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10-28-2020 0 Candy comes to us from the wholesome midwest. A cornfed cutie with a rack of the finest farm-bred breasts around, she wastes no time soaking up, scrubbin' our truck and squeezin' them jugs! Then it's time for the real action: an oily, roly-poly romp on the bed and a gooey load frosted on her HUGE BOOBS!
10-28-2020 0 Funky cold Adina was not having us, no way no how. This Nubian nay sayer of cock blocked us for a good while. It wasn't until we offered this hot hoochie eight hundred bones that we got her back to the studio. She acted up a little at the studio, but once she realized that she was going to have to turn a little of that ol' pussy loose, she changed that attitude and sucked down some white cock like fried okra!!!
10-28-2020 0 We were hungry for a hot MILF who would show us her motherly ways and feed us some of her sideways sloppy joe. Bridgette was just the MILF-slut to do it. We couldn't believe this two-bit mom whore had an 18 year old son and we decided to test out those milk bottles of hers. After we had a nice dinner she let us have some dessert and gave us some sweet punani pie.
10-28-2020 0 It didn't take much convincing to get Lizzie to agree to fuck us, but she didn't realize that she was going to be our next DP conquest!! She wanted it slow at first but once she felt both rods drilling her at the same time she begged for it hard and fast!!
10-28-2020 0 Meat-lover Michelle begged and begged for a colossal cock to come and satisfy her craving, but she had no idea what she was in for when she pulled out Will's stupendous scepter! Michelle begged for more, squealing in equal parts pain and pleasure as her pussy and ass were stretched to fit this lengthy big cock!
10-28-2020 0 What better place to find a desperate ho in need of a makeover than in the beauty products aisle of the neighborhood market? Krystal was broke and couldn't afford much, so when we offered to trick her out she jumped at the opportunity. Krystal had no idea what she had gotten herself into, until the last drop of jizz landed on her chin, when she realized that she had just got pimped!
10-28-2020 0 This adorable hunk just landed a gig at a sex club. We knew he had a kinky side! It only took a few bucks for him to open his mind and his mouth for His First Huge Cock!
10-28-2020 0 What's on the menu? Asian! Matthew is a spicy thai twink with a taste for american sausage! We gave him some cash, he let us open his fortune cookie and invade his homeland with our white meat!!
10-28-2020 0 As an aspiring pornstar it's a sin that Ms. Sin hasn't enjoyed a black cock... let alone 2 black cocks... let alone 2 BIG black cocks... But we're gonna happy to help her change all that! We're gonna show her how we've made a name for ourselves while chalking up all kinds of firsts for this white slut.... Fresh black cherry pie anyone?
10-28-2020 0 Sara's boyfriend never came by to pick her up. So we gave her a joyride in our backseat instead! We fondled her spout until she was dripping wet and begging for a good fuck. And what Sara wants, she gets! Cum see all the saucy jizz action in this weeks episode!
10-28-2020 0 Enter Alan...enter and heed this warning! Once you have broken the sacred seal of your sweet ass, once you have succumb to your first gay sex, once your anal altar has been defiled by cake boy cock...once you have experienced the boundless pleasures that await your willing mouth and amorous can NEVER RETURN! Mwah ha ha...MWAH HA HA HA!
10-28-2020 0 Pretty dancer Mia had great legs and aspirations of hittin' the big time! Big was exactly what she found when the monsters of cock unfurled their mega meat and tangoed that pretty cock holster wide! Watch the duo teach Mia a new dance in this one!
10-28-2020 0 They may be French but they're doing it greek style for your viewing pleasure. Cum on in and watch Andre snuggle up to Bernardo. He gets tall, dark, and handsome in the mood by licking his nipples then plumps up his pocket rocket before Bernardo rams it into his battle station for a white hot explosion.
10-28-2020 0 Blonde hair, pony tails, and a tight ass! We got Drew to cum along for the ride after we flashed her some cash. I can't believe I am doing this, can they see in? turns into Fuck me harder you bastard!. Everyone enjoys the finale of jerk jelly all over her face!
10-28-2020 0 Tyann looks so good its hard to believe that she's a mother of four. But that didn't make it any harder for us to get her into our crib for playtime. We told her that we were doing a documentary but all we really wanted was to play with her fun bags then bury our meat puppets deep in her toy boxes.
