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11-24-2020 0 This can be an educational experience for yourself as well as for us explained Lexi What do you mean? asked Jessica, Since you taught us about the computer, maybe we can teach YOU a little about something Lexi continued
11-24-2020 0 Since Luscious discovered her husband Christian is shooting blanks, she has devised a new plan for inseminating herself- tricking a stranger to cum inside of her! Unaware target Derrick is back for a second round of spouse-switching with his new wife Phoenix, a good-times blonde bombshell ready for anything, she thinks...after some hot sucking and fucking the truth comes out- watch and see how the preyed-upon couple takes it!!!
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11-24-2020 0 Cassidy was expecting us to put our money where our mouth is. Well, we were expecting her to put our dicks where her mouth is! Little did she know we were about to get our gangbang on! Cum watch as we give this little slut a GBS special.
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11-24-2020 0 The MILF Seekers catch Kitty off guard at a local hotdog stand. With a little coercion they get this redheaded vegetarian to sample their tube steak. Watch as this lil' kitty laps up all of our man milk and purrs for more.
11-24-2020 0 Mya Nichole has an ass that just won't quit -- no matter how much cock you stuff up it! After fucking the living hell out of her pussy and asshole, the guys give Mya a simultaneous double creampie that leaves her leaking like a BP oil well!
11-24-2020 0 This scene with Jaymz and Jeremy gets right to the point -- no need for foreplay when the boys arrive on set already this hot and bothered, right?
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11-24-2020 0 Married women who are sent to us by their husbands are always fun to watch. Knowing her man is at home while she proves her oral skills with a cuteer man is a turn-on. Making her swallow all the guy's cum is even better. India puts on a great show and enjoys eating the big load she is given, plus she promised if she was heading this way again she'd come back to try and beat her time.
11-24-2020 0 I didn't know you were married. - I didn't want to scare you away, but it's O.K. we're both a lot of fun. - How long have you guys been together? - Two years, two years of fun! Do you wanna have some fun with us? We wanna have some fun with you....
11-24-2020 0 Chelsea Zinn has been in porn for about 10 years and knows how to get guys off. To keep things fresh and fun, we improvised with the clock and had Ram wear it around his neck so Chelsea could see how she was doing with his dick down her throat. He popped pretty quickly and she enjoyed swallowing his load.
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11-24-2020 0 Enrique is back for a visit, and he brought along Brian. Johann is a bisexual from Germany, but admits he has not had much experience with men. For $200 he's willing to take on TWO HUGE COCKS, but will he be able to handle them?
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11-24-2020 0 Since the moment Ian arrived at the party he couldn't stop thinking of ways to gain entrance into Egypt's secret chamber. After some pondering, Ian realized that his dick is the magic key that can open Egypt's back door! Come see us solve the ancient Riddle of the Sphincter!
11-24-2020 0 Drew was in the park taking a break from the job hunt. He came with us to learn how he could earn some cash a a male model. He was shy at first but soon he was down fucking my assistant ty like a dirty little slut! This cute guy likes to be on top and his dick doesn't seem to care if its fucking a honey or a guy it comes either way!
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11-24-2020 0 Dumpy ol' Joe Friday is back this week for another home wrecking episode of House Wife Bangers. Delilah has had it to her limit with her loser hubby & is in a vindictive mood. Being short on cash & already having a short fuse, Delilah jumps at the offer to jump on dumpy Joe's dork for some extra cash.
11-24-2020 0 You actually seem to be very much my wife's type Marcus explained to Barbie, What do you mean by that? Barbie naively asked. Use your imagination Marcus continued, Have you ever been with a girl before? - How about a married couple threesome!!!
11-24-2020 0 I came from Russia to study here at the university Nika told Pricilla who used to teach English as a second language. So Nika went home with Pricilla and John where she's gonna get a lesson in English that she won't soon forget! N-I-P-L-S, where are my nipples?.....
11-24-2020 0 "I bet you'd do just about anything to go on that Europe trip," said Joe. "Yeah, pretty much anything!" said Katie. Veronica chimed in: "Well, we're a pretty open-minded couple...I bet we can come up with a way to make your trip happen!"
11-24-2020 0 Seeing each other scantly clad and wet made Brittany and Cathy so horny for each other they forgot to finish washing their famous bosses Hummer. So he made them give him a hummer then he fucked the shit out of their front and rear ends until squirting his hot wax all over their headlights.
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11-24-2020 0 Preparing for friends James and Ricki to come over, Cayden admits to Evan that she doesn't want to have sex with him anymore, he just doesn't turn her on. Cayden confides in Ricki and a plan to switch spouses is devised! Step 1: Make out with each other until they get their husbands' attention. Step 2: Become swingers!!
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