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03-02-2021 0 Derek's not interested in the mushy stuff, just wants to go out and have a good time. Latin Rex's idea of a good date is to bring the date home and have sex! Looks like Latin Rex's date idea won! Sorry Derek... looks like Latin Rex's cock is going to make your ass a little mushy!
03-02-2021 0 Nathan and Kyle love to play pool, only problem is they both suck a little. Things start to get boring, until a wager is made and it is not long before they are trading their pool sticks for each others dicks. Now dick sucking, here is a sport they find that they excel at!
03-02-2021 0 We thought Tiffani was a moron to let us dupe her into believing we could make her a star, but when the slut saw the cash she dropped the act and went straight for the meat! Once our cocks were drained we realized that our wallets were too! Guess we were the ones who got duped!
03-02-2021 0 Marick runs into two hot guys, Anthony and Thomas, on his way to get some new wheels and decides to go for a different test drive. He's cut, versatile and ready to take on these two huge dicks!
03-02-2021 0 Ahhhhh yeah, hammered honey's are the BOMB! This barfly mama was staggering around outside a bar when we saw her. We told her she won a prize and she bought it, not too hard considering she was tanked! We got her back to our place and let's just say... blitzed bitches will let you do anything to them! Don't miss out on this week's Shit-Faced MILF!
03-02-2021 0 Leena's chocolate chunks bounce like bowling balls on a trampoline! She loves the attention a big-breasted woman gets, which means she's a master of the titty fuck! This flexible cutie's charms can make a man to do anything...when he's not lapping up the prime real estate around her knockers!
03-02-2021 0 Janessa and Suki are winding down after yoga class when Suki drops a bomb: she has been helping out lonely girls with their sexual frustration by lending them her boyfriend. Janessa asks if Suki has ever tried joining in... and you can probably guess where the conversations leads from there.
03-02-2021 0 Welcome back fans. We've got a special surprise for y'all. Meet newbie Jennifer, & her fondness for big black dick. See the Insane Cock Brothers fill every inch of her cock cozy with that seasoned brotherly meat she loves. Cum on in! I think she's found her perfect line of work.
03-02-2021 0 This super blonde slut hasn't fucked in 3 months!!! What the fuck is wrong with her husband? Well frankly, who the fuck cares! His loss is our gain and our cocks were gaining some serious wood thinkin about shuckin her clam. Check out this blonde MILF shuck-fest!
03-02-2021 0 Hot n' healthy slut Lorena likes to exercise and we knew a routine she HAD to try! This curvy cutie moaned and groaned for every inch of throbbing meat stretching her wet snatch and wrapped those hot lips around those king-sized kielbasas for a cool down! Check this shit out!
03-02-2021 0 It took us 3 minutes to convince Julie to come with us and take our 'special survey'. I think she knew what she was in for, but needed the cash to finish her shopping at the mall where we picked her up. Watch Julie earn her money by taking on 4 big black cocks.
03-02-2021 0 Screw men! Who needs those jerks. That's Hannah's motto, and luckily she found Marina who shares her Women First credo. Hannah is ready to take this new philosophy one step further, fully naked and with plenty of vibrators. But Marina isn't into girls like that, or so she thinks. Hannah has a few wet tricks up her panties.
03-02-2021 0 Prepare yourself for pure penetrating pleasure because we've got one hell of an asstravaganza sexplosion awaiting your puffy red phallus! Watch Kyra get crammed full of cock in a savage assault that leaves her, and you wanting more, more, more of that delicious combo you get when mixing pleasure and pain!
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03-02-2021 0 What's going on? John asks as he enters to find his wife busy moistening the pink of her new friend. Don't worry! He's my husband she says to Sabrina who doesn't suspect that they've set her up. Whadya mean? I thought you were a lesbian! I didn't answer an add for, for, that... Why don't you just watch him fuck me while I eat you out.... then maybe.......
03-02-2021 0 This little whore was so excited to entertain the studs she invited over for a gang bang birthday. But she had no idea what hardcore party animals they were! She tried and tried to keep up but they wore her out where the sun don't shine well before the sun when down. Cum before their candle sticks blow out her ass and this party's over!
