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04-02-2020 0 Rents overdue, and hubby doesn't have it! Looks like this couple is out on the streets. But after offering the wife up instead, she gets a mouthful of dick and things get sticky because the landlord is going to make him watch!
04-02-2020 0 Dumpy ol' Joe Friday is back this week for another home wrecking episode of House Wife Bangers. Delilah has had it to her limit with her loser hubby & is in a vindictive mood. Being short on cash & already having a short fuse, Delilah jumps at the offer to jump on dumpy Joe's dork for some extra cash.
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04-02-2020 0 "Our schedule is hectic," said Joe, "so we need to know if you can handle what it demands." "Are you two, like always making out?" asked Kinzy. "Oh yeah," said Joe. "We can't get enough of each other. And other babes..." Kinzy was shocked: "But your wife is just around the corner!"
04-02-2020 0 Sexy singer Samantha was a dirty birdy for straight sex, but she was gonna change her tune with Sasha! After a little warming up Sasha opened up her sexy pipes (and hot legs) and gave Samantha a performance she wouldn't forget! Watch these two make sweet music together!
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04-02-2020 0 This threeway romp starts with some behind the scenes fun from a recent live shoot we did featuring Allie Haze, Jessie Andrews and Lexi Belle. Once the joshing around is over, though, the girls get down to some serious pussy eating, vibrator play and plenty of screaming, shuddering orgasms!
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04-02-2020 0 A wacky movie director is considering Sam and Jack for roles in an upcoming film. He's looking for the strong, silent type. What he's going to get is the gay, well-hung type. He leaves the boys alone to practice their lines, but Sam and Jack have other things in mind - like practicing fellatio and ass-fucking.
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