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02-27-2020 0 Jake was a sexy latin twink who was a hard up for cash. He haggled like a salesman, snatched his cash like a bitch and we fucked him so hard it was enough to turn his brown eye, blue!
02-27-2020 0 Ivan is a dude who looked like a chick, but still had a dick. He haggled like a salesman, snatched his cash like a bitch, so we punked him like a pimp & rode his ass till our dicks went limp.
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02-27-2020 0 Smokin' hottie Faith snatched pretty Celeste in the babes room and couldn't wait to taste her hot wet snatch! Will Faith get her wish and turn out another sexy straight slut? Will pretty Celeste return the favor and become a vagitarian? Tune in now and find out!
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02-27-2020 0 They say that opposites attract. This sun kissed beauty and her raven haired friend are no exceptions to that rule. Their animal magnetism heats up their lust for each other then spills onto the huge cock that turns up just as their passion simmers to a boil. Don't miss this hot hot hot episode.
02-27-2020 0 Hottie Angelina may have had pert and shiny hair for our "commercial" but Cassidy was interested in latching on to her clit like a hungry dog! Watch our pretty vag-itarian convert this little minx into a cunt slurping sex fiend for her first lesbian sex!
02-27-2020 0 Waiting for the real things to arrive, we caught two fuck-sluts sliding toys in and out of their soft pink slits simultaneously on our couch. Thoroughly aroused by their show, we throw these pups a strap-on bone, then make them gag on it before our dogs dig up two gaping holes.
02-27-2020 0 When Brianna replied to our add for 'The Hood's Next Top Model' she said, "I will do ANYTHING it takes to be famous." So we put her to the test, dressing her up in a skimpy leopard dress and high heals. When asked to pose on her knees, she knew exactly what she had to do to get the part and didn't waste anytime making this director's 'pants prop' the center of attention!
02-27-2020 0 The pornstars continue to grace us with their presence. Today is big tittied Vivian West, looking to beat her good friend Taryn Thomas' time. The babes have bet a fancy sushi dinner on who sucks cock better, so let's see if Vivian is faster than Taryn! Regardless of the outcome, Vivian makes sure she eats her protein.
02-27-2020 0 Mark has a new workout partner named Kai. After a hot beach workout, it wasn't long before they had to hit the showers and work up another sweat in the bedroom! Mark loves a rock hard cock in the ass and Kai defiantly does not cum up short!
02-27-2020 0 Michelle has a two car garage where she parks both her gold and silver pocket rockets. She needed a tune-up so we thoroughly checked all of her fluids. We were leaning in to appreciate her fine body work when this well oiled machine sprung her head gasket and squirted all over the place.
02-27-2020 0 OH MY GOD!!!! I'VE BEEN WATING TO SEE YOU! I CAN'T BELIVE IT'S YOU! screams an excited Courtney as she rushes in to hug her favorite idol...Marcus. So I guess you're a fan Marcus says while trying to catch his breath. I'm actually your biggest fan!
02-27-2020 0 Our guys hired Isabella to give them Spanish lessons. She tried tutoring them but soon deviated from the lesson plan when she realized that it was too hard for them, and they were too hard for her. But before the lesson was over they did learn how to say "Ouch, that's a big cock!"
02-27-2020 0 It's boring in the barracks, so Nicholas decided to pass the time by seeing if his acrobatic anus could take every throbbing inch of Max's boner-bayonet! At first, Max's war-machine took it slow and steady while infiltrating into Nicholas' dark territory, but soon it was all systems go and Max was dropping every inch of commando cock into Nicholas puckering ass!
02-27-2020 0 Valeria is a veritable strip mall with an outlet on the top floor and offices in front and back. Her back hasn't been open to the public so it took us a bit of tongue, finger, and third leg work to shove our way through that door. But once we did, her other orifices were begging for a taste of what we found there.
02-27-2020 0 Alex is an old pansy pouncing pro. It's not everyday that a peter is so pretty it catches his attention. But the moment Alex and David caught a glimpse of the prize behind Ricky's front door they threw themselves at him, begging to let them suck his cock and ream his rump with their giant Johnsons.
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02-27-2020 0 Since the last time we saw our good friend, Memphis, almost 2 years ago, she's completely given up men and developed a talent for seducing innocent honeys. Only here can you watch her find a pretty cunning thing, get her home, fuck the shit out of her, and do it all in under an hour!
02-27-2020 0 Darrian meets Anthony and Simon on his way to a fashion shoot, and realizes he'll have a much better time with these guys sucking dick and getting fucked. Darrian is mostly a bottom because of his boyfriend, but with Anthony and Simon, he's playing all sides.
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02-27-2020 0 Brooke the mechanic couldn't figure out what was wrong with Sam's car. Dissatisfied with the lack of a solution to his vehicular dilemma, Sam gave Brooke a choice: figure out what's wrong with my car, or suck my dick. Brooke chose the latter, and the rest is cum-stained history.
02-27-2020 0 N-Ice needs a man who can carry on a conversation. Slim needs a nice guy who appreciates his affection. They both really want mind blowing, hot, sweaty sex!! Lets see if their wants and needs are met on Gay Blind Date Sex!
