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09-30-2020 0 Nicole Rae and Sara Stone are so fucking hot! Nicole is a hardbodied lesbian lady who loves to squeeze big tits and lick sweet pussy surrounded with a nice full bush, tonguing the clit until it's time to pull some a deep-dicking dildo in to turn sweet Sara out!
09-30-2020 0 Carolyn's filthy Husband has cheated on her; she would rather buy a bed on her own so she doesn't have to share the same one. We have a bed to offer and that she should check out, and maybe we could do a little testing on. She's got to check out every inch of this bed to make sure it's what she really wants, but we'll get out what we want in the process!!
09-30-2020 0 The boozehounds return for another fun filled episode of College Wild Parties, Watch your step, there's People Fucking in every corner!! Check it!!
09-30-2020 0 When Sincer & Joey arrived, they barely knew each other, but Gay College Sex Parties always have a way of bringing men together. These guys had no clue what they were in for, but they ended up having a great time, and by the end of the night Sincer & Joey were best butties!!
09-30-2020 0 Chris knows with best way to get rock hard abs is good diet, regular exercise, and constant hardcore fucking. After enjoying a beach workout, Chris and Mark cool down with a shower, then heat up again with some hot cock-sucking and ass-pounding.
09-30-2020 0 Fallon was a typical blonde with big tits. We told her we needed her for a game show. "I better get something out of this." Don't worry baby, a hard fucking with big shot across the face is always nice. Backseat Bangers spreading holiday goo for all of the nice motorist!
09-30-2020 0 We were smooth picking up this MILF at a smoothie shop. We told her that we needed help on a college project but what we really want is to do is give her a thorough exam and fully test out her holes. We made the grade and rewarded her hard work with our warm Pina colada mix all over her mom mammaries.
09-30-2020 0 Parking in LA can be rough. Just ask Amber, who got her new car towed in 10 min! Unable to spring for the impound fees, Amber accepts a little help from Harry and Jake. Watch this little fireball earn her keep as Harry and Jake pound her sweet pussy and paint that cute face with cum!!
09-30-2020 0 Mammary mayhem ensues when three roommates take one wild romp. Giving into their carnal desires these cuties won't stop until each of them cums long and hard. Don't miss a single debaucherous moment of the swollen clits, tits, finger fucking, and dildo cramming that you'll only get here!
09-30-2020 0 Ram keeps bringing us new contestants every week and tries to beat his record of cumming in under 2 minutes. Today he has a waitress from a diner he frequents. She skipped out on work to be here for you, so let's hope for her sake she does well enough to make up for missing out on tip money!
09-30-2020 0 It's time to get in shape for the summer. What do you need to do to get that hot body? According to our guys you need cardio, weights, and lots of protein. We've got plenty of protein shakes! Whip one up of your own while you enjoy the show!
09-30-2020 0 Unleashed and Horny. Down and Dirty. Ruff and Tuff. Up, Down, and all over the snatch. These ladies leave no pussies unattended, and keep everything wet.
09-30-2020 0 I saw a job opening for a delivery man one day for a very successful Chinese restaurant. This is a restaurant I frequented, not only because the food is good, but the chicks are HOT. There were three ladies who managed the restaurant and I knew they would probably be the ones that would be doing the interviews for the job opening. The ad asked specifically for a Chinese applicant. I'm white, but I didn't care. Without hesitation, I phoned them and made an appointment for an interview. I showed up right on time, and came into the room to see the three very beautiful ladies that I'd wanted to see.They immediately took notice of the fact that I wasn't Asian. "Ah! Ah! Wait a minute... we asked for a Chinese boy." One of them exclaimed. Fearing that they may dismiss me, I decided to take the opportunity to flaunt both my knowledge of their menu items as well as my fluency in the Chinese language.The boss lady was impressed and explained what their restaurant was looking for in an employee."We would like you to stand up please. Okay we are very concerned with image. We are very selective of people that we pick. Is there anything on your body? Anything we should know about?" I knew she meant tattoos, so I showed her some skin to prove I didn't have flesh graffiti. They had me take my shirt off and asked me more questions. All of a sudden they wanted me to act like a dog. The ladies had me remove my pants and get on all fours... I wasn't sure if this was normal to them or what, but I really wanted to please these ladies, so I did just as they said. "Get your dick hard." One of the ladies demanded. I stood up and wasted no time in pulling on my cock for them. I was led around behind the desk where the ladies beganjerking my cock. They spoke to me about the job requirements, I was very surprised to know that the delivery job included hand jobs from customers. Who the hell would pass that up? All three ladies were jacking me off and massaging my balls and rubbing up against me. The boss lady walked behind me and did the old 'reach around'. I couldn't stop bucking my hips, these ladies were so fucking hot. It wasn't long before I was ready to cum, and when I did, I exploded everywhere. The ladies pretty much threw me out, after that. I didn't get the delivery job, but at least I got a hand job
09-30-2020 0 Rainclouds in Cali means hot sluts lookin' to get dry, but pretty Tiffany is gonna get hot and sweaty! The duo got this sexy schoolteacher out of those wet things and onto some fat black cocks! Break out those umbrellas peeps cause there's gonna be some chubby rain in this one!
