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03-04-2021 0 Fasten your seatbelt because it's going to be a bumpy ride. Tabitha's husband, lets just call him 'Asshole', slammed into Ethan's car without insurance. Ethan's willing to take something of his as payment... Tabitha's fuck drive is fueled by anger and her engine is revving up for revenge.
03-04-2021 0 Horny Hollie is what her name should be. Hungry for some big black cock, she scour who has a shoe size of 12! Wasting no time, she calls him up and invites him over.... Then she makes sure his cock lives up to the size of his feet!
03-04-2021 0 Who says you can't teach and old dog new tricks? Brent has taken a lot of cock in his day but he jaw hit the floor when he saw the size of our cum slingers! We pounded his geriatric ass until his dentures fell out of his head.
03-04-2021 0 Our first aspiring model (Danna) entered the studio and her sexual charisma had us both eager in anticipation to entice her explore her feminine sexuality! This was my first time I got to use my preconceived-cheesy line, "HAVE YOU EVER TRIED NUDE MODELING?"
03-04-2021 0 There's no doubt that Nicky wants it bad. From the moment she lifts her dress you can see that her throbbing pussy has drenched her pretty little panties. She touches herself thru them but before long her glistening twat is exposed just in time for a horny cute stud to give her a taste of the real thing.
03-04-2021 0 Half of fucking Europe seems to be represented in this doozy of a 5 on 1 flesh rodeo. This cock drunk slut takes all the ass smackin', face slappin', hair pullin', and hole wrecking that comes her way, gets her ass played like congas, chugs a gallon of cum, and laughs! By the way Britney, nice boots!
03-04-2021 0 Mya Nichole has an ass that just won't quit -- no matter how much cock you stuff up it! After fucking the living hell out of her pussy and asshole, the guys give Mya a simultaneous double creampie that leaves her leaking like a BP oil well!
03-04-2021 0 Freaky ass hottie with big titties. It doesn't get much better than that. Carmella was willing to do anything which was perfect because we wanted to titty fuck her into the next millenium. It was like a needle in a haystack when we put our dick in between her funbags.
03-04-2021 0 After dinner it's always great to have a sweet twink for dessert! Eli was waiting at the bus stop so we offered him a ride on our hard dicks! Eli was reluctant but a little cash was all the motivation he needed!
03-04-2021 0 Among our many endeavors we sponsor up and (soon to be) cumming cuties in pageants and bikini contents. Our newest client wants to sign up for a huge bikini contest but she's afraid of the other babes. We have the prefect plan to help her loose that fear of catty women.... We'll teacher her how to make those pussies purrrrrrrrrr.
03-04-2021 0 Nick and Michael were both looking for a workout partner they could get along with, and we really think they hit it off. And by hit it off, we mean they couldn't wait to get all sweaty, rub each other down, and lick each others' throbbing cocks. Now their normal routine involves a hot fucking session and with a blast of hot cum at the end.
03-04-2021 0 Hot, Hot, Hot, ladies. Need there be more said? Well, it could also be added that they all have a hunger for sweet pussy that comes served in a lesbian foursome. Bon ApeTITe!
03-04-2021 0 Skinny Pimp just moved to town with his girl and he's eager to make friends. When we invited him up for a drink he had no idea that the only thing being served was fresh shots of man-milk. He did his best to fit in, and it wasn't long before we were doing our best to fit in him.
03-04-2021 0 An application of lotion morphs into serious sucking, fucking and cum-swapping for Diego and Francoise!
03-04-2021 0 We found sexy little Jasmine and knew we could get in her pants. This little slut never tasted a pussy before but sure loved it when she finally did. This sexy little slut loved her first lesbian sex.
03-04-2021 0 Who wants to spend a lot of money fucking good looking bitches? Not us! Off to the dollar store to find a whore worthy of blowing our wad on! Heidi broke the record for undressing and getting to her knees! Don't miss this tramp scarf up cock like it was a nickel left in a coin return slot!
03-04-2021 0 The ladies weren't too excited about learning how to play baseball, but they had no issues with getting to 'third base,' and eventually ALL the way home....
