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03-06-2021 0 If you're a porn fan that loves big, shapely butts, all you need to know about this scene is that Alexis Texas is in it. After showing off her incredible body for the camera for a while, she's ready for some cock... and then the real fun begins. The only thing better than watching this girl getting fucked from behind is being the one doing the fucking!
03-06-2021 0 Neo, Neo, Neet-O! Chinese flight attendant, Neo, cost us a pretty penny, but he was worth every cent. His rippling muscles and beautiful skin, perfectly bronzed except where his speedo snuggles up against him, made us drµnk with lust. But it's seeing his tight ass stretch for His First Huge Cock that makes this a stroke-worthy romp!
03-06-2021 0 We found Felix on his way to go ice fishing, but convinced him to come with us instead. He wanted to catch the big one, and he did alright - two big ones right in the ass! He got a free side of tartar sauce to the face as an added bonus!
03-06-2021 0 As soon as we spotted Alana, we just had to get her to come hang out. She agreed after we offered her some cold hard cash. Little did she know that she was gonna be doing a whole lot more than hanging out!
03-06-2021 0 Chris is cruising the hood, when he runs into Jack and Todd, and thinks he might have a good time with these guys. Well, when Chris gets his first taste of cock, he's ready to get fucked and pounded by these studs in "His First Gay Sex"
03-06-2021 0 Drew Scott shows us what he's got - with special emphasis on his nice, thick cock and its massive, bulbous head! That thing looks like it was *made* to be sucked, but today is just about Scott doing his thing for the camera by himself. Oh well... maybe next time!
03-06-2021 0 Jamie is down right giddy with anticipation when he finds out we've hooked him up with our two good friends, Orlando and Shane, otherwise know as Length and Girth!!! Don't miss this dance major's great performance starting with a striptease in act 1, a dick tease in 2, and a dos-a-dos is his ass when he takes them both on.
03-06-2021 0 Do you like your ladies fiery?! If you do this redhead is for you! She will suck your cock while you play with her tits, then bend over and take your big meat stick all while jerking herself off.
03-06-2021 0 "It's the same as training. You have to try different programs and genres..... It's actually very good cardio, and it helps your blood flow... I know my blood's flowing really well right now... We're going to make you into a new woman in more ways than one!"
03-06-2021 0 Despite Alana's disgust of the whole idea, the couples meet to "Wife Switch." Soon tempers fly. Andrew likes it rough but Joe says not with his wife. After a heated exchange, they all make up and skeptical Alana gets her tits doused in Andrew's cock custard. All is well!
03-06-2021 0 We took Tripp on a trip and then flipped him some grips to let us slip our mushroom-tips between his hot lips before taking a dip in his tulip, then gave him a sip of our sticky drip for a tip!!
03-06-2021 0 Gay dude Brendan went scouring for gay rookies at the beach and found a willing first timer in sweet slender Mathew. When Brendan pulled out his gigantic man-rod, it wasn't long before Mathew was taking it balls-deep in his mouth and his ass in some first time gay sex!
03-06-2021 0 Beefy Latino Vito teams up with Billy and Bernardo for a day of sucking and fucking! Vito was on his way to go camping, but decides he's ready for "His First Huge Cock"
03-06-2021 0 This white slut seemed like one one tough chic, but we were certain she'd have a soft spot for us. Once we got her back to our place we whipped out our big black dicks and sure enough...she let us shove them right in her soft spot.
03-06-2021 0 When Taylor sees something she wants, she's not afraid to go after it, even if it means picking up a live-one at the graveyard. With rhythmic strokes she raises his dead before revealing her secret: She only has one hole for him to bury his staff in!
03-06-2021 0 Doctors use a speculum to hold open an orifice while they examine it. Like most great scientific inventions, speculums have also started to find their way into the consumer market. Here we have Sophia demonstrating the way a bartender might use a speculum: if she were trying to make a drìnk that required a shot of cum taken from her own colon!
03-06-2021 0 Jeremy and Jordano get straight to the point -- the point being, from Jeremy's perspective, that Jorndano's cock is delicious to suck on, and it feels really good to have it shoved all the way up your ass.
