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09-18-2020 0 Time for a BBQ at Lellou's place -- bring your own meat, and plenty of napkins; this one is going to get saucy! There aren't a lot of chairs, so everyone will just have to share Lellou's "seat"... and her pussy, and her mouth.
09-18-2020 0 Bella says she's never used a sex toy before. Luckily for her, Sammie is generous enough to show her how it's done!
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09-18-2020 0 Isaac is planning to visit Mexico, so he enlists Deano to help him learn some Spanish. Being the helpful soul that he is, Deano teaches him a little "Greek" while he's at it... ;-)
09-18-2020 0 Nico was starving but couldn't even afford a burger, so for a few hundred dollars, he let us slap some white meat between his slick black buns, and we fed the hungry twink till he was full!
09-18-2020 0 In a post 9/11 era we need our soldiers to be stronger, faster and longer. These guys complete their training by shoving a long barreled dick into each others' assholes because if they don't, the terrorists win.
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09-18-2020 0 This Asian momma-son was just what we were wonton! We couldn't wait to get full on this delicious helping of dim sum and chow her mein! This Szechuan honey was hot and spicy and after we took the fortune from her cookie we let our spring rolls go and unloaded our oyster sauce all over her face. Don't miss us Bangkok on this episode of MILF!
09-18-2020 0 We picked up this little MILF waiting for a train at the train station. As soon as we saw her we knew she was going to take a ride on the MILF train...
09-18-2020 0 I didn't know you were married. - I didn't want to scare you away, but it's O.K. we're both a lot of fun. - How long have you guys been together? - Two years, two years of fun! Do you wanna have some fun with us? We wanna have some fun with you....
09-18-2020 0 Ginger had a slow Southern drawl and a body that'd make a preacher man blush. She threw caution to the wind, pony'd up and jumped into our wagon for another hot ho down... You won't want to miss this belle, she'll get ya'lls guns to fire better than a professional six shooter!
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09-18-2020 0 I don't know. I've never kissed a girl before. Well there's no time like the present. OK, I'll try. And with that Devon leaned in and gave the cute basketball player a long wet kiss. Well you haven't run out screaming yet so you must have liked it. Said Marco as he works on finding out what else she'll like.
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09-18-2020 0 Mature feisty Asian cutie, Kitty is a no-nonsense MILF who's all about the fuckin'! With the promise of 'creamofsumyounguy' she sucked off our egg rolls and then filled up on every inch of our spicy pork in her forbidden city!
09-18-2020 0 Trenton wants to meet someone he can laugh and have fun with. Alex wants someone he can sit down and talk to. You can say that Trenton and Alex were both pretty laid back kind of guys. So much so that Alex got laid while he was on his back! Cum watch as these guys make a fuck connection!
09-18-2020 0 Jeremy Johnson is the latest guy to step up to the Sam Swift challenge, and he proves himself more than capable of giving Sam all the pleasure he has grown accustomed to. Sure, he chokes a bit while sucking on Sam's massive staff -- but then again, who wouldn't?
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09-18-2020 0 I wanted to bring another girl into our relationship. But, only SEXUALLY! This is the result of him at work while I hang out with my girlfriends at tupperware parties. Wife - Bonnie
09-18-2020 0 You may not think a party could happen sitting on a sofa, but a little beer makes everything possible! drµnken Frosh hottie Chap zeroed in on Nick's sweet meat and gave his pretty ass the attention it deserved! Be it bed, sofa, or coffee table....there's always time for cock!
09-18-2020 0 Enrique is back for a visit, and he brought along Brian. Johann is a bisexual from Germany, but admits he has not had much experience with men. For $200 he's willing to take on TWO HUGE COCKS, but will he be able to handle them?
09-18-2020 0 Coincidence? She's Harley Valley... We're 'Harley riders'! She's always fantasized about fucking a big dick... We love fucking with our big dicks! She likes to get spanked... We like red hand prints on her ass. Her, and her clam are from New England... She's going to end up like clam chowder, with our creamy white sauce all over her face.
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09-18-2020 0 This week's slutty mom was shopping at a yard sale when we showed up and offered to stuff her bag with our cocks. She couldn't wait to check out what we had to offer. This mama was on our cocks like a little brat on a nipple! Don't miss out on this Mature MILF!
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09-18-2020 0 We picked this slut up the old-fashioned way, we asked her to come back to our place for a barbeque. We found this tiny, blonde bitch was just begging to be filled with cock. We smacked it up, rubbed it down, and had her calling us daddy when we got through with her!
09-18-2020 0 Tall, dark, and blonde we offered LaRin a job modeling at exotic car shows, but of course we had to take a look under the hood and check all of her fluids first! Fasten your seatbelt, grab your shifter and hold on tight were going to take this slut on her first anal joyride.
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09-18-2020 0 Mary Anne was hanging out reading in the park on her day off when Nick and Sophia scoped her out. They couldn't resist wanting to have a little bit of fun with this adorable cutie, and catch it all on film. What a story for the grandkids!
09-18-2020 0 After searching in vain for someone to fuck in the hotel courtyard, Jaeden took to the pool, where Roberto generously allowed Jaeden to suck his cock and take it in the ass. (Roberto is a gentleman like that)
09-18-2020 0 Cum see this episode's fantastic sex-capades unfold. Jackie takes it all as a couple of her buddies turn a study group into an orgy. What cunning linguists!
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09-18-2020 0 -EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES EPISODE!-Can't get enough gang bang?! Look no further! We have all the action and then some, including photo shoots and an intimate behind the scenes look at the babes!
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