02-27-2020 0 Michelle has the biggest tits we've featured on this site, except maybe for Puma Swede: remember those huge cans? The babes get down and take turns fucking each other in the ass with a strap-on, complete with ass-to-mouth sucking of course. Our mighty Sophia takes a pretty big one up her ass, while the super-tit whore can only handle a regular size toy.
02-27-2020 0 This holiday hoopla started out innocently enough, until a horde of horny hotties decided to unwrap their presents early! These sexy sluts strip down and spread eagle, taking monolithic man-mallets into their pretty pussies and marvelous mouths in a group sex fuck orgy that hammers home the old adage that it's better to give than to receive!
02-27-2020 0 We find this sexy tattooed cutie Jessica trying to get home, hoping to run into some luck at the train station, we can help out if she's willing... nothing is free anymore...It's GAS or ASS and we think she'll go for option B ! Cum See if we're right!!
02-27-2020 0 Johan is a sexy lad with a tight body and an even tighter virgin asshole just begging to be breached...and Phillipe was happy to do the breaching! The pain, the agony, the joy...Johan experiences it all as he takes a firm cock in the mouth and in the ass for his first gay sex!
02-27-2020 0 Devon and Marcus desperately need the pool cleaned. Their usual guy sends out his horny eighteen year old slut-daughter to get the job done. But Monica pegs them as a swinging couple and suggests a hot hardcore threesome instead... an offer they cannot refuse.
02-27-2020 0 While out looking for their final resting place, Dick and Rod found Melissa who was doing research for a school project. The near dead duo deferred her studies with some cash incentives, then they taught her that age doesn't matter when her pussy's ready to be filled up with cock.
02-27-2020 0 Jadelyn Santana, a Harlem NY native, has graced us with her presence today & is going to show us how they do it in Uptown. This Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa is here to give you a piece of her mind, & her whole ass with it. Don't miss this one of a kind episode!!!
02-27-2020 0 Samantha has a new tripod made especially for her smartphone, and she's eager to put it through its paces. What better subject than Jesse's pert little titties and tight round ass? The ladies put the tripod and Samantha's *other* toys to great use, giving Jesse her first strap-on banging!
02-27-2020 0 Little Tommy Twink had never been with another boy before, but after offering to pay him some big bucks, he agreed to spread wide his wings and his ass to try some hardcore first time gay sex. This first timer took to chugging cock and getting reamed like he'd been doing it all his life!
02-27-2020 0 Gretchen Elvgren thought that she was entering a contest when she went home with our long black crew. Little did she know the contest was actually the classic who can fit their huge black dick further into this tight little white slut's slit the furthest before she passes out contest.
02-27-2020 0 Angelica Heart, Pure Angel and Clara put their best foot forward in this scene... literally! Having a couple of little toes jammed up their snatches isn't enough to satisfy these dirty ladies, though, so Clara breaks out the big toys to give their holes a nice, wide stretching!
02-27-2020 0 Mya could be an Asain model. Her beautiful face and tight ass had my cock sprung! I talked her right out of her clothes and had my cock down her throat before she knew what hit her! She proved to me that once you go Asian you will never go Caucasian!
02-27-2020 0 Kicking your gym partner in the head is a good way to get your ass kicked! But it could also be a great opportunity to 'make it up to him' shall we say.... That's exactly what Roberto did. After hurting Matheus, he kissed 'it' and made Matt feel all better!
02-27-2020 0 Genesis wasn't much for talking, she was ready to get fucked up and fuck her brains out! Little did she know that we party double! As soon as we had the chance we slipped one in the pink and one in the stink! We reamed her holes and glazed her face!
02-27-2020 0 We went out in search of a new turbo boost for our car and ended up finding Anna! She was one turbo mom and left work to cum help us install our parts. We checked out her undercarriage and then shoved our parts right inside. She didn't mind getting down and dirty with us and ended up covered in grease! Don't miss out on this week's Turbo MILF!
02-27-2020 0 MILF CeCe hired her son's friend, Joey as a personal trainer. She remembers how turned on she got watching him play football. Now she's got her own plan for how they can burn some calories together - And get her daily dose of protein!
02-27-2020 0 This sexy MILF was out shopping for shoes. We convinced her to come back to the pad for some hot MILF action. We fucked this slut in both holes at the same time, then unleashed a load of hot cum all over her grill.
02-27-2020 0 Daria and Christina might dress innocently but they're no virgins. We underestimated how naughty these hotties could be. By the time they were in a pussy stack we had to send in reinforcements. Of course we didn't spare them our rods but they seemed to like our brand of punishment.
02-27-2020 0 Kaidin Cole is modeling his skivvies to a very excited camera lens. As soon as he was in some tighty whities Jordan couldn't keep his mouth off of Kaidin's cock! Get hard and ready for some more great gay fun!
02-27-2020 0 Alana's pissed that Mikey and Paulie broke her daughters' heart. But she never understood what her daughter saw in them anyway. She suspects it's what they've got in their pants, and she's gonna find out for herself. Then she's gonna give em a taste of their own medicine... Love em' and leave em'
02-27-2020 0 On a miserable winter day, Brandon found himself stranded with a canceled flight, in need of a hotel room, and with a maxed out credit card. No worries; Johnny to the rescue! After some small talk, out came the big cock... and you know where it goes from there. :-)

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