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08-21-2019 0 It's no secret that we've got the hottest group sex parties around. But there's no way you're getting a peek inside without the help of our tenacious cameramen! We go where only the luckiest ever tread: the all night erotic romps that leave no lady untouched by gallons of goo!
08-21-2019 0 "Do you see how bad she wants it? Do you see how she likes it?" You can...cum join Tina, Vanessa, and Darla. Get wet with them and see if your moans can top theirs.
08-21-2019 0 Who says you can't teach an old bitch new tricks? Tabitha may have a few years on her but that East Coast pussy still needed prodding by the West Coast Gang Bang Squad! We knocked the cobwebs out of every hole and made sure to top off this dirty slut with a load of gonad-glue!
08-21-2019 0 Colin's recently joined a new gym and he wants some 1 on 1 personal training from hot asian body builder Trent. You might call Colin a 'brown nosing' student after he kisses up to his teachers brownstar. But everyone earns a big 'O' watching them reach pulse pumping cllimaxes.
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08-21-2019 0 "I bet you'd do just about anything to go on that Europe trip," said Joe. "Yeah, pretty much anything!" said Katie. Veronica chimed in: "Well, we're a pretty open-minded couple...I bet we can come up with a way to make your trip happen!"
08-21-2019 0 What happens when a naughty nurse is sent in to assist 5 horny doctors? She gets a full body exam of course! They take her temperature over and over and finally diagnose her with a severe case of stuffedfullofcock. The only cure, 5 huge doses of fresh jizz a day!
08-21-2019 0 Alana's pissed that Mikey and Paulie broke her daughters' heart. But she never understood what her daughter saw in them anyway. She suspects it's what they've got in their pants, and she's gonna find out for herself. Then she's gonna give em a taste of their own medicine... Love em' and leave em'
08-21-2019 0 We picked up a couple of guys at the local bathhouse but its your screen that'll steam up when you watch our threesome get down n' dirty in one hot hot hot shower!
08-21-2019 0 Dude, no, never! Yup that is the phrase for this episode of His First Gay Sex. Never say never buddy, because you will wind up eating those words along with a huge cock to chase it. Looks Tyler Page ended up liking the pecker, and just had to turn a little of that sweet virgin asshole loose.
08-21-2019 0 When Dewey showed up at the door caroling, our guys couldn't resist seeing if they could get him through the door.. the back door that is! This year Dewey will be singing a new tune, and he got a gift he never expected - a face full of our own special eggnog!
08-21-2019 0 Brian and Alan thought they were doing a hot XXX shoot with a couple of babes...but surprise, surprise, after the cameras had been turned on, these two rookie guys were devouring cock like nothing we had ever seen before. After his first taste of man-meat, Alan decided he liked it best on the bottom so he turned over and let Brian dig some tunnels!
08-21-2019 0 Feast your eyes on three gorgeous girls as they put away produce like you've never imagined! Banana splits in their pretty pink peaches as well as cucumbers and carrots will keep them cumming and cumming back for seconds.
08-21-2019 0 The last time the ladies saw Hailey they were still playing in the sandbox. Now they are into a different kind of box...the soft pink kind! Join their reunion and watch them get down and dirty in this episode of the pussy lickers club!
08-21-2019 0 The party at this university hot-spot is gonna be off the hook...and BALLS DEEP! This crew of hung fraternity studs decided to kick off the party a little early with an old fashioned chugging contest...but instead of beer, these gay college boys are chugging some serious cock!
08-21-2019 0 Andreia does a strip tease before pounding Douglas in the ass, and then letting him return the favor!
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08-21-2019 0 Enrique is back for a visit, and he brought along Brian. Johann is a bisexual from Germany, but admits he has not had much experience with men. For $200 he's willing to take on TWO HUGE COCKS, but will he be able to handle them?
08-21-2019 0 If you're on a MILF hunt, it's usually easy pickings at the local grocery store. We bagged Christina after running into her, almost literally, in a parking lot. After apologizing, she suggested we go back to her house and show her just how sorry we were... all over her BIG MOM TITS!
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08-21-2019 0 This greedy little mama was down for hanging with us when we told her we'd pay her. She jumped in the car and we couldn't wait to jump her bones. Back at the studio we showed this hot mom what fucking was really about; two cute studs sticking their hard cocks in holes she forgot she had! MILF, it does a body good!
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08-21-2019 0 Kayla and Will came over to stay for the weekend causing all kinds of trouble for Dean who just wants to get some work done. All this changes when Dean catches Kayla sunbathing and wanting some cock. The other two catch them in the act and decide to get even. Cum on in to see how these horny couples fuck it out!
08-21-2019 0 Misty was late for her train, but she was just in time for our latest scam! This wrecked ho had a chest like a flatcar, but her caboose was smokin', so we let our conductor give her a test ride. Before Misty knew it, her firebox was full of wood and she was screaming like a locomotive! We finished by loading down her boxcar with a lifetime supply of special sauce!!
08-21-2019 0 Get ready to turn up the heat because we're going down South. You may not understand what these Brazilian hunks are saying but their body language explains it all. Passionate tongue kisses, deep throating, wet ass licks and rhythmic sodomy will make you want to move to the tenderloin too.
08-21-2019 0 This slut can massage the shit out of a cock! Bitches always try and suck my cock and leave the cum behind, but this slut is going to swallow the whole enchilada! Or I'm going to take it out on her ass!
08-21-2019 0 It's never a party until there's a chick with a dildo in her ass and a giant black cock in her mouth -- and that's just the first couple minutes of this scene!
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08-21-2019 0 Folks if you have been waiting for the next great episode of Squirt Hunter then wait no longer! This week we have a new cummer to squirting, McKenzie. Her sweet little juice box has got to be the 8th wonder of the world! If you love cute sluts that squirt this is the episode for you!
08-21-2019 0 Johnny (AKA Alex) has a hard time answering the question Are you gay, straight or bisexual, which means that he must be bi, right? Does getting fucked in the ass by a woman wearing a strap-on count? Anyway, gay, straight or bi, he sure has a nice cock!
08-21-2019 0 Alejandro and Antonio know how to brighten up a dull afternoon -- a little oral, a little ass play and a whole lot of jerking and fucking!
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