03-04-2021 0 Jaymz has always had a thing for his sister's boyfriend Nate. So with his sister gone, Jaymz gets Nate alone and offers his stiff cock up for Nate to do with what he will. Nate is straight, but after Jaymz agrees to keep this little secret just between them, Nate decides to give himself in to some first time gay sex, and an ass pounding he will never forget!
03-04-2021 0 Jayda and Doc are a wild pair! They've been seeking a stud for some kinky casual sharing, and we've got the perfect guy in mind. What a way to celebrate two years of not-quite-monogomy! Watch Doc squirm in the corner as his buff new friend pounds his wife's pussy raw!
03-04-2021 0 If horny is hungry Vanessa and Cloe were starving, until they spent some time together getting stuffed. Then, we came over and gave them seconds. These girls just couldn't get enough. They moaned with delight as we kept them full of meat before they shared our frothy dessert.
03-04-2021 0 Hey there honcho, is that a dumbbell in your swimming trunks or are you just happy to see me? Black Steel has it all--a perfect form, muscles galore, and a big stinky weener that could use some jerkin' and chuggin' right about now!
03-04-2021 0 College Wild Parties delivers once again. This week we have some of the skankiest educated putas around yet, for your viewing pleasure of course. Cum live the fantasy!!!
03-04-2021 0 They say in Texas everything is bigger and thats true especially when it comes to Megan's lovely bubble butt! This honey comes from a small town but there's nothing small about her ass and the way she uses it! Cum watch as she does the splits and we go after that vertical slit.
03-04-2021 0 New this week! See this group of college fuck-ups show us how to spend a school night. Somewhere there's an angry father, watching his daughter catch a wad in the face!
03-04-2021 0 Mirror, mirror on the wall, why can't Bailey cum at all? This little cutie had to check out the action in a mirror to get off! We paired her up with some mega metal right away to fix this kinky disorder and stuff that pretty punani like a thanksgiving turkey!
03-04-2021 0 This hot little MILF was a sucker for some nice flowers, we gave her ours and then we got to plunder hers! We fucked this juicy MILF pussy and filed her mouth with cock. We sent this MILF home with our man pollen all over her face.
03-04-2021 0 Preparing for friends James and Ricki to come over, Cayden admits to Evan that she doesn't want to have sex with him anymore, he just doesn't turn her on. Cayden confides in Ricki and a plan to switch spouses is devised! Step 1: Make out with each other until they get their husbands' attention. Step 2: Become swingers!!
03-04-2021 0 Starring Tristan EverHARD and Sebastian, this episode of Gay College Sex Parties is a must see. When these two twinks get a hold of eachothers stick shifts the ride never ends! Join us as we raise the roof...and our cocks at one of the hottest parties in Ft. Lauderdale!
03-04-2021 0 These two attractive whores were playing a hot game of lesbian pool and the next thing they have a cock in their mouth and each slut takes turns sucking and fucking this lucky dude. He drills both their asses and makes each babe suck it clean right from the other's asshole. They love the ass-to-mouth treatment and then share his cum... what else could be more fitting?
03-04-2021 0 Big Pimp and I were on the prowl again for some ghetto sluts when we came across this torn up hoochie named Coco. She practically jumped at the opportunity when we offered to give her busted ass a makeover, so we rolled back to the studio and tricked her out. We tempted her with a part on our TV show, but first she had to let us sample a little bit of that black skank hole. Coco realized fast that fame don't come easy!
03-04-2021 0 Mysterious Maleah Kai relishes the chance to unsheath a mighty meat-blade and test her highly-honed sword swallowing skills! This Asian sex assassin spreads wide for a katana-length cock, letting the boner-blade pierce her pussy and plunge into her sweet dew!
03-04-2021 0 Tall, dark, and blonde we offered LaRin a job modeling at exotic car shows, but of course we had to take a look under the hood and check all of her fluids first! Fasten your seatbelt, grab your shifter and hold on tight were going to take this slut on her first anal joyride.
03-04-2021 0 We found Trey out catching some sun rays on the beach. We wanted to put our meat rays up his tight ass! We brought him back to the pad for an interview, and soon he was basking in the glory of two huge cocks!
03-04-2021 0 Shy Karen was shocked when she openend her eyes and saw the size of our midnight meatsticks! We wiped that stunned look off her face and replaced it with satisfaction. This little ivory wench saw what we were packing and now she's got jungle fever! Sorry white boys, Lana's ours now!
