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12-02-2020 0 Jaymz has a way of getting what he wants, and today he wants Etienne. The way these two fuck and suck each other, you'd think this was their last day on the planet!
12-02-2020 0 Johnny agrees to keep Kaleb entertained while Jaymz is out picking up skis. The conversation turns to how frustrated Kaleb is with his boyfriend not putting out... and you can probably guess where things go from there -- straight into Johnny's pants, to the home of his massive trouser snake!
12-02-2020 0 Lexi's extravaganza continues with tangled bodies and sex craved hotties. The ladies take the lead as Lexi sips champagne and orchestrates a game of "name that cock." The ladies wait for their blindfolds and assume the position. Will they perform the famed squat and gobble? Stay tuned. (part 2 of 3)
12-02-2020 0 Jesse is looking for a place to stay for her first semester in college. She's not sure Jordan and Tony's place is right for her. Once she had her lips wrapped around Tony's benefit package, she knew she'd found a new home.
12-02-2020 0 Irina, with her Russian accent and can do attitude, was a perfect canidate to model our tennis racket. Of course we needed to take the hardware for a test run. So we put her to the test and fed her our flesh racket and bounced the hairy balls off of her tight ass!
12-02-2020 0 We convinced Allison to replace the chick that ditched out on us. She likes to watch porn in her free time, but she never thought she'd be starring in one so suddenly. There was only one catch: she needed to endure a massive double-pork pounding if she was to see a cent of the cash! Ain't life a bitch?
12-02-2020 0 It's not his first cock, but it's gonna feel like it! After being with a woman for the last year and a half, we're gonna bake this bi-guy's back side with our potato sized cocks. He says that she like his butt, and so do we! Now our only question is.... Will she learn to like strap-ons enough to make him stay?
12-02-2020 0 Half of fucking Europe seems to be represented in this doozy of a 5 on 1 flesh rodeo. This cock drunk slut takes all the ass smackin', face slappin', hair pullin', and hole wrecking that comes her way, gets her ass played like congas, chugs a gallon of cum, and laughs! By the way Britney, nice boots!
12-02-2020 0 As this poolside poonfest winds down, these sexy sluts are ready for a tasty testicle treat! Watch as no cheek is left ungooed as this orgy sex party comes to a sticky end! Anyone got a towel?
12-02-2020 0 When we saw this piece of fresh meat walking down the street, we were overcome by a craving for bearded baby clam. After generously contributing to Elli's culinary education, she gave us private lessons in the 'French arts'. She got us fired up pretty quickly, but we slow roasted our sausages in her hot little oven, leaving her well basted with our special sauce.
12-02-2020 0 It was easy enough to lure J.T. back to our studio with the promise of easy money, but even easier to get him to prove his desperation for the job by opening up his tight twink-gina for some hot man-pole!
12-02-2020 0 Everyone knows what you really learn in college.... How to fuck and drìnk beer of course!!! Are you ready for a crash course in lesbian love? When Kim and Daisy notice smart and sexy Tia in one of their classes, they recruit her to tutor them, but it's Tia that will end up learning about the birds and the bees... and toys and twats!
12-02-2020 0 The Milf Seekers are feeling artistic and decide to show Lauren some priceless works of art. Little did she know, the display they had in mind was a performance piece starring her naked body. Once they pull out the paintbrushes it's not long before her canvas is covered in their creamy white oil.
12-02-2020 0 Marick runs into two hot guys, Anthony and Thomas, on his way to get some new wheels and decides to go for a different test drive. He's cut, versatile and ready to take on these two huge dicks!
12-02-2020 0 European hottie Jennifer could only pleasure herself when she went down on a guy and came to us for help! The new "Blue Balls Dildo" and "the Tongue" gave her pretty pussy a high voltage workout and before long we had her flowing like niagra falls!
12-02-2020 0 Gabriella decides to set out to see just how bad she can be and proves that she's a very, very bad girl, indeed! Not only does she take it in the ass, she gives ass-flavored cock a taste for the first time. Did she like it? Let's put it this way: it took more convincing the first time than the second, third, fourth.... so yeah, she liked it. ;-)
12-02-2020 0 Welcome back studs! These guys can't wait to show their giants cocks off and shove them down each others throats! They love monster size dicks and sharing them with their friends! Slurp Away Men!
12-02-2020 0 Sophia is back for round two of Blowjob Races. Sophia seems pretty stoked because she got a hot guy instead of a half-homeless moron as a partner in the last episode. Sophia really puts her best throat forward for this competition.
12-02-2020 0 We hired Brian to tend bar at our party but it's Christian who wants to give him a raise. Brian took him into the back office to verify his license to blow then served him a stiff cocksicle. Watch as Christian opens his mouth wide and slurps up every last drop of the shot Brian pours down his throat.
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12-02-2020 0 These two best friends never tried having some hot lesbian fun before. It took a little persuading but before long they were both munching on some pink taco!
12-02-2020 0 Kendra was collecting coins for her candy cache when she came close to the cunt-happy carpet crooners. Dick and Rob offered to buy all of the candy to free up her time for them to fondle her. She found that camp will never match the fun she had getting there.
