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06-02-2020 0 Hungry for a piece of tail we hit the mall where there's always fresh meat. On our way in we locked Maria into our site and made her our target for todays catch. The lean, dark Hungarian honey made our mouths water for the sweet untainted treat in her seat.
06-02-2020 0 Tom came into our studio to get some head shots for his burgeoning modeling career but didn't have the cash to make it happen...needless to say, our photographer Enrique liked the look of Tom and made the tasty twink an offer -- a photo session in exchange for a sample of his sweet ass! This twink stripped down and not only gave Enrique the tight sphincter sample he wanted, but also gave him a balls-deep cock throating!
06-02-2020 0 This MILF told us she was a yoga instructor so we asked if she could help us to be more flexible. She agreed to come back to our place and stretch us out, but what we really wanted to say was yoganna get fucked! Watch as we stretch out this flexible MILF!
06-02-2020 0 Mrs. Richards is the bossy, hot, horney, haven't had any young-en a while lady at the office. Her 4 O'clock interviewee, is underdressed and totally unqualified for the job. But Mrs. Richards sees his 'potential' and gives him a position anyway... A position right in between her legs!
06-02-2020 0 Sophia was in need of a good DP so we set her up with her two old time favorites: Ram and Jackson. They made sure she was stuffed for every minute of the action, either in both her holes at once or in her mouth while getting nailed. A perfectly timed double facial caps off this amazing DP event!
06-02-2020 0 We stopped in for some tacos for lunch, when we found CJ. We decided we'd much rather have her taco instead. We complimented her sexy lips, and scored us the chance to kiss her other lips! We spread 'em wide and then gave her a slather of our special spread!
06-02-2020 0 Nick works out often and has the body to prove it. Once Sam and Johnny get a look at Nick's six pack they can't contain themselves any longer and once Nick gets a look at the two huge cocks being offered neither can he! Temperatures rise on this chilly winter day as Nick gets a workout that will have him cumming back for more!
06-02-2020 0 The college whores are back from winter vacation and ready to welcome in the spring with a sex party! Cum on in for more of that crazy college action we know you love!
06-02-2020 0 The guys flagged down Misty to ask for directions, and then seamlessly transitioned into their we manage a band pitch. Speaking of seamless transitions, before long, Misty is on her knees sucking two of the biggest cocks she has ever seen, and doing a mighty fine job of it, too!
06-02-2020 0 The lovely yet sexually ferocious Cytheria cums to us today, showing off her many sexual talents. More specifically, her ability to squirt her luscious lady lube. You haven't seen squirting like this folks, that is if you have ever seen it at all. Welcome to Squirt Hunter ladies and gents, where your fem-fluid fantasies cum to life. Enjoy!
06-02-2020 0 She came from the Netherlands for the Hollywood dream. We laid it on thick for this one and told her if she wanted the job, she had to fuck the director. The problem for her was that he was black and she was afraid of his big cock. Well I guess she really wanted the job because when faced with the huge dick, she took to it like a fish to water. Watch as we make this babes dream come true and put her in her own video!
06-02-2020 0 Mariah had big dreams of stardom but she was too camera shy, so we offered to help break her out of her shell. When the standard coaching wasn't working, we jammed an intensified regimen of alternating meat probes up her fuckpits, and captured her plight on tape for the world to see! Now Mariah can do anything!!
06-02-2020 0 Billy and Kamrun invited Mark to come play football...but what they really want is his tight end. Following a sweaty game in the park, they tackle Mark, fully inflate his pig skin then make him their receiving end! After playing a full contact game in his end zone they both make touchdowns... on his chest!
06-02-2020 0 While picking up pencil boxes for the kids Sophia Mounds bumps into the Milf Seeker crew. Soon the boys have her at their place and start working this mom's assets off. Now watch as they fill her hot box and give her mounds a thorough schooling.
06-02-2020 0 this cute and sweet beauty definitely had something we wanted ...a virgin ass! So after a bit of coaxing we had her sucking our cocks and getting a piece of that sweet clam...after that we fucked that sweet hole raw!
06-02-2020 0 We found Joclyn shopping for a new mattress. We have a mattress we'd like her to take a good look at. Face down, ass up, that's the way we like to fuck. That's right Joclyn, it might not be new, it has a few stains, but we're pretty sure it'll make you happier than any mattress you'll take home to your lazy husband!
06-02-2020 0 "I can't believe it's not pussy!" thought sexy Fabio, as his meaty member slid deeper and deeper into Tyler's hot ass! As the party-goers looked on, these two used their meaty probes to explore every inch of their pretty bodies! Watch these two heat up the night!
06-02-2020 0 Playing pussy pirates out on the lake, we're searching for the Island of Zuanda where the Jorgie women live. Their species is know for being divas, but... the sex is hot. On our way we came across maiden Mimi, from Manhattan, an Island know for playful freaky women.... We may not need the Jorgies after all......?
06-02-2020 0 Dildos look like kiddy toys compared to what we have in store for this little slut. This isn't just a sex toy, this is a power tool that's gonna give this honey's buns a serious drilling. As if our wild invention doesn't drive her crazy enough we're gonna give her a gaggle of guys to go gonzo over.
