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01-27-2021 0 Who could be better than Austin and the "Ass Professor" himself to teach Tristan a new lesson on how to take an ass pounding? Watch as these guys sizzle up some saucy three way action!
01-27-2021 0 This week we have for you two ebony brothas that found them selves alone and in a bit of a tight squeeze. See these two engage in a steamy romp as they take advantage of their close quarters. Top or bottom, it's all the same for this collegiate couple. Enter now and see all the Gay College action!
01-27-2021 0 Sly and Jordano had always been best buds, but had never hooked up because Jordano is straight. That is until Sly let Jordano try out his new Fleshlight! Jordano slipped that ultra-realistic anal sheath over his huge cock and discovered that he liked the feel of ass so much, he wanted to try out the real thing with some hardcore first time gay sex!
01-27-2021 0 Singapore Sakura came all the way here to burst the old myth about black cocks. Was she ever surprised when we popped out way more than a mouthful for her. Cum watch her scream for more as we deep drill her pussy into submission!
01-27-2021 0 Billy and Kamrun invited Mark to come play football...but what they really want is his tight end. Following a sweaty game in the park, they tackle Mark, fully inflate his pig skin then make him their receiving end! After playing a full contact game in his end zone they both make touchdowns... on his chest!
01-27-2021 0 Jennifer is fearful of wife switching until she sees Charles and her defenses drop along with her dress. After a warm lesbian welcome by sexy Brooke, Charles gives her a good bone down GQ-style. The last act features Charles erupting on Jennifer's mug, and Tony gives Brooke a proper english hello by shooting a creamy load on her hot tits. Tally-ho!
01-27-2021 0 MILF friends, Gia and Ann are enjoying a sunny afternoon out by the pool when Ann's young hard-bodied neighbor, Chris stops by for a swim. The 2 hot moms insist that the rules are 'naked swimming only'. They help him out of his trunks, and decide that the rules also require him to take dip in their creamy wet pools too!
01-27-2021 0 Electra is a fitting name for this fiery vixen. With persimmon hair and in an orange dress she works 2 gold dildos into her pink holes until they're a blaze with lust. But that doesn't kindle the glisten in her gash as much as a real hose. Once stuffed with an enflamed cock, her pits turn scarlet... with the perfect mix between pleasure and pain.
01-27-2021 0 Phil was having some problems with his boyfriend, so we invited him over for a little therapy session - big cock therapy that is. Nothing makes you forget your troubles like a huge dick in your ass!
01-27-2021 0 Angelica Raven's first time to L.A. was a trip for the scrapbooks. Her voluptuous figure had us banging on all cylinders. The only thing she desired was a hard skin flute wrapped around her 36 Double Ds. So we gave her exactly what she wanted, plus much more!
01-27-2021 0 This gambling mom is addicted to trying her luck at the lottery and we just knew that she'd want to help us feed our addiction of fucking mom holes! We tapped her slot machine until we were sure we were winners and then shared our jackpots with her all over face and ass! Don't miss out on this week's gambling MILF!
01-27-2021 0 Wow! You just can't loose with this episode.... Holly's most certainly got an insatiable appetite for fucking! She warms herself up with some cold metal that makes her pink pussy wink. But when our boy arrives things really heat up with some blazing ass to puss action, atm's, gagging and amazing close ups!
01-27-2021 0 Cameron's so broke she's been shopping at yard sales, so we offered her a makeover and TV audition. She knows that there's only one way to the top in Hollywood and promply mounted our 'producers'. She's no longer a rookie pussy but in the end all she got was a lousy t-shirt.
01-27-2021 0 Stonie's so hot he sizzles when he walks. We had this smokie on a platter smothered between 2 buns & covered with xtra sauce! For a few dollars more I'll let him lick the spoon!!
01-27-2021 0 Poor Tristan has just had it with his bottom-loving boyfriend....he wants to take some cock too. So when Tristan came to us with his dilemma we wanted to give him ass-stuffing to remember, so we introduced him to Brian, our perfect penis man with a HUGE 8 INCH COCK!
01-27-2021 0 Dee was up shit creek after getting busted for felony warrants, but the cop was willing to cut her some slack if she would taste his pork sausage. Now this dyke wasn't into dick at all, but we would have never guessed by the way she slurped down that pig paste! See Dee use her throat as a get-out-of- jail-free card!
