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11-21-2019 0 Daniel's latest MILF hook is to pretend to be a personal trainer. Demi doesn't really buy his story, but once she has his cock in her mouth, instinct takes over and she has to finish what she has started...
11-21-2019 0 Austin is a cute blonde who's having problems with his girlfriend pleasing him, so he's ready for Jack to take care of his ass and pound it hard. Austin also loves sucking dick, as you'll see in this episode of "His First Gay Sex."
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11-21-2019 0 Matt responded to an ad about a testing program for a new libido enhancer called Cockswell. Its effects are instant and strong -- meaning that Matt is about to get really familiar with Sam's famously plus-sized trouser snake.
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11-21-2019 0 A new year at college brings a new year of back to school parties! This party has a bit of a twist though, instead of a contest involving best chest or ass these college freshmen decide it would be more fun to have a best cock contest. Cocks come out and the judging begins by sticking the horny meat down their throats and asses until the winner is crowned with pearl jewels.
11-21-2019 0 "I've never been with a honey before," says wife, Sophia, in the car. "My wife will say ANYTHING to get in a honey's pants!" Husband - Brad
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11-21-2019 0 When the Bangkok's had the Edwards' over for some wine and hors d'oeuvres, their guests were instantly drawn to Rosario, the household help. Shyness was an issue at first, but after knocking back a little wine, Rosario got into the swing of things and gave it up to her employers and their kinky pals, joining in for a five-way fuckfest!
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