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06-02-2020 0 Robbie's not into those deep meaningful relationships, he just wants a guy who's hot and likes to be on top. Hayden just got out of a relationship and wants to have a little fun. Lets see if Robbie can handle it when Hayden wants a deep relationship.. with his ass!
06-02-2020 0 Down for a little mu-shu? Sexy asian dish Evelyn is sure to satisfy! Watch as pretty Jocelyn samples this cutie's secret delights and gives her a taste of her tight american clam! Will this little lotus blossom unfold her legs for the fairer sex? Check it out!
06-02-2020 0 Assman's java jones led our dirty duo to sexy Mia, and you don't need Juan Valdez to know that a fine ass beats a cup o' joe ANY day! Ditching the coffee, they went to work on that tasty pussy and widening her sexy tight ass! Watch this java junkie get a jones for fat cock!
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06-02-2020 0 Jamie and his wife Rhylee's neighborhood has been rezoned and now half their pool is in neighbor, Brad's yard. But Brad makes him an offer that Jamie might not be able to pass up - Rhylee's so mad at Jamie even considering paying the neighbor off with her, she decides to give it up to Brad for free!!
06-02-2020 0 Man can this chick catch and swallow down a wadd. I bet she would feel pretty comfortable behind home plate, with all those fast moving balls coming at her. SNAP!
06-02-2020 0 I was chilling by the pool with two acquaintances of mine: Jeff and Lou. I invited them both inside to my bedroom and we started fucking. They had me choking on their cocks and were face-fucking me upside down, then when I was hornier than a virgin in a whorehouse they fucked my holes. They double penetrated me and both jizzed in my gaping asshole, so I pushed every drop of the cum out onto a platter and licked it all up. Tasty!
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06-02-2020 0 Veronica flew in from LA just to be on our site, so we matched her up with a 19 year-old college kid named Jeff. Not only does this guy talk a good game, he also knows how to deliver! He takes over and uses her pigtails as handle-bars to fuck her face, then drops a huge load in her mouth.
06-02-2020 0 Amy and her friend are joined in her bedroom by two boys who like to play rough. The naive little beavers have no idea that it isn't gonna be anything like the average pillow fight.... When those guys are finished with 'em, they'll be left with pillaged twats, plowed throats, bruised nipples, and red cheeks.
06-02-2020 0 Cara won't even give her boyfriend a blowjob, but then again he doesn't have a pension to entice her with. We knew she was going to be an easy sell because she was seriously broke, but seriously money hungry. She named her price and we doled out: boobs $20, pussy $200, but her 1st taste of CUM... Priceless.
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06-02-2020 0 Isaac and Jaymz get right down to business in this dialog-free scene. When you've got a cock like the one Jaymz is sporting, you don't need words - just whip that thing out and let it speak for itself!
06-02-2020 0 Marlena and Frankie are looking to spice up their sex life, while Otto and Audrey are aroused by the idea of helping them out! Otto gives Marlena a good fucking while his wife Audrey shows Frankie what its like to dig deep into redhead pussy! Watch to find out if this will up the ante in Marlena and Frankie's bedroom.
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06-02-2020 0 We went out in search of a new turbo boost for our car and ended up finding Anna! She was one turbo mom and left work to cum help us install our parts. We checked out her undercarriage and then shoved our parts right inside. She didn't mind getting down and dirty with us and ended up covered in grease! Don't miss out on this week's Turbo MILF!
06-02-2020 0 The dark seductress Veronica uses her lawyering skills to win cases, AND men. She handled Jack's divorce, then married him. Now she'll handle something different: Burke's cock. She's used to hearing the pounding of the judge's gavel in court, and now she's been served with a pounding cock in her shaved pussy. Today, she's waived her attorneys' fees for a chest full of cum.
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06-02-2020 0 Draygen was on his way home from school when he ran into the Ass Professor & Kobe, who offered to give him lessons on DOD (dick on demand). After some hard tutoring HFHC style, he passed with flying colors!
06-02-2020 0 Sexy rocker-slut Taylor likes to go lone wolf with her sexual urges and was hunting for a little motor driven help to get the "o" juices flowin! After she straddled these clockwork cocksmiths and flicked the switch she knew that these Wild Fuck Toys were gonna do just fine!
06-02-2020 0 Beverly and Phoenix are a couple of cock-crazed cumsluts dying to see if they can find a throbbing thick dick big enough to satisfy both of them! This blonde-brunette combo take every inch of Ramon's monstrous meat in their mouth pussy and ass until the whole thing climaxes in a cum-coating celebration leaving these sweet bitches drenched!
06-02-2020 0 Riley Reid, Sammie Rhodes and Taylor Tilden get together for a spirited round of nibbling, finger banging, pussy eating and plenty of playing with their favorite toys!
06-02-2020 0 Jamie and his wife Rhylee's neighborhood has been rezoned and now half their pool is in neighbor, Brad's yard. But Brad makes him an offer that Jamie might not be able to pass up - Rhylee's so mad at Jamie even considering paying the neighbor off with her, she decides to give it up to Brad for free!!
06-02-2020 0 There's no doubt that Nicky wants it bad. From the moment she lifts her dress you can see that her throbbing pussy has drenched her pretty little panties. She touches herself thru them but before long her glistening twat is exposed just in time for a horny cute stud to give her a taste of the real thing.

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