10-28-2020 0 Down for a little mu-shu? Sexy asian dish Evelyn is sure to satisfy! Watch as pretty Jocelyn samples this cutie's secret delights and gives her a taste of her tight american clam! Will this little lotus blossom unfold her legs for the fairer sex? Check it out!
10-28-2020 0 This week we have for you a twink-tacular white dude fantasy. Kyle & Chaz take a liking to one another only to later take a licking to each other's hairless nut sacks. Cum crash the party & enjoy all the hot and heavy homosexual action! Gay College Sex Parties brings you the most decadent dicking!
10-28-2020 0 "Ever been with a hottie?" "No" "Have you ever wanted to?" "Ah, that's kinda a personal question." "I know, but we're so comfortable. And Johnny, he's heard and seen it all. He's even taped us having sex. Have you ever thought about doing that?" "Your like my boss, this is weird." "Don't worry, we're really open people and outside of work is different... This won't interfere with you job."
10-28-2020 0 Who knew Tinkerbell was such a slut? We were challenged when she told us that the best orgasm she'd ever had was in the back of a truck! She didn't hesitate giving us the chance to beat that record... Tune in and find out just how good we ride!
10-28-2020 0 Tyler has only briefly thought about being with another man. Mr. Darvin took him back to his place to show him some hot new bi-porn. Things got hot in the porn so Mr. Darvin showed him his big black cock - All the way down his mouth and ass!
10-28-2020 0 Ty is a 5'10, 21 year old Filipino that loves to show it off! She says she is into all types of guys which really means she will smoke the pole of any guy that comes along! I fucked her every way I could then blew a thick load all over her tits!
10-28-2020 0 She has really nice boobs! said Lauren. Why don't you see how mine feel! Brandie took a handful. Let's see what they look like under your clothing! I've never done this with a couple before! exclaimed Brandie. Are you sure you're okay with it? Oh yeah! said Frank. We're more than okay with it!
10-28-2020 0 Ty is a 5'10, 21 year old Filipino that loves to show it off! She says she is into all types of guys which really means she will smoke the pole of any guy that comes along! I fucked her every way I could then blew a thick load all over her tits!
10-28-2020 0 Typically it's the money that gets our boy toys to stay for a, well... let's just say, for a more 'in depth' interview. But Jayce is a true cock connoisseur who just couldn't pass up the chance to play with two real, real BIG COCKS. Even with the discount he gets working in an adult store, these will be much more than he's ever had before!
10-28-2020 0 This week's hot little number is an aspiring piano player, but costly lessons are draining her pocket. By her looks, we know Samantha has better talents just waiting to be exploited. $900 later, her tune is changed and the moans of pleasure and greed are music to our ears!
10-28-2020 0 Talk about a picnic! These girls give eating out a juicy new meaning. We double your pleasure and double their fun by packing this muff basket with two tempting blonde meat slippers, then we perfectly pair them with two raven haired hoochies just in time to feed your appetite for pussy pie!
10-28-2020 0 They may not want to ask or tell, but they sure the fuck didn't mind us shooting it! Lucke and Marco live to serve their country and to serve up some anal action as Lucke gets his first taste of the heavy artillery Marco is packing in this His First Huge Cock episode!
10-28-2020 0 What's the best way to get over a guy? To get under another one.....then on top of him, then bent over in front of him, then on your knees in front of him for a massive mouthful of cum! Cum and watch Ethan help his wife's friend, Bree forget about her ex by giving her a big taste of what she's been missing out on.
10-28-2020 0 When drµnk college guys meet up with weightlifting equipment, someone's gonna be pumping alot more than iron! As pretty Blake gave in to the power of Michael's meaty muscle he assumed the position for a little "Rectal Rootering!" Let's get this party started!
10-28-2020 0 Our guys find Corey shopping for antiques & ask him to take a sexuality survey. A natural red head, when the pants are removed it's discovered that he has an enormous rod! See the 3 man sandwich that ensues, with Francis & Corey being "topped!"
10-28-2020 0 Dylan's a straight boy, but will he turn a trick? Will he go & suck a dick? Will it offend him, or will he try getting butt fucked by a guy? Ho!, Ho!, Ho!, who wouldn't know?! Ho!, Ho!, Ho!, I think he's homo! Dylan's a straight boy, now he's gay! See 'em suck dick this holiday!
10-28-2020 0 We met Italia down at the local courthouse. She was on Jury Duty, and we were on booty duty. We wanted to escort her tight little ass back to our house, put it on lock-down and have a trial of our own. Watch as our Hung Jury over rides any of her back door objections.
