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05-28-2020 0 How long will it take these twinks to figure out that as long as we're in business, there's no protecting their virgin assholes from getting plundered? See Ryan earn his pay the hard way!
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05-28-2020 0 Another star is born this week when we recruited this innocent farm babe from "Missourah" by showing her how the other half live: sleek black jags, blue cement vault rooms & designer couches. Watch us pop the cork on this hot little bottle of Krystal with our monster cocks!
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05-28-2020 0 Starring Tristan EverHARD and Sebastian, this episode of Gay College Sex Parties is a must see. When these two twinks get a hold of eachothers stick shifts the ride never ends! Join us as we raise the roof...and our cocks at one of the hottest parties in Ft. Lauderdale!
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05-28-2020 0 Hey there honcho, is that a dumbbell in your swimming trunks or are you just happy to see me? Black Steel has it all--a perfect form, muscles galore, and a big stinky weener that could use some jerkin' and chuggin' right about now!
05-28-2020 0 Claudia knows what she likes and she's not wasting any time getting it. Before she's even taken off any clothes, let alone gotten off her feet she takes a big glass cock up the butt. After that it's an all out three ring circus complete with acrobatics, DP's, and gaping holes.
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05-28-2020 0 Chris and John couldn't get Jordan's attention at the mall so they followed her home! They were hoping to peep a naughty MILF doing naughty things but before they did, she found them lurking around and mistook them for the moving guys. No worries ma'ma we can help you move... quiver... squirm..
05-28-2020 0 This week we have for you squirtiest flirt, the sexiest skank, the one and only Lexi and her vaginal volcano of coochie juice. Once again we bring you to only the most beautiful squirting skanks. See this week's luscious lady fill your cup, and quench that urge for a fem fluid fantasy. Cum in now to see all the juicy action.
05-28-2020 0 On a miserable winter day, Brandon found himself stranded with a canceled flight, in need of a hotel room, and with a maxed out credit card. No worries; Johnny to the rescue! After some small talk, out came the big cock... and you know where it goes from there. :-)
05-28-2020 0 After working out all his other muscles, Mike still needs to tone his forearms. Nothing works better for him than stroking his huge meaty shaft till he blows a huge load all over his six-pack stomach.
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05-28-2020 0 Honey... What are you doing? - Hi! This is Deena. - She told me about your piercing, the one on your cock. I came to see it. - Ya, I found her shopping and brought her home. - Um, well I just woke up, but O.K! - I've never done this before, but wow! You have the best wife ever. She makes me so wet.
05-28-2020 0 Vanessa Lane was due to make an appearance with us. As if her rock-hard perfect body isn't enough, she is also a total nymphomaniac who likes to show off how flexible she is. What makes her even more special is she likes to drìnk cum from a wine glass so she can really enjoy the taste and smell of it.
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05-28-2020 0 Reily and Ruby were outside of the club lamenting the late hour and how disappointed they were that they hadn't found anyone to take home. Just then, Lacey, a British blonde bombshell came over and explained that she'd lost her passport and needed some help. The embassy was closed but her port would soon be wide open.
05-28-2020 0 Camera man Ricco's got a hot new assistant and she's the perfect target for the dirty duo. They convinced the naive new-cummer that there's no better way of becoming a good director than by learning to get VERY comfortable in front of the camera. Guess what the ultimate test of comfort is?Cum inside and see...
05-28-2020 0 Honey was browsing the lingerie aisle looking for a bra big enough to hold her most prominent features. She couldn't find one, of course, but she did find our cameras! We took the opportunity to get these gorgeous globes on film while they were big and squeezable. She reluctantly slipped into a too-tight bikini and showed us all her titular talents. This Honey gets wild!
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