03-02-2021 0 Seyurri is a Taiwanese trisexual.... She'll try anything once! Although she doesn't look a day over 18, she's 26 and has the sexual prowess to prove it. A true romantic at heart she loves to be wined, dined, and then 69'd. But if all you've got is a sore back and a hard cock, this horny honey will still love you long time.
03-02-2021 0 "I've only worked here a few weeks," said Aubrey, "but I'd love to help fix your tanning bed!" At home, she modeled her bikini for us. Lexi got right to the point: "Would you be more comfortable if I were naked too?" She dropped her towel, and our new friend couldn't resist!
03-02-2021 0 Here kitty kitty! We found Tray down and out and searching for his lost cat. We saw this as a solid opportunity to have our big dogs chase that butt pussy. After spelunking his ass cavern we blew our fat loads of creamy knob nectar across that sweet twink face of his. What a piece of ass!!! MEEEOW!!!
03-02-2021 0 In the world of porn, there are asses, there are nice asses, and then there's Alexis Texas' ass, which is so far beyond nice that it takes the light from nice 3 years to get there! If you can watch this scene all the way through without blowing your load... well, then you must have ED, my friend.
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03-02-2021 0 At first look we thought Missy blue was worried about being naughty. Once she got over the shock of our huge cocks she jumped right in...or on without hesitation. So we poked prodded and stuffed her with cum. Take a look and see how naughty she gets!
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03-02-2021 0 Corey & Tomas are having an impromptu Spanish lesson when Carlos steps in because he, too, speaks Spanish! With 7 1/2 uncut inches & sensitive nipples, this South American boy learns the joys of receiving two huge cocks on film while you watch!
03-02-2021 0 Glauren was going door to door collecting money for a battered woman's foundation when we invited her in to receive a donation of our own. We offered triple her request if she let us beat on her throat, then we offered to double that if we could double up on her from behind! We hit her hard with our stiff contributions then deposited everything we had into her charity box.
03-02-2021 0 Ricky was hungry and wanted a sandwich but didn't realize that he was on the menu this time! He had the buns and we had more than enough meat to go around! The only question was how much would this meal cost......?
03-02-2021 0 Large and in charge is how she's takin' it! Because sinful Cindy has a bit of an oral fixation, we had to give her not one, but two HUGE COCKS to fill her mouth with. But we filled more than just her mouth, we stuffed her sweet pussy and stretched her tight ass with the BIGGEST MONSTER COCKS she had ever seen!
03-02-2021 0 If you haven't seen megastar MILF Lisa Ann in action before, get ready for a wild ride! She warms up by soaping up her amazing tits and ass for your viewing pleasure, then it's time for some serious fellatio and to ride her man to multiple orgasms, finally sucking him off to an explosive facial cumshot!
03-02-2021 0 Kristine is hot, but we were afraid that she was just too damn little to take four monstrous black cocks at once! Give Kristine credit though, she somehow manages to take multiple man-masts balls-deep into her mouth, asshole and pussy without her hot holes tearing open!
03-02-2021 0 This hot little slut never opened the back door to her trailer, we were on a mission to change that. We opened up her tight virgin ass with two big hard cocks. Val begged for more as we covered her with hot semen.
03-02-2021 0 This clip is a blast from the past, in one of her starring roles in a theatrical production you can get a chance to see Sophia's acting chops as she does some dialogue with classic 70s and 80s porn icon Peter Horner. Don't worry, the sex is sure to come as Sophia gets jam-packed right in the middle of the restaurant with a huge jerked load blown all over her face as desert.
03-02-2021 0 Cameron thought that she was in for a simple fuck but we set her up with a real rough rider. Our guy put a tight collar around her neck and preceded to play by slapping and gagging her while going back and forth between fucking the crap out of her twat and tight ass.
03-02-2021 0 Shaggalicious Angel was quite a dirty nawty British bitch with fat pussy fuckin lips and lovely little titties. She didn't waste any time completely burying our 12 inch hogs in her mouth so we piledrived her, stepped on her neck, cartwheeled her poop shoot & destroyed her holes American style.
03-02-2021 0 Sam and Benoit are aching from a long hard workout that got their fluids pumping and their muscle bulging. Now it's time for a little massage to sooth the tender areas of their firm bodies, before sucking each other off and licking up every last drop of hot cum.