09-30-2020 0 Ever just wanna watch the game, without being bothered by the girlfriend? Of course, but when she comes down in your favorite jersey, and NO PANTIES, then an "only until the commercials" compromise is likely to arise. That's exactly what Sophia's hoping anyway. Our bet is one Sophia, with her, everyone's a winner!
09-30-2020 0 With his ripped, lithe little body, Rikky was all too willing to show it off and take our offer of a little cash in exchange for being turned out by hot gay stud Marco! It took Rikky a moment to settle himself when Marco's big cock pushes its way deep inside of him, but Rikky toughed it out and was soon enjoying the pleasures of the thick dick!
09-30-2020 0 Aries and Sexy One went out on a hot blind date together. Aries liked Sexy so much that he asked him to cum over to his place. There they capped off the blind date with some hot action.
09-30-2020 0 After watching this episode we now know why the camera lens was invented! These two hot muscle men are well defined in all ways possible! And to top it all off, they love to suck cock and take it hard in the ass! Someone pinch me!
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09-30-2020 0 While out bird watching, Peter discovers an interesting specimen. It's a smokin' hot guy with a huge cock just waiting to be discovered! Once they are back at his place he stuffs his bird into Peter's tight nest and fucks him until the creamy finish!
09-30-2020 0 Alana's pissed that Mikey and Paulie broke her daughters' heart. But she never understood what her daughter saw in them anyway. She suspects it's what they've got in their pants, and she's gonna find out for herself. Then she's gonna give em a taste of their own medicine... Love em' and leave em'
09-30-2020 0 It's not his first cock, but it's gonna feel like it! After being with a woman for the last year and a half, we're gonna bake this bi-guy's back side with our potato sized cocks. He says that she like his butt, and so do we! Now our only question is.... Will she learn to like strap-ons enough to make him stay?
09-30-2020 0 Ordinarily, Guilles hates it when his friends get jism on the furniture... but in exchange for sucking his cock, he's happy to let Javier shoot spunk on the sofa.
09-30-2020 0 Alejandro and Francoise demonstrate that food isn't the only thing that's cooking in the kitchen... but they better be careful; this scene is so hot, something is bound to get burned!
09-30-2020 0 All the way from kentucky these party people are here to get lucky! Get the beer ready - We're here to party let loose and fuck the night away in that wild college sex party way!
09-30-2020 0 It took a lot of convincing and a little cash to get 19 year old Taylor into our studio, but once she was in she was more than willing to deliver the goods. A screaming orgasm-filled masturbation session left her pussy drenched, but this sweet teen didn't really show us what a crazed nypho she was until we gave her two hard dicks to fuck!
09-30-2020 0 Sexy singer Samantha was a dirty birdy for straight sex, but she was gonna change her tune with Sasha! After a little warming up Sasha opened up her sexy pipes (and hot legs) and gave Samantha a performance she wouldn't forget! Watch these two make sweet music together!
09-30-2020 0 Bella the sweet little cleaning hottie arrived and boy were we excited... We weren't ready to have such a horny sexy cutie fall into our laps, but that's the best place for her to be! A few flashes of the bills and she's all set to be another cutie FOR CASH!!!
09-30-2020 0 Get ready to spread your cheeks MacKenzee because we're on a mission of anal proportions! With hesitation, Ms. Miles prepares to take off on a rocket powered adventure that leads deep into a place where the sun don't shine.
09-30-2020 0 Dirty blonde slut Honey Winter gets her fill of cock -- and more than her fill of hot, sticky cum!
