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03-28-2020 0 You don't need a PHD to know when you pair cute apprentice lesbo Julie and sexy cuntlicker Brianna there's gonna be some heat! Watch all the smokin' hot action as Briana works her tongue like a $20 hooker and gives this pretty blonde gal her first lesbian sex!
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03-28-2020 0 Thomas can't wait to get Corey back out in the field. Clay says he plays a lot of soccer and has an ass to match! With a line like that we just have to check him out. But this ass has a price and won't be had for less than $350. Worth the price for me!
03-28-2020 0 Sophia doesn't like to clean and wanted to hire a maid, but Brad drives a hard bargain. I get to fuck her, he tells his wife as she scans the ads. Sophia has a few tricks up her sleeve, though, and Brad ends up driving his hard cock into Ashley's tight little pussy! Now that's what we call a two-for-one deal!
03-28-2020 0 Sorry guys, it's vag pie for cutie Scarlett! And by the look of curvy hottie Stacee...lunch is served! Our pretty vagitarian cooked up a little snatch surprise and gave Stacee a tasty meal she won't soon forget! Watch these two cuties heat it up for Stacee's first lesbian sex!
03-28-2020 0 Azor and Kyle get to know each other, first by walking and talking in the car, and then through doing something much more fun: sucking and fucking! As much as Kyle loves the feel of Azor's silky lips around his shaft, I think he loves the feel of Azor's tight ass gripping his cock even more!
03-28-2020 0 Tristan and Sebastian seemed a bit shy. It obviously was just an act. These guys came to college to major in fucking and minor in more fucking. Once they got started they were the center of attention, and loving every minute of it. Cum join the party and see how often they switch riders!
03-28-2020 0 Fiona and Kyra enjoy drooling in each other's mouth but they really get excited when they take turns spitting on and licking their pussies. Talk about getting themselves wet! Fiona has nice feet and wants Kyra to cover them in spit, sucking the drool from in between her toes and licking it up.
03-28-2020 0 Aleksa Nicole and April O'Neil show you the very best way to spend an idle afternoon: between their thighs. Sadly, we'll have to settle for watching them pleasure each other, rather than actually physically joining them... but it beats working for a living, right?
03-28-2020 0 Griffin is hating his boring, do-nothing job as a Life Guard, until Bailey shows up and demonstrates one of the significant perks of having a job with no responsibility -- like being able to get your dick sucked poolside with no repercussions! By the time Bailey's cock is balls-deep in Griffin's tight ass, Griffin has a whole new attitude about his job.
03-28-2020 0 Lady boy Leo newly single and feeling adventurous had only one thing on his mind.... He wanted to try some arseplay with a girthy uncut cock. We were happy to accommodate him once we heard and stuffed his kisser and his keister with two big servings of kosher and non-kosher style man meat.
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03-28-2020 0 Don't miss this little Ms. go from squeaky clean to down and dirty with two flicks of a dick. Naked, wet and fresh from her shower, the princess takes out her favorite wand for a quick disappearing trick before her prince arrives. Likely once a toad, he prefers to get his concubines good and mucky before he has them sucky.... So much for that shower!
03-28-2020 0 Hungry for dark meat, we lure the cute Lamar back to our pad for a modeling shoot. Knowing this ebony cock wrangler would look better with some white in him we make a cash offer for his black ass that he can't resist!
03-28-2020 0 We told Alana that we were artists in search of a muse. Like most honeys she jumped at the idea of being a model, whatever the capacity. We were careful not to let on about the highly erotic nature of our art. She had no idea that it was her we wanted to paint with our huge brushes and milky white oil.
03-28-2020 0 It's "Stockings and strap-ons" day for Alyssa Reece and Victoria Lawson, as they decide to take their friendship to the next level, parting pussy and licking labia in their first ever lesbian sex! Watch as a brunette beauty and her comely counterpart engage in some scorching babe on babe action that will leave you drained but still wanting oh-so-much more!
03-28-2020 0 Fresh out of Veterinarian College, Jessica answers a desperate house call to the lonely vixen, Sammie, who has a sick puppy. Sammie didn't tell her it's her kitty that needs a full exam. Jessica never learned how to satisfy the cravings of pretty pussy. Can Sammie give her what the Doctor ordered?
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03-28-2020 0 Armando and Ken meet a shy "true" redhead named Duke. He has a mate who's only a top. To be truly versatile Duke fools around on his guy without telling him. This time he's going to get his chance to double time his guy by double teaming Armando and Ken!
03-28-2020 0 Angel, on her lunch break, agreed to come back to the party between our legs. This saucy latina was ready for action and wanted the two for one deal. We gave her the dp special of the day! We stuffed her brown round and pink taco a la carte style!
03-28-2020 0 We found this sexy slut looking at toys and we couldn't help wanting to give her OUR toys to play with! But these toys aren't for little honeys... cum see if Jazmine can play with two super soakers at one time!
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03-28-2020 0 Amber Rayne and Kelly Wells are girls who will do anything -- but they prefer to do each other. If you know Kelly's work, then you know she can deepthroat with the best of them; today her challenge is to swallow as much of Amber's massive strap-on as she can before taking it deep inside her moist pussy and tight little asshole!