03-06-2021 0 Josh came in for an interview looking for some work. We didn't need an accountant, just a tight ass and plenty of lube! It started off with $500 for a bj and turned into his first gay sex!! Too bad for Josh the money is a lie and he just sucked my cock dry!
03-06-2021 0 Starring Tristan EverHARD and Sebastian, this episode of Gay College Sex Parties is a must see. When these two twinks get a hold of eachothers stick shifts the ride never ends! Join us as we raise the roof...and our cocks at one of the hottest parties in Ft. Lauderdale!
03-06-2021 0 Better grab your raincoat: Peyton's all juiced up and ready to blow! Some lucky dude was feelin' out her pussy when he hit the squirt switch! Now she can't help but hit the honey pot every time she cums! From the storm drain to the flood plain, this hot little minx's got female ejaculation whupped!
03-06-2021 0 When Ashley's friend turned out to be a no-show, CJ and I were more than happy to give her a lift. We took her back to the apartment and jumped head first into her juicy pussy. Ashley is our first SQUIRTING MILF and she loves cock. The "more, the better"...
03-06-2021 0 We picked up Mario while playing a little b-ball. We hustled his ass all over the court. Then we made a pass and scored!! We had a gay shot to his open straight ass! SWISH! SWASH! SCORE!
03-06-2021 0 Opening the floodgates this week is pretty Tiffany! This wet n' wild cocklover rocked Matt's rod as she stuffed inch after inch of his meat in her dripping snatch! Tune in now and don't forget your umbrella!
03-06-2021 0 Tori's visiting LA from the Northwest and she's ready to party Cali style. We told her that we know how to do it up BIG here and she was rearing to go. Back at our place we shocked her with the size of the party in our pants then convinced her that the biggest thing she could do here was Ricco's monster cock!
03-06-2021 0 Pay no attention to the catering... we've got mouth-watering h'dourves waiting for you in the Orgy Room! Seven succulant socialites are dripping wet and screwin' up a pungent flavor! Grab a plate and join the line-- we've got a smorgasboard of steamin' hot pussy just dying to be tasted! And by all means, please share your entree!
03-06-2021 0 Scott is returning to switch out his new wife Jessica, an exotic exhibitionist ready to show her new hubbie that although she likes to lick pussy, she wont ditch him for a lesbian lover like his ex did! Joey hopes that shy Kylie will learn to loosen up - with Jessica and Scott's help, it looks like Kylie was more than ready to experience new things.
03-06-2021 0 Anthony teams up for the first time with new found friend Darrian and encounters 20 years old Latino bottom Danillo on his way to a fashion modeling class. Danillo is single and soon gets His First Huge Cock!
03-06-2021 0 Alana's pissed that Mikey and Paulie broke her daughters' heart. But she never understood what her daughter saw in them anyway. She suspects it's what they've got in their pants, and she's gonna find out for herself. Then she's gonna give em a taste of their own medicine... Love em' and leave em'
03-06-2021 0 Felix and Karoline take turns sucking each others' cocks as a prelude to Karoline pounding Felix in the ass and cumming in his mouth.
03-06-2021 0 Mr. & Mrs. Meyers are interested in inviting one of Mrs. Meyers' co-workers to fuck her. Mrs. Meyers, aka Aaralyn, is a sexy cute blonde who wants to fulfill a fantasy not to mention her hubby wants to see her get nailed. Cum inside & see all the steamy action!
03-06-2021 0 Queens and Gentlemen! This week's one of a kind party requires your full attention. This episode will have you on the edge of your seat as you watch Duncan have his seat violated by Jamie's pink penetration pole. Cum join the party as these college deadbeats get fucked up and fuck their college years away.
03-06-2021 0 Cum join us at the school of hard cock! Enroll now and enjoy the raw recruits we've got waiting to get liberal with you! A degree from F to the A will make you a certified expert in the art of loosening tight assholes, and in our advanced pussy pounding course you'll learn to cram hard. Don't miss this Ass-embly!
03-06-2021 0 Deadbeat Steve owes Ethan $600. He can't come up with the money... but he does have a fine piece of ass for a wife! Perhaps they'll work something out? You know they always do! Jen's eager to get down to business. She'll fuck and suck her way out of any problem!
