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10-27-2020 0 I think some introductions are in order, Johan, meet Niko's big cock...Niko's big cock, meet Johan! Johan swallows his first throbbing manly dick in this hot His First Gay Sex episode!
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10-27-2020 0 She wants to fuck her co-worker. Why not let her do it? Especially if you get to watch! Luscious made it all too obvious that she had a thing for Ethan, so husband Bobbi set it up and invited our cameras for an exclusive look! Don't miss it!
10-27-2020 0 This year we wanna give thanks to 3 great things: health, togetherness, and lesbians! To spread the joy, we tapped Sasha to learn the joys of giving by letting sexy Miss Ryder work that fine pussy and turn her out for the holidays! Watch Sasha go ho! ho! ho! for lesbo!
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10-27-2020 0 With his hand petting the huge bulge still inside of David's briefs, Skyler asks Stefano; So, do you like what you see? Stefano tells him that he want's to see more but they're only going to give him what he wants if he is willing to give David and Skyler some of what they want too.....His tight asshole.
10-27-2020 0 They say that opposites attract. This sun kissed beauty and her raven haired friend are no exceptions to that rule. Their animal magnetism heats up their lust for each other then spills onto the huge cock that turns up just as their passion simmers to a boil. Don't miss this hot hot hot episode.
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10-27-2020 0 "Maybe you'll like our table," said Devon, wife. "I'll check it out," said Heather. "Are you guys really married?" "Oh yes," said Devon. "But we still like to have fun! Let's make you comfortable! Have you ever been with a woman?"
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10-27-2020 0 When librarians Kayme and TJ decide to have a roll in the hay with another couple, TJ is adamant about one thing. Attractive is Goddamn mandatory he chortles, We are NOT having sex with ugly people! Holly and Jarod more than cut the muster, all trepidation flies out the window, and it's soon time to wife switch!
10-27-2020 0 Angela and Diana weren't happy with the price of the goods that John the delivery driver was dropping off, so they came up with a way to get him to come down -- by getting him off.
10-27-2020 0 Everyones heard that they shouldn't go to the grocery store hungry. How about going to the bar horny? That's just what single MILF, Hunter did. She woke up the next morning with 2 strange guys in her bed and couldn't remember what happened! Open Wide - It's time to make some new memories - Slut!
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10-27-2020 0 It's the crack of dawn and Ashley Jensen's boyfriend is about to get off work, but that doesn't stop her from delving into the Back Seat Banger SUV. Having perfect tits and complimented with a beach-bum of a goddess, Miss Jensen isn't scared to get a little road burn if you know what we mean!
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10-27-2020 0 Hello and welcome pimp fans! This week on She Got Pimped we welcome the very ghetto, very sexy Vivica and her sweet ebony punani. See just how sweet the juice from a black berry can be. Vivica seemed rather put off by our advances and reluctant to trust us but with some smooth words and promises of cold hard cash we had her eating right out of our hands.
10-27-2020 0 Annie is a full-time student studying business. She must be tired of being broke, and be ready to make some deals. Well lucky her that we came along - now she can do both! Once the price is named, her doors will be open for business! And when we're done, there will be a clean-up call on Isle 3!
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10-27-2020 0 This sexy MILF was out shopping for shoes. We convinced her to come back to the pad for some hot MILF action. We fucked this slut in both holes at the same time, then unleashed a load of hot cum all over her grill.
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10-27-2020 0 Clara says it best when Eve and Adrianna first walk on screen: "Oh my God!!" And that's before you even get a good look at their perfect asses, tight pink pussies and pert little tits in all their uncovered glory! By the time Eve jams her strap-on up Adrianna's ass, you'll be ready to burst!
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10-27-2020 0 Sean decided to shave his head last night to try to get lucky with the guys, and boy did we luck out! Ray was on his way to Grandmother's house (awww), when he decided to take a small detour with Sean and Tyler. My, what HUGE COCKS you have!
10-27-2020 0 Smokin hot blonde Brooke Belle brought her pal Carli Banks along for a visit to Clara's place... and when I say "visit," what I mean of course is "lesbian sex fest beyond compare!" These honeys know how to make each other cum hard, and fortunately for all of us viewers, they love nothing more than to do so on camera. ;-)
10-27-2020 0 Today is our 100th MILF episode. To celebrate we found a sexy mom with some nice milk bags to fuck! Casey didn't know she was Mrs. 100 but, she sure felt like it! This loose cannon fucked like a Mommy should! Congrats slut!
10-27-2020 0 Spring is here, and the tourists are out! Bryan and Enrique manage to catch a cute one on their way to the botanical gardens. Justin was a little shy on camera, but watch as he gets "deflowered" by his first two HUGE COCKS !
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