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12-13-2019 0 When wife Lexi said "This is the land of opportunity! Anything goes!", workout partner Kaci looked a little surprised. "What do you mean by that?!" Lexi quizzed her on three-ways next:"If you had the opportunity to be with another woman... would you do it?"
12-13-2019 0 Dustin was cross training for a marathon when we eyed him. But, he ended up cross training for the pink team. One in the ass and one in the mouth! Boy was his ass sore, I guess this straight guy forgot to stretch!
12-13-2019 0 Monica is just the naive slut we're looking for. She comes to audition for our Cheerleading 'film', but when she finds out its really a porn she says no way... until we tell her it pays 10-grand! It's a good thing because her cheerleading skills stink, but her sucking and fucking skills are second to none! Another start is born in porn!
12-13-2019 0 Venus can take some great anal abµse and she takes it very well. For her, getting face-fucked by two guys, then getting both her holes filled with cocks in all sorts of positions, is all in a day's work to please two men and let them drain their ball sacs on her abµsed slut face.
12-13-2019 0 Toys, toys, and more toys! Tune in to gawk at these gorgeous gals groping their way to good times and gapping wet gashes. No doubt your gonads will grow watching their girlish figures and listening to their groans as they greedily grind gadgets to g-spot glory!
12-13-2019 0 Nicole Moore may be only a few months shy of her 50th birthday, but what a set of perfect firm natural tits she has! Melanie, with her new sexy hairdo, was more than excited to take part in terrific spit play with both their pussies and boobs.
12-13-2019 0 How does Jaymz find so many hot guys who are capable of deep-throating that massive cock of his? Who cares -- so long as he keeps letting us film the action, his seduction techniques can remain a mystery. :-)
12-13-2019 0 Zack's on the fast track to modelhood, or so he thinks. We made sure he had his passport, told him stories of Paris, London, and Milan, but the only trip he'll be taking with us is on the Sodomy Express. There'll be a stopover on Daisy Chain Drive before we end up at our final destination.... And Everybody Gets Off!!!!
12-13-2019 0 When we saw this piece of fresh meat walking down the street, we were overcome by a craving for bearded baby clam. After generously contributing to Elli's culinary education, she gave us private lessons in the 'French arts'. She got us fired up pretty quickly, but we slow roasted our sausages in her hot little oven, leaving her well basted with our special sauce.
12-13-2019 0 Ethan and Lexi discovered that their hot neighbor from up the street was a naughty cam chick online. Sensing an opportunity for seduction, Lexi dropped by Ally's place to work her magic.... and it just gets better from there. ;-)
12-13-2019 0 We found P.J. out on Spring break looking for something to do... so we thought we'd volunteer to let him do us! He admitted he'd never had a huge cock before, but there's a first time for everything! Guess he wasn't expecting the party to be in his pants!!
12-13-2019 0 Bruno was hesitant of our offer like most new talent, but a flash of cash proved his desperation. Hooked, Bruno soon learned of the fulfillment of opening his manhole and allowing us to fully explore his inner self!
12-13-2019 0 The MILF Seekers catch Kitty off guard at a local hotdog stand. With a little coercion they get this redheaded vegetarian to sample their tube steak. Watch as this lil' kitty laps up all of our man milk and purrs for more.
12-13-2019 0 We picked up Jessica on the beachfront. She was all alone gazing out at the ocean and we knew she was gonna be easy pickings as from below the pier we could see she was not wearing panties!!! Sure enough watch the video you can see, she shows us her bare ass right there on the pier.
12-13-2019 0 Two of the hottest hippest buckaroos made a lust connection at our party. After a hot dip n' lick in the Jacuzzi they dove even deeper into brown town where they wrangled up some seriously sexy bedroom moves. Saddle up because these cowboys are ready to ride until they hit white gold. YeeHaa!
12-13-2019 0 Nick and Dylan constantly bicker and are becoming desperate to save their marriage. Bella and Tallon, who are very good friends, were once on Wife Switch, as a married couple! The twists and turns in this episode will surprise you as much as the moans and groans will turn you on.