03-04-2021 0 Since his last appearance, John is divorced and new wife Pricilla is in charge. A stripper pole and stage adorn the house, and the honeys make quick work of getting nude and seducing the guys. Big tits and hot lips envelope the pole AND the cocks this time out, and in the end, nothing goes without a good "buffing."
03-04-2021 0 You're invited to come party with Zoe and her friends as they dive into each others rosy pools. Once they're dripping wet, Zoe and Ariel double up on a dildo until they are completely submerged in the depths of pleasure.
03-04-2021 0 On this very special holiday episode of Her First Anal Sex we have for you, the beautiful ebony Eve. Eve needed to buy some CD's and we wanted to make her holiday a special one. See this sexy skank give up her holiest of hollies for some of her favorite tunes.
03-04-2021 0 Aiden was looking for a party, so we invited her to the one in our pants! This slut didn't need any music, she just wanted to dance the horizontal mambo and get a taste of our foot longs. We ended the night by doing some face and body shots! This was definitely our kind of party!
03-04-2021 0 Looking for hot party action? Look no further! This week we have another cum-dribbling, butt-fucking marathon for your enjoyment! Ecstasy and Corey are eager to get the party started, and they don't mind a bit if the crowd watches! Watch these hung ebony boyfriends provide some hot x-rated entertainment for the cock-hungry crowd!
03-04-2021 0 Adam wasn't making enough money waiting tables, so we offered him cash on the spot. Not only did he get naked, but he also swallowed our man-meat and let us bone his tight ass!!
03-04-2021 0 On a pissy day, Scarlett has to cover for a slacker co-worker. But when a stripper-gram shows up, she takes the opportunity to drop the faxes, AND her skirt. She's accustomed to ram-rodding deals through, but now she's on the receiving end of the dick, so to speak. She's playing a different kind of hard-ball, and someone's got to crack this nut and ride this deal through to its climax!
03-04-2021 0 Carly Parker is bringing her entire arsenal to this battle. Equipped with cannons of a goddess, we're prepared to drop the bomb. Mrs. Parker puts the 'Huge Boobs' in Huge Boobs Galore!
03-04-2021 0 Derek and Johnny didn't know what to expect but they were curious about what might happen at one of our infamous gay parties. They broke the ice with a few drìnks, and after getting buzzed, they got horny! It didn't matter how drµnk they were, because the stellar gay sex show they put on, no one will soon forget!
03-04-2021 0 Ladies and Gentlemen don the raincoats and strap-on your golashas because a flood is a cummin! Nasty slut Jenna doesn't know how to stop and after you see the blasts that come from between her legs you won't want her too!
03-04-2021 0 At this wild Gay College Sex Party our very own Casey cunning cums out from behind the camera to make some chocolate poundcake. Casey has a bed squeaking good time with Sebastian who rides him like a cowhand until a hot load of jiz jelly covers both of their toned college age bods.
03-04-2021 0 Talk about a service whore! Marie starts by choking on a fat white cock and then when another one shows up, she doesn't give two shits: she lets them both fuck her face. They take turns drilling out her ass and of course she gets double penetrated and then they're done, she opens wide for them to each cum in her mouth.
03-04-2021 0 Fiery red-headed real estate agent Audrey REALLY needed to make this sale, so we told her we would buy the house if she threw in some her sweet pussy and tight asshole! When we finally managed to stuff her pussy and her TIGHT VIRGIN ASS with our huge cocks, she was more than willing to negotiate -- DP style!
03-04-2021 0 This sexy MILF needed some nice cute cock, so we gave her two! we fucked this MILF hard before spraying our hot sticky cum all over her slut face!! I love a good MILF slut!
03-04-2021 0 "I can't believe it's not pussy!" thought sexy Fabio, as his meaty member slid deeper and deeper into Tyler's hot ass! As the party-goers looked on, these two used their meaty probes to explore every inch of their pretty bodies! Watch these two heat up the night!
03-04-2021 0 How old are you again? Lexi asked Megan quizzically as she and her husband Ethan found the blonde teen bimbo sandwiched between them. Nineteen, Megan replied, and no sooner did the confirmation of her age escape her lips was her mouth filled with Lexi's lickable pussy and Ethan's enormous erection!

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