03-02-2021 0 Armando and Ken meet a shy "true" redhead named Duke. He has a mate who's only a top. To be truly versatile Duke fools around on his guy without telling him. This time he's going to get his chance to double time his guy by double teaming Armando and Ken!
03-02-2021 0 Here we have Sophia outside by the pool maintaining her signature golden tan. Sitting beside a waterfall on a hot summer day: and oh, we almost forgot to mention the new nine inch fuck toy she has in her hand. By the end of this clip is gets difficult to tell how much fluid is coming from the waterfall and how much fluid is cumming from Sophia.
03-02-2021 0 Things seem peachy as the couples meet, but Lee has Jekyll in him and jealousy rears it's ugly head when the clothes come off. As Sledge bangs Friday's mouth with his copious cock, Lee jackhammers Claires honey pot with his poke pole. Unbenownced to him, his rage is Claire's salvation since a good hard banging is just what she needs to cum all night long.
03-02-2021 0 Nico was starving but couldn't even afford a burger, so for a few hundred dollars, he let us slap some white meat between his slick black buns, and we fed the hungry twink till he was full!
03-02-2021 0 Zack loves hot weather and even hotter guys, and is hoping to find a man's man! Blake is down-to-earth, knows what he likes, and is hoping to find a guy that will blow his mind. Will Zack make Blake's jaw drop? Will Blake's mouth open even wider for something else? This week's date is hot! hot! hot!
03-02-2021 0 Talk about a booty call... OMG I was so horny one night after coming home from a club that I called up that friend of my neighbor's (Johnny). He came over and gave my asshole the deep fucking it needed, then I made him cum on a CD case so I could snort it all up with a rolled up $20 bill and swallow it at the end.
03-02-2021 0 They say flattery will get you everywhere. Thats why it makes such a good scam for luring unsuspecting young, hot guys! Why don't you take off your shirt - You'd make a good underwear model, why don't you take off your pants - Have you ever thought about being in porn - Are you ready for your first huge cock!
03-02-2021 0 Seems as though a hot cup of tea is all that it takes to get this steamy siren fired up. And it seems that a hot and bothered bewitching brunette is all it takes to inflame your man meat and spark some truly amazing pussy pounding that will leave your blood boiling.
03-02-2021 0 Johnny's wrestling coach, Trey, is on his way over to give the guys some private lessons. Their clothes come off, they hit the mat, and soon Trey is being tagged teamed. He tries to tap out but the thrill of two tremendous cocks is too much and it's a tko...Tight Keister workOut!
03-02-2021 0 Christina, a Vietnamese beauty who is sexually deprived from a good fuck. She came all the way to America and All She wants is to have a white American cock deep inside. So now she can thank Buddha for the chance of her life! She loves every Position cum see which one she chooses!
03-02-2021 0 The bachelors are chomping at the bit waiting for a slew of sultry strippers to strut the catwalk. Backstage, the nubile nymphs are showering and getting decked out for dick. The dancing draws the guys to the stage, but the stripper pole quickly takes a back seat to something more important: A hoard of horny bachelors hot for some head. (1 of 3)
03-02-2021 0 Woop, woop! It's not a Gay College Sex Party until there's a titillating tight and eager twinkle-toed threesome. Fresh and flirty all morning, these boys have played with each other out by the pool long enough. Now it's time to take these testosterone filled tweenks inside for some three-way tail wagging.
03-02-2021 0 We spotted this lil' hottie leaving the grocery store. As it turns out, Aimee didn't mind coming with us to do our little interview. Watch the Gangbang Squad use and abµse this pretty secretary with 4 big cocks!!
03-02-2021 0 What happens when a naughty nurse is sent in to assist 5 horny doctors? She gets a full body exam of course! They take her temperature over and over and finally diagnose her with a severe case of stuffedfullofcock. The only cure, 5 huge doses of fresh jizz a day!
03-02-2021 0 We were a little upset that Melanie and Kissy got started working on each other's tight WET PUSSIES before we got there, but when we arrived with our HUGE COCKS, the honeys were more than willing to try our big thick dicks on for size!
03-02-2021 0 It almost goes without saying that Pink Visual loves Lexi Belle. Why? Let's see, she's cute, sexy, fun-loving, a true pleasure to work with... and delivers mind-bending, erection-inducing scenes, time and time again!

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