12-13-2019 0 It's time for a crash course in mouth to mouth resuscitation and Dick reviving. Marco and Rio are at the head of the class. Now throw in some nice ass massaging and we have a party! Cum see who gets left behind and who gets revived!
12-13-2019 0 It must be the weekend because Barbie Love is throwing a house party. You can bet that she's the hostess with the mostess. An exhibitionist and nympho, she'll be sure to show all of her guests what she's got.....So CUM by and experience all of the sucking and fucking that only happens at wild college party.
12-13-2019 0 This loser husband was not happy at our suggestion of letting us bang his fuck-a-licious wife. Flash some cash and its amazing how peoples' minds change! We hope that wad of cash is enough to think about while we screw Myah right in front of him!
12-13-2019 0 Our man Sam found this cute gay boy couple snapping some pics so he invited them back to his place to take some more intimate shots. It wasn't long before they whipped out their HUGE COCKS and it became and guy on guy on guy double team!
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12-13-2019 0 Naughty Brit Lisa Demarco has a brand new personal trainer. For her first session, the plans include stretching, lunging, crunches... and, of course, cocksucking, pussy-pounding and a hot cum rub-down!
12-13-2019 0 The men are making a nature documentary and college slut Marie is the perfect subject. Here we see a strapped for cash student in her natural habitat, gagging on cock, riding dick for money, and getting her face splattered with hot sticky jizz.
12-13-2019 0 Jose and Micky are rock hard and fully at attention for this military-themed thumping, as first timer Mickey gets his first taste of thick cock from hung Jose Manuel in this His First Gay Sex scene that has these fellas being the best that they can be!
12-13-2019 0 Dirty blonde slut Honey Winter gets her fill of cock -- and more than her fill of hot, sticky cum!
12-13-2019 0 Film buff Jordan and I had a bet over movie trivia, since she lost I got to fuck her sweet ass! Her tight holes felt amazing but she got a suprise ending...a jizzload in her foul mouth that she got to swallow! What a show!
12-13-2019 0 Boy do we have a treat for you this week guys!! Cognac is picked up by a friend of his to help fix his computer, but of course there is no computer, but there is something that he can get worked on...Sucking on a little man pole then getting it up his tight virgin ass!!! Ready to see some Anal Slamming?? Let's go!!
12-13-2019 0 The guys that make DVD's out of Dick and Rod's naughty home movies should have known what would happen when they hired sweet, sexy, 19yr old Monica to work the front desk at their office.... One day Dick and Rod would come in and convince her to show them what she's learned watching all that free porn.
12-13-2019 0 If you've got a hot cute slut sitting on your lap, you'd better forget what's holding you back and go after that tight hot twat. Don't miss out like you did in college!
12-13-2019 0 On a miserable winter day, Brandon found himself stranded with a canceled flight, in need of a hotel room, and with a maxed out credit card. No worries; Johnny to the rescue! After some small talk, out came the big cock... and you know where it goes from there. :-)
12-13-2019 0 "The first step in 'Threesome 101'," said Lexi, "is to make the new hottie feel comfortable! How about a massage?" "Oooh, I'd like that!" said Isabella. "I've never done anything like this before...but I like older women!"
12-13-2019 0 Priscilla and John were getting ready to get down and dirty when the porn valley high fairy dropped an innocent little present on their doorstep. Jesse was going door to door trying to raise money for a school trip, but when she landed at John and Priscilla's she raised a lot more than that... and had her first threesome!
12-13-2019 0 When they hit the streets, Ricardo sizes up the camera. No stranger to film, Corey recognizes him from a blue movie! A top, it takes quite a bit of cash & kisses & sweet talking to convince Ricardo to tackle two huge cocks from the receiving end!
12-13-2019 0 "You've never seen one of these before!" Lexi says as she starts to laugh out loud. "No, I" the landlord's daughter replies as she starts to turn red, embarrassed that she thought the purple rubbery object was a piece of art. "This" Lexi states matter of factly as she wraps her fingers around it, "is a dildo that ladies use when they have sex with each other......You just need to relax and let me show you what it's like."
12-13-2019 0 Rub a dub dub, lets have some rough ass play out by the tub! Nicky Angel lives up to her name when she shows you the little slice of heaven she's got between her legs. She complements her perfectly pink fuck-holes with her favorite hot pink toys, then we'll dive in for some anal action that's so good you'll end up with a wet spot too!
