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12-03-2020 0 The semester has just begun and our college sluts are feeling parched. Thirsty for some juicy pussy our man takes a drìnk from Tiffany Merlot's moist muff. But don't worry Tiffany gets her fill too and once her keg is tapped stud Anthony moves on to the next hot honey!
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12-03-2020 0 The fellas didn't have to go far to find this week's conquest -- she lived right downstairs! Georgia was a little intimidated by the huge pair of cocks confronting her, but she proved to be more than equal to the task!
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12-03-2020 0 Slender, sexy redhead Amanda Copper and her pal Baby Silver make a great team -- especially when the game is getting fucked hard, side by side! After a good 20 minutes of having their tonsils tickled and their pussies probed by a pair of huge cocks, the girls kneel down to share mouthfuls of man jizz. Bon appetite, ladies!
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12-03-2020 0 Nurse Hatchet "the Ratchett" is up to her tricks again.. She's sent poor 18 year old Lexi to get their vital signs and make sure the guys were getting enough activities. Since this sweet intern wasn't making much moola, they made her an offer she couldn't refuse. Watch as the roaming relics wrestle the willing in this epic adventure of "money over mummys".
12-03-2020 0 One great thing about partying with college sluts is that they never wear panties! Groping their goods seems to be all it takes to get these horny cupcakes hot and creamy. Jada's no exception, not long after Tony slipped his fingers under her skirt it was over her head and she was being served his Cock-tail while we watched!
12-03-2020 0 Tyann looks so good its hard to believe that she's a mother of four. But that didn't make it any harder for us to get her into our crib for playtime. We told her that we were doing a documentary but all we really wanted was to play with her fun bags then bury our meat puppets deep in her toy boxes.
12-03-2020 0 Aaralyn was eager to show us her skills on the new hit video game CockBand! Luckily for us she needed a couple extra controllers. Plug us into your xxx holes to experience how INTERactive it can get. But watch out the ass fuck round is a real bitch the first time around!
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12-03-2020 0 Growing up I was always told that zombies are only after one thing, BRAINS! But the day my girlfriends and I actually came face to face with one we learned that brains aren't the only thing that'll satisfy a zombie. He... or It was chasing us thru a dark ally and we were running as fast as we could but when we came to a dead end, we thought it was going to be our end. With our backs up against the wall I did the only thing I could think of to take his mind off of our brains. I pulled my top down exposing my voluptuous cleavage strapped in by a lacy black bra. We could hardly believe that it worked! My tits stopped him dead in his tracks. My friend, Alexa, caught on quick. She turned around, lifted her skirt and stuck out her butt. With my tits and her ass rousing his carnal desires he seemed to forget about his craving for carnage. Without giving him anytime to remember what he was there for, we backed him into a corner, took his pants down, got on our knees, and went to town! He got really hard really fast and his scary groans started to sound more like moans as the three of us stroked his big zombie cock. I was somewhat surprised that his package was as normal as any I'd ever seen, especially when considering that one of his eyeballs was hanging from it's socket! Our fears were subsiding as his prick got stiffer. Emi and I started kissing and Alexa started spitting, she couldn't wait to find out what zombie cum tastes like. We got down on our knees just as he was about to climax so that we could all have a taste..... The only thing I remember after that was a burning feeling and a yearning for BRAINS!
12-03-2020 0 Girlfriends Kayden and Jaclyn's appetites are wet after meeting Kelly so they decided to "make her dinner." Their menu includes finger stuffed shells dripping with a creamy white sauce. On the side, a handful of melons, and for desert a sticky serving of hair pie.
12-03-2020 0 Innocent Georgia thinks she's meeting Larin and Tiffany for a modeling job. They definitely wanted her see her body... but she didn't expect them to want to feel and taste it too! It was easy to get her naked but it took a little sultry girl on girl seduction to convince her to savor her first time lesbian orgasm!
12-03-2020 0 This rager has no shortage of kinky costumes and wild body art. Painted pussies, fellatio faeries, and raunchy referees are all present and swilling witches brew that apparently pleases everyone's pleasure pallet. Full moon misbehaving is in the making. (1 of 4)
12-03-2020 0 My roomate Jacklyn and I were chilling with a couple of her honey friends last week. We were all getting pretty bored and finally decided to play a game. Jacklyn being the adventurous one, suggested we play a dare game. She had us write various dares down on a piece of paper which were then folded and tossed into a glass bowl. Each of us were going to pick one paper out of the bowl and attempt the dare. This could get interesting, I thought as I glanced honeys. "So who wants to go first?" Jacklyn asked. "I wanna go first!!" Tammy eagerly replied with her hand in the air. We passed her the bowl and watched as she unfolded her chosen paper. "It says... pick someone to kiss for thirty seconds." She smirked and turned to Jen. "I pick you." We all chuckled and waited for them to lock lips. Tammy leaned into Jen and began making out with her in the most sensual way. This sexy visual was turning me and without a doubt Jacklyn on. We sat back and watched as they passionately tongue wrestled for thirty seconds. They pulled away giggling with excitement. I was next and nervous about what I was going to pick. But by sheer luck I happened to pick a dare that I wrote for the honeys. "All honeys must strip down to their bras and panties." We all laughed as the dare was very typical coming from me.The honeys stood up and began slowly peeling off their clothes one by one. The lacy undergarments accentuated their ample breasts and hot figures. I could feel my dick getting hard but tried to control myself as they went on with the game. Jacklyn was next to pick.She dipped her hand into the bowl and pulled out a folded paper. It read, "I have to pick someone to give a sexy lapdance to! Ooohh... so many options." Please pick me, please pick me, I eagerly thought. Much to my delight, Jacklyn indeed decided to pick me. What I didn't expect, was that she was going to remove my clothes first. She stood up and began undressing me down to my bare ass. There's no hiding my hard dick now. I sat back down on the couch and let her slide her sexy body all over me as she seductively danced her way around me. Jacklyn could really dance, she had me convinced she'd been a stripper at one point in her life. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to touch myself. So I began, jerking my cock, watching her as she made her snake-like moves right in front of my eyes. The other honeys sat either side of me growing a little inpatient.It wasn't soon after Jen announced she'd wanted to have a go at the dare bowl. I was sad to see this dare end, but curious to know what was next. "Pick someone to masturbate in front of everyone else." Jen read as she slyly looked around the room. "I think you get to blow your load, baby!" She giggled. "Alright, I'm not going to argue with that logic at all." I said. And what man would with that offer?The honeys sat down on the couch together huddled with their interest set on my cock as I stood and jerked off for them. They encouraged me with their little moans, squeezing their tits together as they grinned in anticipation. Tammy grabbed a few wineglasses behind her and they all held them under my cock. Seeing these hot honeys all eager and ready for me to cum made me blow my load. I erupted all over those glasses, a few drops spilling onto their flesh. "That was hot." Tammy declared. "Yes it was." Jacklyn agreed. I was certain Jacklyn and her friends would come over next weekend for a few more of these sexy games.