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03-28-2020 0 You may not think a party could happen sitting on a sofa, but a little beer makes everything possible! drµnken Frosh hottie Chap zeroed in on Nick's sweet meat and gave his pretty ass the attention it deserved! Be it bed, sofa, or coffee table....there's always time for cock!
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03-28-2020 0 A farmers daughter from Oklahoma, Bianca was pawning her ring to make some cash. Luckily, Harry and Jake have deep pockets (and hard cocks). We offer her a way out of her money troubles in exchange for some of that farm grown ass! You KNOW she won't be writing home about this one!
03-28-2020 0 Isabella is aching to prove that she has talent for these new "scouts" to see. Boy does she have the talent for sucking cock and getting her tight pussy stuffed with man meat, just wave a little cash in front of these greedy sluts and they'll do whatever you want!
03-28-2020 0 Jacob is looking to pick up some extra cash to help out with his rent. Looking to start up some modeling This little twink was just what the doctor ordered! Check it out now!!
03-28-2020 0 Now that Brad has had his anal cherry popped, he became more curious about how much cock he could take. The sensation of his ass or mouth being filled up became an obsession he could not deny! Needles to say, when Sam and Johnny hit the scene and Brad got his first look at their huge cocks, he could not wait to take these two studs deep inside of him. The pain, the pleasure...waits for you inside!
03-28-2020 0 These 34D fun bags are a shapely delight to behold! Miss Gabriella soaps up and gets nasty with a quickness! Watch her wrap-around boobs consume a hard cock in an oily, slippery explosion of sensation. And the pounding doesn't stop there-- she wants pussy-poundin', udder-swingin' penetration!
03-28-2020 0 Our little Mexican friend TNTown, is ready to learn some more English and his buddy is here to help him, too bad he doesn't have a clue that you don't need to know English when you have a mouth full of dick!
03-28-2020 0 Sexy ex-waitress Chanel used to sling burgers n' fries but this joint is strictly seafood! Our dirty dyke served up some hot clam and tasty nips, and pretty Chanel kept cummin' back for more! Watch this slop slingin' slut go vagitarian for her first lesbian sex!
03-28-2020 0 Hot bods and hot rods may go together ...but this a no rod zone and our sexy lez was itching to try Codi's sexy curves. Watch this honey take some hot punani for a test drive.
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03-28-2020 0 Angelica Heart, Pure Angel and Clara put their best foot forward in this scene... literally! Having a couple of little toes jammed up their snatches isn't enough to satisfy these dirty ladies, though, so Clara breaks out the big toys to give their holes a nice, wide stretching!
03-28-2020 0 Faith was more than happy to assist a couple of jocks with their academics. Stripping down, she gave them a hands on lesson of the female anatomy. But, Oh-Boy did she get a LARGE surprise when they began to give her lessons on the male anatomy.
03-28-2020 0 Welcome back fans! This week we have a cute & very sexy ebony trollop for you to feast your eyes upon. This strumpet drìnks & fucks like no other we've seen before.
03-28-2020 0 Serena said she wanted a big piece of chocolate. I happened to have a pound of chocolate in my pants so I whipped it out and let her go to town. After she was done with my chocolate stick we fucked this slut and then covered her in our own white chocolate sauce!
03-28-2020 0 Fucking a hot cute twink is great, but finding one is the hard part. Good thing twinks are attracted to cameras and cash! Watch Jasper crack a smile for our cameras and our dicks!
03-28-2020 0 There are hot dogs on the grill but it's the plump summer sausages simmering in the hot tub that has our attention. We made our way to the 'Cock-pot' for a healthy serving of mutton before heading inside to cool off with a smorgasbord of meatsicles.
03-28-2020 0 Summer is an aspiring actress who admitted to liking older men. We couldn't resist wanting to help her out in both areas! We convinced her to come back to the pad and eventually coaxed this Kansas cutie to let us help her become a star... a porn star that is!
03-28-2020 0 Missy would do ANYTHING to meet her favorite rock star. She flew all the way from Connecticut and shows up at his front door, where his manager tells her the only way to meet him is if she'll agree to fuck them both. She agrees and they make sweet music initiating her as a good little groupie.
03-28-2020 0 A lot of babes who are brand new to the porn biz wouldn't know quite how to handle a rough double penetration scene; Alma Black is not one of those babes. She leaps into action like a seasoned pro, taking pole deep in both holes, and submitting to a double anal creampie that leaves her ass leaking like a broken faucet!
03-28-2020 0 Barbee was chillin' in the hood when I spotted her from the drivers seat. When this hoochie slut noticed me in my BMW you could see the dollar signs in her eyes. Knowing that this could be her chance to make some serious ends she agreed to roll with me back to the studio where it wasn't hard to get the ho to shake her black ass for the camera. Then I tapped that ghetto booty of hers over and over until she finally realized that she had just been pimped!
03-28-2020 0 A quick dip in the pool Jacky thought she was just there to have a little relaxation, but we had another idea in mind...It's so easy to show a little cash to get a nice piece of ass! cuties are so money hungry its amazing how much of the pleasing pussy we're getting! jealous? Check it out!!

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