tell your boss that you weren't as professional as you could have been. That's not fair! say Tia. Life's not fair. But, if you do we'll give you a shining recommendation.....
07-20-2019 0 A little one on one in this episode of gay blind date sex as Dallas "got to know" Guedo! This sexy blonde man whore smoked Guedo's meat cigar as he gave a little lovin to G's pretty backside! Watch these two studs make a love connection in this one!
07-20-2019 0 Stopping to help a fellow out with his broken down car spells out a sexy tune-up for Jake. Will Jake take for the bait & turn loose his curiosity, as well as a piece of his virgin asshole? There's only one way to find out people! Cum in & feast your eyes on this week's episode!
07-20-2019 0 Unleashed and Horny. Down and Dirty. Ruff and Tuff. Up, Down, and all over the snatch. These ladies leave no pussies unattended, and keep everything wet.
07-20-2019 0 The fellas didn't have to go far to find this week's conquest -- she lived right downstairs! Georgia was a little intimidated by the huge pair of cocks confronting her, but she proved to be more than equal to the task!
07-20-2019 0 While the parents are away the honeys will play and the freaks get their fuck- on Miami style. The party has moved uptown, but the honeys decide to dress down, suck down some drìnks AND some cock. With superb talent in attendance, this one ends with a tropical cocoa-butter double facial!
07-20-2019 0 Cuban and Shooter were feeling a bit sober when they arrived, but after some heavy drìnking, the music was thumpin and their blood was flowing.... to their cocks!! After a little encouragement from some curious onlookers, these musclebound studs finally give into their temptations and put on an unforgettable performance you won't want to miss!!
07-20-2019 0 Enter Angelina, and her tight country bumpkin punani. This here is one fine piece O' New Orleans pussy, born and raised. Now keep in mind that Angelina ain't never had no black, cock much less huge black cocks like the ones we have waiting for her. Cum on in and see what we have in store for this for this little whore. You don't want to miss the look on this Southern Belle's face!
07-20-2019 0 The best looking vanilla queens, always find their way to spread their legs for our chocolate Kings! These little white sluts are begging to have their cootchies pounded in The kinkiest way possible! Cum see for yourself!
07-20-2019 0 This Tennessee cutie had sexy yankee Isabelle wantin' to travel down to her deep south for a little "seafood!" She may have never kissed a honey but that didn't stop her from tonguing Isabelle's pretty snatch like a lesbo pro! You gotta see this!
07-20-2019 0 This greedy little mama was down for hanging with us when we told her we'd pay her. She jumped in the car and we couldn't wait to jump her bones. Back at the studio we showed this hot mom what fucking was really about; two cute studs sticking their hard cocks in holes she forgot she had! MILF, it does a body good!
07-20-2019 0 Ding Dong -- Special Delivery! She looks like she might be selling cookies... but does this little cupcake have enough delectable holes to satisfy 5 hungry guys? If you have an appetite for destruction, tune in to devour the hot action as we cook this tart until she's oozing with sweet warm creamy cum!
07-20-2019 0 Crystal ran out of gas, but we've got something that'll really get her engine running. We offered her a lift and she offered our man Donni a ride! Jump into the backseat and watch Crystal show us just how fast she can go.
07-20-2019 0 We have plenty to celebrate around here so we got ourselves a limo, picked up the loosest ladies we know and hit the VIP at our favorite club where the honeys wanted to party like pornstars. Ready to get sweaty shaking their asses these horny honies didn't even bother heading for the dance floor. (1 of 3)
07-20-2019 0 Jesus loves all in this dramatic retelling of the Joseph Smith story. Joseph, the man who offers his soul, mind and his sexy body up to Jesus so that he can experience his first gay sex! After blessing Joseph's sweet virgin asshole with his pious prick, Joseph does Jesus the favor of giving him a ball-draining blowjob. Latter day saint, indeed.
07-20-2019 0 Britney had to be pretty happy about being handed 800 dollars, but she still was a little hesitant about being banged by 4 big black cocks. In the end, it was too much cash money to say no to for this pretty lil slut.
07-20-2019 0 Julia was trying to get off with her toys but we didn't think they were big enough to do the job so we gave her the real thing. We plugged her primary while she had her mouthful but her keister got hungry too so we showed her exactly what it means to be stuffed.
07-20-2019 0 An admitted player, Reno has a different lady every night. But when he has to go out of town with his soccer team he'll be left to his own devices... or theirs. If there's one thing we've learned, a horny straight guy has a hard time turning down a BJ, even if it is from another guy. And Reno is one horny guy....
07-20-2019 0 Johnny wanted to test his ex Gia if she was really as nasty as she thought. So he fucked her pretty twat, boned her sexy ass and washed nasty Gia's mouth out with cock sauce! Watch this freaky slut take it all!
07-20-2019 0 Sexy Texan Carmen never batted a pretty little eyelash when we asked her to strip for her audition, but it took a little convincing to put her pretty blonde head between Sammie's hot legs! Watch Carmen go down like she never thought she would in this one!
07-20-2019 0 This contractor was caught with some building code violations and owed us the cash to fix the problem. He couldn't pay up, so we decided to get even with a little housewife violation! We fucked her hard and raw, then gave her a nice cum reciept for her services!