12-02-2020 0 We were out looking at some new cars when this sexy swinger MILF picked us up! We were shocked this slut wanted to take us back to our pad and fuck the hell out of us. How could we resist? So we took her back and fucked her tight pussy sore. We left this big breasted MILF with a face full of cum and a beat up pussy!
12-02-2020 0 As this poolside poonfest winds down, these sexy sluts are ready for a tasty testicle treat! Watch as no cheek is left ungooed as this orgy sex party comes to a sticky end! Anyone got a towel?
12-02-2020 0 Francis and his new friend Matt came with me today to look for somthing new. We found it too. Billy is a straight exotic dancer, and for the right amount of money Billy will do anything. Including get fucked by TWO HUGE COCKS!!!
12-02-2020 0 Ah the cutthroat world of porn! Our two Boner Buccaneers plundered some FINE booty from the scurvy Interavid lads, and this bonny lass wasn't leaving without a good assfucking! Watch these pirates give pretty Jasmine's ass no quarter in this episode!!
12-02-2020 0 I work too much to have a boyfriend. Krystal tells naughty milf Michelle and her horny husband, Reno. Well, barely legal Krystal may not have time for a boyfriend, but she sure has time to get her taut twat lovingly licked by Michelle and then stuffed by Reno's rigid rod!
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12-02-2020 0 Being a loan shark is a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. And do it we will, with this loser's wife! Now Krissy is learning a HARD lesson about finances that neither her, nor her hubby, are soon to forget. In fact, this video will be there to remind them!
12-02-2020 0 Hot bods and hot rods may go together ...but this a no rod zone and our sexy lez was itching to try Codi's sexy curves. Watch this honey take some hot punani for a test drive.
12-02-2020 0 Ebony and nicely tanned Ivory, sweat'n together in perfect harmony, side by side they pound that ass so hard O lord, why don't we..... Watch? Sweat'n to the oldies or just bust'n a move, however you get down, the jungle boogie we're bringing you today is gonna make everyone get jizzy with it.
12-02-2020 0 It's warm out but it's even hotter inside as these restless students keep the party sizzling for a spring break you won't forget! Cum see how modern honeys ease the stress of college these days!
12-02-2020 0 Nathan was looking for a desk job. We had the perfect desk job for him, bent over the desk in our studio! $200 to suck our dicks? Watch us convince Nathan that he CAN pay his rent by getting his tight ass plugged!
12-02-2020 0 Riding down the road I come across this cute blonde named Kelly, but she is getting some work done to her car , funny coincidence I need a little work done myself, I wonder what it is she can help me with...Maybe she can hop on and ride the boloney pony, that always promises a good time!
12-02-2020 0 The scenery is so beautiful we brought the bed outside, but you probably won't even notice because Darla and Vanessa pull out all of the best booty bangin' stops in the book! Cum on in for a smorgasbord of XXX BJ's, 69in', ATM's, ATP's, and good ol' fashion DP's.
12-02-2020 0 The fellas didn't have to go far to find this week's conquest -- she lived right downstairs! Georgia was a little intimidated by the huge pair of cocks confronting her, but she proved to be more than equal to the task!
12-02-2020 0 Rihannon Sky loves pouting, playing and fucking for the camera, so when we invited her to a little party we were throwing, we knew what would happen when we pulled out the vidcams! Rihannon grabbed the first thick-dicked stud she could and let him fuck her pussy til it was swollen shut, her big boobs bouncing all the way!
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12-02-2020 0 Tall, dark and handsome Sly is in town visiting friends. So far he's had a nice time and thinks the people here are friendly and we're gonna show him just how friendly we can be. Making friends the hard way comes easy to us especially when our newfound friends wear size 11 1/2 shoes, if you know what I mean!
12-02-2020 0 While interviewing Dildar, Billy and David learn he's never seen an uncut cock. But thanks to David, it turns out to be Dildar's lucky day. He isn't just going to get to see what it looks like, he's gonna get to find out how it feels stretching his tight little ass.
12-02-2020 0 David and Brodie don't have to say much to each other. Their hard cocks tell everything that needs to be known. They're hot for each other's lean, toned, tanned trunks, and tight tails. Watch them suds up then slurp down.
12-02-2020 0 Cara won't even give her boyfriend a blowjob, but then again he doesn't have a pension to entice her with. We knew she was going to be an easy sell because she was seriously broke, but seriously money hungry. She named her price and we doled out: boobs $20, pussy $200, but her 1st taste of CUM... Priceless.
12-02-2020 0 Riley was waiting for her big modeling career to start, dropping out of school to devote the time, and hoping to get the big bucks! Sadly it's not meant to happen for our little treat Riley, we are here to help her out with a few bucks and a few dicks! Check out our little dish this week!!
12-02-2020 0 Romeo was well known for his love for Juliet. But, take away Juliet and put Romeo in a room with some hot dick and see the balls fly! So, watch Romeo's tight little hole swell with warm, slippery dick till, it bursts with creamy goodness!
12-02-2020 0 Now that Brad has had his anal cherry popped, he became more curious about how much cock he could take. The sensation of his ass or mouth being filled up became an obsession he could not deny! Needles to say, when Sam and Johnny hit the scene and Brad got his first look at their huge cocks, he could not wait to take these two studs deep inside of him. The pain, the pleasure...waits for you inside!
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