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07-02-2020 0 We put an ad in the paper, explains wife, Delila, "and we've been emailing for a while now." "I thought it was just going to be me and you," questions cutie, Shasta, upon meeting Jay at the car. But they'll make friends in no time...
07-02-2020 0 We found this slut cruising a porn shop, and we couldn't resist wanting an interview. She admitted that she was interested in anal sex, so we volunteered to help her out! Not sure if she saw that one coming, but she definitely saw us cumming - right on her face!
07-02-2020 0 Naughty Brit Lisa Demarco has a brand new personal trainer. For her first session, the plans include stretching, lunging, crunches... and, of course, cocksucking, pussy-pounding and a hot cum rub-down!
07-02-2020 0 Fabulous Kidd & Mr. Saukei found themselves alone after plenty of mingling & drìnking. It was obvious where things were going as these two became ever more aroused from their sexually charged conversation. Soon enough one man's gayness found its way up another man's anus! Peace!
07-02-2020 0 One of my kinkier girlfriends told me that she melts hot candle wax on her body while she masturbates. She claims it intensifies the climax by stimulating your nerves and senses. So I tried it and it's very powerful... and painful too! I loved when the wax burned my skin and made my orgasms better!
07-02-2020 0 KB and Lil' Nellie hit the party in hopes of finding some new butt buddies to play with, and it just so happens that they found each other! All it took was a few stiff drìnks, and before long these ebony colon catchers were lost in the throes of ecstasy! Don't miss out on this very steamy episode!
07-02-2020 0 Sam had never modeled, but we planted that seed in him as well as others. He was coy but we had certain methods to bring out the desire in a cute man. Once we opened his mind we opened that ass flower of his & took him to town.
07-02-2020 0 This solo act soon becomes a threesome as Lili and Jennifer join Sandra in a show you'll never forget. Stradling each other they become a tower of trembling twats as they take each other tumbling into the ring of fire.
07-02-2020 0 Paloma and Chloe are too cute to have experienced the disco era, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to get down with solid dildos that is. Watch as they give each other a pussy pounding with not one but two dildos and then take a third in the ass.
07-02-2020 0 When all else fails with your pickup artistry, try bringing a Tiki God statue into the mix. It worked on Claire, who went from slapping Daniel in the face to taking his cock up her ass!
07-02-2020 0 Look what we found in our archives - footage of Sasha Grey shot long before she became a household name! For a porn newbie, she sure could deep throat a cock like a seasoned pro. Very hot stuff!
07-02-2020 0 Shy accountant Katie Lane thought she was hired to get the books back into the black. She got into the black all right, or should we say onto. She jumped aboard and road the monstrous cocks and moaned for more. Cum watch her swallow up these big fat cocks and see her orgasms just add up!
07-02-2020 0 When Brenden hit the showers after the big game he expected to get clean not down and dirty. He couldn't hide the chubby he got watching his teammates play with each other so he gave in and let them kiss his goal box until he was hot and steamy enough shoot and score.
07-02-2020 0 Tawni is a seductive stripper with a knack for riding the pole. We gave her the dicking of her life and helped her gulp down some white life liquid. Normally she dances for money, but in this episode she dances for something much more sticky.
07-02-2020 0 The Seekers were in desperate need of a pick-me-up when they ran into this Bartending MILF, Christina. This slut was defiantly top shelf and we were dying to shove our Dreamsicles into her Blue Lagoon. She accepted a little Southern Comfort and took our Alabama Slammers like a pro! We thanked her for her all the Screwdrivers by leaving her a little White Tiger's Milk all over her face. Don't miss out on this week's action!
07-02-2020 0 Pamela was extremely sexual but never got to fuck two guys at once. So we were nice enough to fulfill her fantasy of having two cocks! We gave her the shaft in both her entrance and her exit while she loved every second, then unloaded our wads on her tongue!!
07-02-2020 0 Brooke had a problem: more than anything else in the world, she wanted to go muff diving between her hot roommate's legs. Nothing else seemed to be working, so she resorted to spying, subterfuge and blackmail. Whatever works, right?
07-02-2020 0 Jocelyn is a bartender when she's not sucking cock on camera in a race for money. We're not sure how good she is at making drìnks but she certainly sucks a great dick from the looks of it. Her amazing attitude, southern accent and desire to make men happy is a perfect match for getting a guy to cum in her mouth in as little time as possible.