01-27-2021 0 We spent most of day walking the streets of San Francisco looking for a tight ass to put our huge cocks in. Finally we found Daniel. He took a little convincing but after he found out we had 18 inches for him, he was more than happy to cum with us!
01-27-2021 0 A Thai English student needs improvement with his vocabulary and seeks a tutor who teaches him how EXTENSIVE the English language really is. Hopefully he is ready for a full course lesson because the tutor we have in mind will not ease up.
01-27-2021 0 When we saw Vanessa and her sexy ass we knew we had to get up in that. It took some smooth talking but we got up in her virgin ass. We spread her ass cheeks like peanut butter, then we left the man jelly all across her hot grill!
01-27-2021 0 When we told this blonde babe that she could earn some extra cash taking our survey, she never expected the first question to be "Will you take your shirt off"! But then again, we never expected her to agree only if BOTH of us paid her! She drives a hard bargain... But we're gonna get our money's worth driving hard into her!
01-27-2021 0 Sam lined up Quentin to help him with a demo of the Fleshjack, and ends up getting a bonus blowjob. Not bad for an afternoon's work!
01-27-2021 0 Deadbeat Steve owes Ethan $600. He can't come up with the money... but he does have a fine piece of ass for a wife! Perhaps they'll work something out? You know they always do! Jen's eager to get down to business. She'll fuck and suck her way out of any problem!
01-27-2021 0 New neighbor and 'Georgia Peach', Aurora's locked herself out of the house. No worries sweetie, we'll play an innocent game of truth or dare while you wait. 'Truth. Have you ever been with girl? How about two?' No, you say. Then we dare you to find out just how much fun it really is.....
01-27-2021 0 Welcome to the neighborhood Mrs. Kitty. MEOW. Dane's decided it's time to 'meat' his new neighbor who was sunbathing in her backyard. She told us that she has many nice things but doesn't get enough attention from her husband. No worries Mrs. Robinson our cocks are big for being so cute.
01-27-2021 0 Johan was in for a surprise when he showed up for this shoot and spotted the size of the cock that Johnny Maverick was packing...but give Johan credit, he was more than willing to swallow every last inch of Johnny's cock in this hotter than hot first huge cock episode shoot!
01-27-2021 0 You may remember Tim from about a year ago when Sophia surprised him in a dream and he busted all over the glass table for her to lick it up. He's back and had such a monster load saved up for her this time that she could barely contain it all on her face and the glass plate. Watch her choke it all down!
01-27-2021 0 Shante was looking for a hot ride. I told her I had all the secrets about buying Corvettes. She agreed to join us. What she found out, was the "hot ride" she was going to get was on my cock! Long Blonde hair, slender legs, and HUGE tits make her a MILF to remember!!!
01-27-2021 0 "Have you ever been with a hottie and a guy?" asked husband Marcus. "No." Chasity replied shyly. "You don't need to be shy around us. We're very open", wife Devon adds flirtatiously. "Well, I have thought about it..."
01-27-2021 0 Zack came by looking for my sister, but she wasn't around and he looked like a nice piece of ass-virgin meat. I offered him a massage, but his back wasn't what I was thinking of.. I was thinking more along the lines of his massaging my dick with his mouth and tight ass!
01-27-2021 0 Now that Brad has had his anal cherry popped, he became more curious about how much cock he could take. The sensation of his ass or mouth being filled up became an obsession he could not deny! Needles to say, when Sam and Johnny hit the scene and Brad got his first look at their huge cocks, he could not wait to take these two studs deep inside of him. The pain, the pleasure...waits for you inside!
01-27-2021 0 Religious hottie Joey needed help getting the immaculate orgasm and only a sacred curio would be her savior! And 'lo we delivered unto her "the Jackhammer Jesus!" As it parted her pink sea the blessed waters flowed! Come and witness the miracle of these divine Wild Fuck Toys!
01-27-2021 0 Anarah's ass is just what Andre was looking for -- tight, round, moist and ready for a serious pounding!
01-27-2021 0 We couldn't wait to use our new camera, so we went down to the local grocery store to find a pretty irresistible peach. After shopping Logan was going home to take a nap, instead this little honey pot made our dreams cum true by taking two slabs of man beef for her first time.