03-06-2021 0 Ashlyn is the daughter of some old friends of Ethan and Lexi who needed a place to stay for a little while. Ashlyn didn't know that being spied on and getting her brains fucked out was going to be part of the deal -- but she doesn't seem to mind. ;-)
03-06-2021 0 We Saw this hot latina MILF and we knew we had to get in to her tight MILF pussy! We took Olivia back to the pad and she was all about fucking some raging cock. This hot enchilada loved the MILFseeker cock, we gave her one in the mouth and one in the pussy then switched. This sexy MILF loved our hot white sauce on her sexy face!
03-06-2021 0 After getting dumped by her dude stressed out Monica needed a way to cum hard, and regular toys weren't cutting it! It was a whole new world when she straddled our wild fuck toys, as they whirred and buzzed her clit ferociously! Watch her make a liquid explosion with our toys!
03-06-2021 0 Angry Hispanic Guy relaxes after he gives in to his first gay bang. He realizes that he doesn't have to be a plumber to fix the toilet. After all, guys know how to suck a huge dick.
03-06-2021 0 This sexy waitress likes to have sex in public, so we gave her a ride with the backseat bangers! This little slut rides dick like a champ, and sucks it pretty good as well...
03-06-2021 0 Apparently, you can't tempt young girls strolling down Mulberry Lane with candy anymore. You need crisp Jackson's, and lots of them! Then she'll be down for gigglin', wigglin', and pussy ticklin'. A few more Jackson's and an old fashioned fuck frenzy is a sure thing. After all, this chick has student loans to pay off!
03-06-2021 0 Zack's on the fast track to modelhood, or so he thinks. We made sure he had his passport, told him stories of Paris, London, and Milan, but the only trip he'll be taking with us is on the Sodomy Express. There'll be a stopover on Daisy Chain Drive before we end up at our final destination.... And Everybody Gets Off!!!!
03-06-2021 0 Tye got out from class & went over to Malachi's place to hang out & watch a flick. Malachi had already selected a film, & it was up to Tye to get the "tip". Curiosity got the best of Tye, & he got the best of Malachi's cock, & few minutes into that blow-job, Tye wanted a few inches in his ass. Watch as Tye gets a stiff hard ass pounding.
03-06-2021 0 Anita and Caty just don't see to eye to eye... but only because Anita is six inches taller than Caty. No worries, though; when it comes to eating pussy and getting each other off with dildos, these two lovely ladies are definitely on the same page!
03-06-2021 0 This sexy little cutie had no idea she was about to take her turn with these two horny old fogies. Jackie took these two old cocks like a pro, sucking and fucking until they showered her with hot cum.
03-06-2021 0 Well-muscled Latino stud Mr. Christian talks about his sexuality for a bit before stripping and jerking off for the camera.
03-06-2021 0 Daniel's latest MILF hook is to pretend to be a personal trainer. Demi doesn't really buy his story, but once she has his cock in her mouth, instinct takes over and she has to finish what she has started...
03-06-2021 0 Tawdry Angelina had us so turned on by her solo finger-banging that we had to hop in and see if our big cocks could fit in her tight pussy and sweet mouth. We fucked this barely legal (18+) bitch until she screamed for us to cum all over her mouth and tight little tits!
03-06-2021 0 Once Sam heard that Jeremy could suck his own cock, he wanted to see him do the trick with his own two eyes. Along the way to proving that he can polish his own knob, Jeremy demonstrates that he's no slouch when it comes to blowing someone else, either!
03-06-2021 0 Our girls are hosting a princess sleep over for adults! However sleep is not what these ladies have in mind. There are plenty of games to be played - games like; pussy lick, vibrating toys instead of boys, and passionate kiss n' tell!! You're invited too, so cum on in...
03-06-2021 0 Angel, on her lunch break, agreed to come back to the party between our legs. This saucy latina was ready for action and wanted the two for one deal. We gave her the dp special of the day! We stuffed her brown round and pink taco a la carte style!
03-06-2021 0 One man's booty call is our lesbian's punani conquest! This straight hottie quickly changed her mind when smokin' hot Violet worked her sexy tongue and before you know it they were both neck deep in pussy! Someone's gonna be muff hunting soon!

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