07-02-2020 0 They didn't arrived together but they're going to CUM together! It's the first time they've been to one of our parties and they're eager to get down and dirty. First they yummy down on each others sausages before taking a fudge pot dip and drizzling themselves with the sweet, sweet cocoa butter.
07-02-2020 0 Perhaps the best thing, after a long day of construction work, is to be approached by us to be in our "late night naughty show". To add to it we picked up Amanda; who just so happens to have a " thing for construction workers". Mix these two together and you have one damn good way to fill her mouth with cum to swallow!
07-02-2020 0 At this weekends pool party the guys were still in study mode. The subject they were ready to tackle: dictation. Group lessons started down by the pool where slobbering students slurped up succulent schlongs until Brenden and Danny gave the class an attention grabbing presentation on hot pool side sex.
07-02-2020 0 This time it is the milfs who are doing the seeking, as busty Brenda and raunchy Raquel go looking for some real estate and find a whole lotta something extra in John's swingin' dick! These two hot momma's spread their sloppy slits to get stuffed by this bad boy's massive member before getting an extra helping of man mango sprayed all over their bodacious boobs!
07-02-2020 0 Julian was in big trouble. When we learned he had no cash to pay his tuition, we knew our sphincter spears had found an easy target! Now Julian can pay his tuition and has an assload of cum to think about instead!
07-02-2020 0 Isaac and Jordan get warmed up with some kissing and heavy petting before pulling out the big guns. These fellas sure do know how to impart oral pleasure; this scene is like a deep throat clinic!
07-02-2020 0 Tristan was late for work. He wasn't really interested in talking but when we offered some green he was all ears! We found out he he could speak Spanish and liked his cocks uncut! We unleashed our cocks and gave him the ride of his life!
07-02-2020 0 Welcome back, back door man-whores. Meet Jack and Riley in this week's tail of brotherly love. A tail so sweet and epic, you are going to want to rub one out... maybe two. Only Gay College Sex Parties delivers that hot and heavy homosexual action we know you love!
07-02-2020 0 Roommates by happenstance, desire has driven Denisa and Silvie to be so much more than that. They are now lovers, in every sense of that word, partners who know exactly where, and exactly how, to touch each other.
07-02-2020 0 The Lopez's and the Hills are just plain done with fucking the same person...seriously, the same cock in the same pussy all the fucking dull is that?! Well it looks like swapping spouses is just what this fuck-fatigued foursome needed, because Beverly and Luscious are chugging down cock like it's the nectar of life and Danny and Christian can't wait to split the slit of the other guy's wife with their big boners!
07-02-2020 0 With his hand petting the huge bulge still inside of David's briefs, Skyler asks Stefano; "So, do you like what you see?" Stefano tells him that he want's to see more but they're only going to give him what he wants if he is willing to give David and Skyler some of what they want too.....His tight asshole.
07-02-2020 0 David is ready for the photo shoot of his life with a hot blonde stud. David is not only going to get photographed, but he's gonna get the shit fucked outta him. Lots of sucking and fucking in this episode of "His First Gay Sex!"
07-02-2020 0 We found Jessi sitting pretty on a campus courtyard so we invited her to participate in some of our extracurricular activities. Being very fond of her funbags, it didn't take to long to sneak a peak at her hidden inventory. Being big and real, we bounced those titties till she got blue in the face and came all over the place.
07-02-2020 0 Some babes buy dollies to play house with, some to find companionship. Sophia is no different than those babes. She has a lovely little box house she wants to put her dollie in, and oh the companionship. Oh my! Who knew they fit so nicely?
07-02-2020 0 With five fucktastic femme fatales fellatio'in our bachelor, the party is off without a hitch so the groomsmen decide that it's time for them to get their cocks wet too. The hired hens get naked as Jaybirds and start tasting every pecker in this coop til their squawk'in turns to squeals of satisfaction. (2 of 4)
07-02-2020 0 Jessica couldn't stop thinking about her stalker ex following her around, so she decided that the best way to get her mind off things would be to get her ass cherry busted by thick swingin' dick! It was a tight fit at first, but after a few slow strokes, Jessica ends up going all crazy cowgirl with the colossal cock buried balls-deep into her sweet second-hole!