01-27-2021 0 Nicole was a fun slut, she puffed old man pole like a champ! This sexy cutie was ready to get fucked by the old men. She fucked one of us and sucked on my guy's cock. Nicole loved the old cum in her seductive face.
01-27-2021 0 Isabelle was supposed to be receiving an exotic dance lesson from Heidi's roommate Tasha, but Tasha flaked out. When Isabelle told Heidi that her lessons also involved some hot girl-on-girl action, she was intrigued; by the time Isabelle's tongue was stimulating her clit, Heidi was in ecstasy.
01-27-2021 0 Jordan was on his way to the gay getaway in the woods where clothing is always optional. He has had no luck trying to find big cocks. We are more than happy to let him take a chop at our wood. He found that our tree trunks are the best to hug!
01-27-2021 0 Kyla is one hot mama for you and looking to share with anyone that will take it! Cum see this tramp flaunt her skanky ass and silicone boobies while showering you in her fine wine! Doesn't that leave you wanting more?
01-27-2021 0 Stephanie is all geared up to fuck another couple- as long as her husband, Sasha, keeps his promise to wear a raincoat. Nina and Tommy are ready for some action too, and all is well until Nina's voluptuous ass gets Sasha a little too wild and he decides to throw caution to the wind... And Stephanie doesnt take her husband's spontaneity very well.
01-27-2021 0 Violation of cute pussy is how we're rollin' today. We told Sally we needed a leading lady for our horror flick. She came back to the set where she stars in her first role White Bitch Takes 32 Feet of Black Meat! See all of the horror in this throat gagging, hole gaping, ass licking, cum dripping award winner!
01-27-2021 0 Our home boy "Ty" was feeling bummed out because his car was on its last legs. Luckily out of the blue, a kindly mechanic came to get him out of trouble. He insisted on checking Ty's vital fluids... again, and again, and again.
01-27-2021 0 This week we picked up our mom's buddy from the airport. She was so fine we made up some story about how we had to take her back to our place because we had to stick something in the dryer. Oh, we stuck something in alright.. Our cute cocks in her hot mom-hole! Don't miss out on this week's MILF!
01-27-2021 0 See this week's cute couple let their sexually charged bodies take total control this episode of College Wild Parties. Join NOW for more crazy college action!
01-27-2021 0 Julie takes on not one, not two, but three raging cocks. For this cumslut, the sucking, fucking and double penetrations with ass-to-mouth are simply a means to an exciting end: she wants to swallow their cum and she wants it bad. But can she stomach eating all three loads in a row? Like a true whore she gets the job done.
01-27-2021 0 Jennifer Dark says she's ready to fuck some gypsies and "t0rture their dicks." Well hell, if fucking her tight little ass is t0rture, then sign me up for a t0rture session as soon as possible!
01-27-2021 0 Temperatures outside might be cooling off but slutty mom, India, is heating things up inside! She seemed a little boring at first but once we stuck our cocks up in that mom pussy, she really came to life! Don't miss out as we bring this Hot MILF out of her shell and into the bright lights of porn!
01-27-2021 0 Xana Star is a friend of mine with big natural DD's. I have been contemplating a boob job for a while now and she wants to battle it out because she says natural is better. I invite her to bring her bikini and bring on a wrestling match under one condition. If I win, I get to fuck her ass! I will tell you that Xana is an ATM champion and Extreme Holly never loses, you'll have to watch to find out the rest!
01-27-2021 0 Frost and Ian are gonna fuck their brains out at this "Gay College Sex Party." They get down and dirty for some real sucking and fucking going on while the party roars! These hot guys end with cum all over the place!
01-27-2021 0 Sam and Johnny are visited by a christian missionary spreading the word of god. In true form however, the guys are the ones who do the converting by getting their visitor in the missionary position and spreading his ass to take their huge cocks!
01-27-2021 0 Blake was lonely in the playground at the burger joint so we asked him to come play with us. He showed us what he plays with the most and let us suck on it. Then the playing became serious when he let us fuck his ass for cash!!
01-27-2021 0 Kyky may not have found her back-door man, but she sure found a back seat one! It never ceases to amaze what a desperate dame will do for a little cash...but Kyky was in a tough spot, she needed a ride and some money to get her car fixed, so we offered her up both in exchange for her spreading her tan tender thighs and getting pounded by a ten inch piece of man-meat!

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