12-03-2020 0 Our mission today- get the hottest slut in Hollywood in the van by telling her she is going to be on the next Fear Factor! Jamie is more than eager to come along when we tell her $100,000 is on the line. We find out that taking cock in every hole while on the open road is not a factor for Jamie!
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12-03-2020 0 This sweet cutey just needed a tiny bit of cash in order to catch the bus home. Well how about a lot of money for a different kind of ride? Hop on our band wagon for a bone-in blonde treat sandwiched between our loose meat. Grab a napkin because this episode is so JUICY you'll have to wipe off!
12-03-2020 0 You don't have a boyfriend? asked Michelle. How long has it been since you've had sex? It's been at least a couple of months, said Sammie. But I thought you guys were just going to show me your rose bushes!
12-03-2020 0 Pretty in pink, Sammie found cute Arabella at the mall! A little shy at first, this raven haired honey warmed up with a little weird science from our sexy lezzie! Watch pretty Arabella cut loose and lap some clam in this one! It's a sure thing she'll be back for more!
12-03-2020 0 Let's welcome B-Town and Cognac Black to this weeks suck fest! There's plenty of dick sucking and corn holing to go around. In fact you can barely turn around without running into someone else getting sucked off! Hurry up and join the party!
12-03-2020 0 Serena was having trouble replacing the family turtle. We couldn't help her with her turtle problem but we did have a snake in the back of our bang bus we couldn't wait for her to charm!! Slither on by for another hardcore sex video brought to you in 4 wheel drive!!!
12-03-2020 0 Chris and John couldn't get Jordan's attention at the mall so they followed her home! They were hoping to peep a naughty MILF doing naughty things but before they did, she found them lurking around and mistook them for the moving guys. No worries ma'ma we can help you move... quiver... squirm..
12-03-2020 0 Celeste is back! And wow can she ever make lots of spit! She starts by covering Madison's little feet with so much spit, then Madison spits and licks Celeste's armpit to return the kinky favor. Finally they collect all their spit together and swap it back and forth before swallowing it all.
12-03-2020 0 Join this fingerfucking foursome in their search to hit white gold. To fulfill their longing they strap on some fun and ride each other until they strike it rich!
12-03-2020 0 Fucking the same person every night can get a bit stale. So Jay and Justin decided to switch things up. A little fresh meat for Nikki and Sarah and some tasty new pussy for themselves. Throw in some wife on wife action and everybody's happy!
12-03-2020 0 An afternoon barbecue turns into a fuck fest when one of the couples can't keep their hands off of each other. It's just like a college whore to do WHATEVER it takes to be the center of attention... And its just like a fratboy to take it WHEREVER he can get it!! Time to make a beer run cuz we're in for some drunk college sex!
12-03-2020 0 Lucy shows up to fire the entire work crew, but at least she has some alternative employment options to offer - like fucking all her holes until she screams with orgasmic pleasure, for example. If Lucy pays based on the number of fluid ounces of cum deposited on her face, the boys should be just fine.
12-03-2020 0 Tight redhead Madison can't wait to spread her horizons and her sweet pink pussy when she takes on two MONSTER COCKS for the very first time. Surprise, surprise, Madison opens her eyes gets stuffed in her mouth, ass and pussy with two huge cocks we found just for her.
12-03-2020 0 "Have you ever kissed another babe?" asked Michelle. "Doesn't everyone try that in college?" "It's only my first semester!" Lucy says in her defense. But Michelle's ready to but this sweetie on the fast track to graduation - "stick around for awhile...and watch us fuck!"
12-03-2020 0 Warning! This episode has a horny manwhore in a skimpy towel. You add an opened box of porn and you've unleashed the gates of gaydom. The poor neighbor kid never even knew what hit him. Be careful no bare stud butts will be spared in this anal inquisition.
12-03-2020 0 We were in the mood to eat out when we saw this hot mama sitting there waiting for someone to take her order. We stopped off at her table and put in an order to go. Once we got her back to the studio there was plenty of cock for her to gobble up and for dessert we gave her a face full of our homemade cream sauce. Don't miss out on this week's Eatable MILF! Bone a petite!
12-03-2020 0 I've been looking for my cat all morning! I'm tired and thirsty, said Richelle. Why don't we go back to our house? asked Lexi. You don't have a boyfriend? Or a girlfriend? You haven't messed around with a girl? Not even while drunk, at a party?

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