12-13-2019 0 It's a classic bait and switch on this weeks Wife Switch as the Brook's meet the Hardy's for a few drìnks. Before long the clothes come off and the ladies start sucking off each other's husbands huge cocks. Soon, the guys wind up balls deep in a tight pussy that's not the one they married.
12-13-2019 0 When Brenden hit the showers after the big game he expected to get clean not down and dirty. He couldn't hide the chubby he got watching his teammates play with each other so he gave in and let them kiss his goal box until he was hot and steamy enough shoot and score.
12-13-2019 0 Brandi isn't sure that her petite little body can handle a massive mutton mallet in each hole, but she sure is willing to give it a well-lubed try! Brandi winces in pain at her first anal sex, but screams with pleasure while the depths of her virgin asshole are tunneled deep and then filled with gobs of glandular guy gravy!
12-13-2019 0 The British invasion is back! Dick and Sophie return to try some "dark chocolate" on for size. Sophie is warmed up by veteran swapper Platinum, but not enough to ease her cock shock when Lee spears her with his oversized ramrod. Platinum claps her cum covered ass cheeks, and Lee thinks Sophie talks too much, even with a load of his crank spank in her mouth.
12-13-2019 0 Barely 18, but they're already sluts who know how to use toys like nymphos, suck dick like prostitutes, and fuck like strippers. Watch them ride our huge dicks until their holes are raw and gapping. Then watch us give 'em some more.
12-13-2019 0 When Hasel came in for his first ever gay shoot, he was under the impression he would only be "working" with one thick-dicked stud, but in fact we brought two studs to break in poor Hasel's mouth and tight asshole. He wasn't sure he was ready for this, but once the first taste of cock hit his lips he was prepared for anything!
12-13-2019 0 Electra is a fitting name for this fiery vixen. With persimmon hair and in an orange dress she works 2 gold dildos into her pink holes until they're a blaze with lust. But that doesn't kindle the glisten in her gash as much as a real hose. Once stuffed with an enflamed cock, her pits turn scarlet... with the perfect mix between pleasure and pain.
12-13-2019 0 Draygen was on his way home from school when he ran into the Ass Professor & Kobe, who offered to give him lessons on DOD (dick on demand). After some hard tutoring HFHC style, he passed with flying colors!
12-13-2019 0 These little girls seem so innocent with their hair in pigtails, and their fingers penetrating so gently. But we're far from innocent, and can't wait for you to watch us permanently defile these sluts with a sinfully titillating brand of vile, savage, and lewd punishment inflicted upon them, and their sore hollows.
12-13-2019 0 Jessica isn't quite sure if she should tell her man what she really wants for Christmas -- three extra cocks to play with! Luckily, Jessica has a very vivid imagination, and our cameras can see right into it....
12-13-2019 0 If you like it rough get ready to ride bareback with Nicky and Nella as they get down on our studs. This is one wild ho-down you won't soon forget, complete with spanking and a very naughty ending.
12-13-2019 0 Full bodied Nikol and sweet Zuzana just couldn't be satisfied going solo, so they decided to partner up and see if some girl-on-girl PUSSY LICKING was just what they needed. These two hot lesbian bitches abuse each other with a gigantic dildo and then finish up with some extreme slit-slobbering!
12-13-2019 0 As an aspiring pornstar it's a sin that Ms. Sin hasn't enjoyed a black cock... let alone 2 black cocks... let alone 2 BIG black cocks... But we're gonna happy to help her change all that! We're gonna show her how we've made a name for ourselves while chalking up all kinds of firsts for this white slut.... Fresh black cherry pie anyone?
12-13-2019 0 This Tennessee cutie had sexy yankee Isabelle wantin' to travel down to her deep south for a little "seafood!" She may have never kissed a honey but that didn't stop her from tonguing Isabelle's pretty snatch like a lesbo pro! You gotta see this!
12-13-2019 0 We found Taylor off campus, and hooked her in by telling her we were making a documentary about sexuality among college babes - translation: we're making a porno, and you're the star! She gets fucked so hard she cannot even speak her lines.

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