07-02-2020 0 Sam lined up Quentin to help him with a demo of the Fleshjack, and ends up getting a bonus blowjob. Not bad for an afternoon's work!
07-02-2020 0 What's the difference between a cucumber and a cock? It doesn't matter if your cooking something up with dirty Diana. She'll suck and fuck a cuc just like it's her favorite cock. Cum in and watch as she's stuffed with both, fills up on ATM's then beg us to cover her in our special creamy dressing.
07-02-2020 0 Who needs boys when you've got toys? Lacrima, Rebecca, and Valentina are tired of men and their wily ways, so these three hardcore euro-bitches decide to satisfy their sweet pussies with an in-your-face lesbian fuck session. These hot gonzo girls lick, suck, slap, and punish their pussies in ways that must be seen to be believed!
07-02-2020 0 Scandalous was looking to get in shape, when he ran into Thugzilla. Mr. Zilla was looking to get into some virgin asshole and Scandalous had one. Thinking he was going to get the training he needed, Scandalous was duped into receiving a complementary deep dickin'. What a work out!
07-02-2020 0 I don't know. I've never kissed a girl before. Well there's no time like the present. OK, I'll try. And with that Devon leaned in and gave the cute basketball player a long wet kiss. Well you haven't run out screaming yet so you must have liked it. Said Marco as he works on finding out what else she'll like.
07-02-2020 0 Pirate Jay had an appetite for sexy wenches and pretty Dallas had one hell of a booty to plunder! Jay hoisted his swollen mizzenmast, set sail into her tight little lagoon, and gave her the cum cannon across her port bow! Arr, Don't be missing the motion in this ocean!
07-02-2020 0 What happens when you take two horny old bastards, a hot little ravishing vixen, a huge pile of money, and put them all in the same room together? We have the answer for you here on cuties for cash!! This week see how Roxie gets tricked into fucking the old geezers for a few greenbacks!
07-02-2020 0 This chick might have the biggest boobs we've seen yet-- their official regulation size tops 40DD! Check out the swagger of these megatits as Keisha gets banged! Watch as we soap 'em up, rub 'em down and burrow a tunnel through her soft, luscious cleavage.
07-02-2020 0 Angelica was no angel, that's for sure. Even her own mom says she's a slut! We got this bagel eatting, New York accent, leg spreading slut to come back to the studio so we could fuck. She likes her sex like she likes her bagels, spread open, covered in cream and finger lickin' good! Don't miss out on this Trampy MILF!
07-02-2020 0 At first, Alexa wasn't receptive to the fellas' advances, but once she tried their big black trouser snakes on for size, she couldn't get enough of that rough ride!
07-02-2020 0 Talk about tiny! Phoenix is barely 18 and already entering Blowjob Races in hopes of winning some money for school. So what better mix than putting her with a 42 year-old man? We found out after that he is actually 3 years older than her own dad... cool huh? Watch her take Ram's load all over her face and in her eyes!
07-02-2020 0 Caught in a blizzard, we thought it was the perfect day to stay inside and keep warm, our favorite way, by getting hot and bothered... We enticed Angelo with an cup of coco but first we're going to have to take a dip in the fudge pot before topping him off with a couple dollops of our sweet cream.
07-02-2020 0 Jumping into the swingers game three months into their marriage is not what pretty Penny had in mind. When Mark plays Penny's "slot", Monica leaves her heels on and kicks out a rockin' cowgirl on Alex's woody. With a butt like that, it should be insured under the "valuable assets-other" column.
07-02-2020 0 Pretty Ricky thought he cud hang wit tha gangsta styley. He dint know we's gonna put a cap in his tight lil ass. Watch us put dis playa hatin bitch on the floor, fill him fulla some 12 inch cock shells and yell out for Big Poppa.
07-02-2020 0 Riding down the road I come across this cute blonde named Kelly, but she is getting some work done to her car , funny coincidence I need a little work done myself, I wonder what it is she can help me with...Maybe she can hop on and ride the boloney pony, that always promises a good time!
07-02-2020 0 Do you hear that sound in the beginning of this clip? That's the sound of some mean as fuck LUST! Kris and Zamir were locked in a room with a cameraman and no instructions other than "wear these masks and show us how much you want to fuck!" and manoman did they! Two hot and sweet black men taking some sweet and steady cock love. Hell, even from the very first blowjob you just know that these guys are going to shake and shiver their way to a hot load.

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