07-20-2019 0 Tara Lynn is the grand prize in a billiard wager. But when the game comes to a draw, she feels obligated to reward both of the players. Good thing she has two corner pockets for these guys to sink their sticks into!
07-20-2019 0 Gather round the bubbler for another moist dollop of girlie goo! Jade's pump is primed and she's ready to crash the spillways with a thrashing torrent of orgasmic jism! This sassy firebrand has the perfect way to cool her loins-- spurtin' on you!
07-20-2019 0 Tropical drinks aren't the only juices flowing at this Orgy Sex Party. With so many perfect melons and bananas bouncing and pouncing the babes are dripping cream until they're sipping up the hot lava flows that cum following the volcanic climax of this Hot, Hot, Hot episode!
07-20-2019 0 Ashlynn, the daughter of a family friend, is the newest employee on Marcus and Devon's ranch. She wasn't quite prepared for the immediate come-on from Devon, but once her juices were flowing, she got into the swing of things REAL quick. Now she's a part-time ranch hand and a full-time fuck toy!
07-20-2019 0 Sexy bombshell blonde Gina is all dressed up with no place to go. Home alone with just her black beads and toys, Gina occupies her time in her own little Fuckfest. Cock stand-in hand, beads turn into anal beads and Gina takes the ride of her life solo-style.
07-20-2019 0 Our loveable duo Brian and Enrique are on the streets again. We stumble across Ryan, a cute Spanish-Irish cashier who is not above flirting on the job. Ryan is a versatile bottom , but watch him fall in love with what the HUGE COCKS can deliver!
07-20-2019 0 Sexy secretary Faith was picking up office supplies when we spotted her. We had a feeling that she'd be perfect for our exotic photo shoot and Oh Boy! Were we right! Like a pro, she worked up a sweat filing our huge packages. But before we gave her a break she drank all the cream from our coffee colored cocks.
07-20-2019 0 "I can't believe it! The big two - one!" Dee exclaimed as we sipped on our white wine. My two girlfriends Dee and Bria were over at my house celebrating my 21st birthday with me. Dee told me to be expecting a very nice surprise, so I was eager to find out just what it was....
07-20-2019 0 Meet Jacob Daniel, a cute young fellow looking to get into the porn business. His claim to fame is his long-distance cum squirting, which he demonstrates for us by soaking himself in jizz at the end of his screen test!
07-20-2019 0 Ordinarily, Guilles hates it when his friends get jism on the furniture... but in exchange for sucking his cock, he's happy to let Javier shoot spunk on the sofa.
07-20-2019 0 What turns a straight man gay...a little green apparently! Peter is offered some money to have his buns split for the first time and with a little hesitation he gets buttered up and toasted until he can't remember his girlfriend's name!
07-20-2019 0 Sexy secretary Faith was picking up office supplies when we spotted her. We had a feeling that she'd be perfect for our exotic photo shoot and Oh Boy! Were we right! Like a pro, she worked up a sweat filing our huge packages. But before we gave her a break she drank all the cream from our coffee colored cocks.
07-20-2019 0 Our guys come across a damsel in distress and help her back to their place. They continue to help themselves to her hoochie hole AND her hind end! When these guys are done this MILF's knee won't be the only sore spot!
07-20-2019 0 Dirty blonde slut Honey Winter gets her fill of cock -- and more than her fill of hot, sticky cum!
07-20-2019 0 Another ghetto adventure, pimpin' out black babes L.A. style! With a little makeup and a new dress Ms. Platinum is "feeling pretty." Ready and willing to do what it takes, she takes a hard hammering to her hot, horny hole before getting some of Lefty's creamy milk in the back of her throat!
07-20-2019 0 On this week's Milf Seeker Holiday Extravaganza we have the very sexy milf, Trinity. X-mas came early when this sexy housewife turned loose her neatly wrapped box! She didn't want any money or anything. The gift of giving good head was enough for her. Make spending time with Milf Seekers part of your X-mas past, present and future.
07-20-2019 0 Justin didn't believe us that we had BIG opportunities waiting for him back at the studio, so we decided to put our money where his mouth is and make him eat his own words, along with our cocks! Now that's a good twink!
07-20-2019 0 This sexy asian went home with us for the promise of cold hard cash! But, he had to work for it by sucking our cocks and taking 2 in the ass! Money well spent, baby!
07-20-2019 0 Tiana just loves to stuff it all down in her mouth or ass! With a surprise stuffin' in her pants, Thanksgiving comes early when this lovely seducer invites some cock inside
07-20-2019 0 Once again a straight man goes gay after promises of sweet pussy become offers of gay sex. See the look on Adam's face when his buddies decide not to wait for the ladies but to get down to business. cute Adam thinks that they're just getting warmed up, but it's just a ploy to get into that virgin ass!
07-20-2019 0 We went out in search of a new turbo boost for our car but ended up finding Anna! She's a super charged mom that left work to help us install our parts. She didn't mind us tooling around in her garage, in fact, once we got her motor running she too got down and dirty and ended up covered in our dick grease!

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