09-30-2020 0 Britney was searching for a couch and we were searching for a sweet ass to de-virginize. We offered her a couch for the price of something tastier. A DIP INTO A TIGHT LITTLE...well you get the point.
09-30-2020 0 Auston and Rocky had a great time on their date. They talked about bands, clubs, and hot sex. Then they went back to Rocky's place and fucked like rabbits! Watch them get nasty!
09-30-2020 0 Will was waiting for a friend that may not show up. So we grabbed him a cab and took him to back to our pad. Will and me had something in common, we were both hard up. He was hard up for some cash and I was hard up for some hot ass fucking! No one is totally straight and this guy bent like a wet noodle!
09-30-2020 0 Revenge is sweet! Especially when it tastes like pretty pink pussy. These honeys know just what to do to get back at bad guys, get up on each other. And that's exactly what they do. After today they may decide that they never need men again.
09-30-2020 0 19 year old Celina seemed as innocent as they come, but leave it to a couple sick old farts like us to turn a princess into just another piece of ass! Once we helped Celina realize what kind of money her body could earn, she pounced on our wrinkly old meatsticks like they were going out of style!
09-30-2020 0 David thought a bike seat was going to be the only thing between his legs until he came across these two. With a little hard headed convincing, these guys will have David riding something else in no time at all.
09-30-2020 0 We found this hot little MILF out shopping at a local discount store. We knew we had to get us some MILFseeker action, so we brought Mason back to the pad and showed her how we do it. We fucked this sexy mama hard and she sucked our big MILFseeker cocks like a pro. She even let us cum in her little MILF mouth!
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09-30-2020 0 They say that honesty is the best policy but we never imagined it would actually work for us! Until the day we approached Crissy and said "Do you want to hang out.... We were hoping to get laid today." To our surprise she actually said "Yes"!!! Then we found out that she'd never had it in the butt and our track record paid off.... We told her it wouldn't hµrt... and she believed us!!
09-30-2020 0 Ya, ya, ya, Ewen works out, eats well and has the body to prove it. But OMG his 16 inch biceps don't hold a candle to the mega muscle he's got in his pants. He's a gin guy but it's the beer can between his legs that's gonna make you salivate. Tune in because you won't want to miss this bartender shakin' his big ol' jigger.
09-30-2020 0 Welcome back loyal fans. We've got ourselves one stooped ass beyotch for ya! This honey's words are just a waste of a useful hole. Watch us fill it with some giant cock! Just sit back, relax and enjoy while Jay digs his meat plow deep into Sonya's valley. Cum see it all now!!!
09-30-2020 0 It's Tony's birthday, so his wife Jordan set up a little birthday surprise for him in the form of sweet stripper Chastity. Lucky for Tony, Chastity is anything but chaste and is soon taking a celebratory ride on his thunderously thick cock before dropping on her knees to take his rigid rod while she parts Jordan's juice box for a pussy licking party.
09-30-2020 0 Sam and Benoit are aching from a long hard workout that got their fluids pumping and their muscle bulging. Now it's time for a little massage to sooth the tender areas of their firm bodies, before sucking each other off and licking up every last drop of hot cum.
09-30-2020 0 Lee's new wife wanted to surprise him for his birthday, so she decided to give him something he really wanted...his best friend's wife! These hot wives decide to swap spouses in hardcore swinger sex that begins with the girls titillating their twats on huge music-powered OhMiBod vibrators before letting the boys have a turn at their pretty pink pussies.
09-30-2020 0 You're a fucking cocksucker slut, right? we ask Angela. Well, Angela can't answer because she has a cock down her throat... and another one balls deep in her pussy... and another one pummeling her soon to be wrecked ass. Never mind slut, I think we have our answer!
09-30-2020 0 Daniel's MILF target today is Regan, a victim of a hit and run collision. With a bit of quick bullshitting and a highly eccentric ritual he manages to bag his girl, yet again.
09-30-2020 0 Byron and his brother need more space so they called a real estate agent. When they wanted her most expensive property she became delirious with greed and was willing to do anything to seal the deal. They did turn out to be her BIGGEST clients ever, but the only commission she got was all over her face!
09-30-2020 0 Porter and two of his teammates really got to know each another when their hotel room only had one bed. When they couldn't fall asleep an innocent game of truth or dare quickly led to more fleshly fun like; swallowing the sword, three way tackle, and some good old fashion ass fucking.

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