10-28-2020 0 The MILF Seekers are out and about again, on the prowl. They're looking for a new car, AND a new ride. Catch the guys in action as they hassle Christina into a deal she wasn't expecting and won't soon forget.
10-28-2020 0 Isaac and Jaymz get right down to business in this dialog-free scene. When you've got a cock like the one Jaymz is sporting, you don't need words - just whip that thing out and let it speak for itself!
10-28-2020 0 Leo and Dion are two straight guys who had never met before we offered these rookie guys big time pay to have some big time gay sex! These two gay first timers were a little unsure of themselves at first, but once the big, hard dicks were out of their pants, they were chugging cock like pros!
10-28-2020 0 It's Audrey's job to negotiate, it's just that she usually negotiates price rather than, um shall we say - services! When we came to the open house she thought she might make a sale, but all we had in mind was parking our hot rods in her backyard. Of course we didn't buy the house, but we did foreclose on her ass! Tune in to assess this new ass fuck agent for yourself!
10-28-2020 0 These rowdy chicks weren't happy about getting kicked out of the club, so they decided to take their frustrations out on this guy sleeping outside the club in some hot CFNM action. These three dominant females stripped this poor dude down and humiliated him, pinning him against the chain-link fence before forcing him to jerk off for them!
10-28-2020 0 Adam wanted to make some extra dough, we wanted to fuck a hot twink. So we gave him some ends in exchange for his letting us pound his rear end! We even gave him some hot man cream as a bonus!!
10-28-2020 0 We're in the mood to get freaky today with a goth type chick, black hair, tattoos and piercings, Oh YA!!! Victoria just finishing her shift at the tattoo shop when quick thinking lead us to offer her a featured spot in our new 'reality series' about tattoo artist.... Of course she'll have to come back to the studio and get covered in our ink first!
10-28-2020 0 When we met Aryan she informed us she wanted to become a wildlife biologist. We got a couple of land animals for her to inspect. Although these inhabitants might be a little to large for her to wrap her hands around.
10-28-2020 0 Trey is delivering pizza, we are delivering cock. We invited him in and offered him a tip plus some extra. Little did he know that we meant the tip of our dicks, plus the extra! Cum watch Trey get himself a to go order of freshly fucked ass!
10-28-2020 0 This little whore was so excited to entertain the studs she invited over for a gang bang birthday. But she had no idea what hardcore party animals they were! She tried and tried to keep up but they wore her out where the sun don't shine well before the sun when down. Cum before their candle sticks blow out her ass and this party's over!
10-28-2020 0 Pretty dancer Mia had great legs and aspirations of hittin' the big time! Big was exactly what she found when the monsters of cock unfurled their mega meat and tangoed that pretty cock holster wide! Watch the duo teach Mia a new dance in this one!
10-28-2020 0 April's out to see a movie and the Milf Seekers are out to make a movie. But April's no fool and to bag her the team will have to offer more than just a little butter on her popcorn. Grab your ticket and watch her box office get smashed.
10-28-2020 0 They call him "Tripod Trevor," and Martin is about to find out why. (Hint: this has nothing to do with photography, but Trevor's "tripod" sure looks good on camera. ;-)
10-28-2020 0 Ivy is the ultimate MILF. This sexy piece of mommy ass graced us with her years of experience and showed us how a real woman rides hard cock. Cover your eyes kiddies because this mommy is about to get nasty!!
10-28-2020 0 What's a little language barrier between men who just wanna get down to penetrating action. The semantics between huge cock, extra big dick, and thick n' juicy are lost on Emmanuel. The only thing that matters in the end, is the size of that thing going in his end!
10-28-2020 0 Nothin' like a little "social lubricant" to get our juices flowing! Our guests are filing in and getting ready for yet another passion-packed evening of carnal decadence! Why pass the dessert tray when you can just grab the lady next to you and eat her pussy? It's a real tangle of slutty socialites and high-class hos-- only on Orgy Sex Parties!
10-28-2020 0 You don't have a boyfriend? asked Michelle. How long has it been since you've had sex? It's been at least a couple of months, said Sammie. But I thought you guys were just going to show me your rose bushes!
10-28-2020 0 Deer in the headlights doesn't even come close to the confusion on these two lads faces when asked why they're here. Initially, they appear to not have gotten much sleep, or maybe there's a language barrier. But when the clothes come off, these boys perk up quick and their cocks get hard. They aren't rookies for long!

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