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11-19-2017 0 Despite Alana's disgust of the whole idea, the couples meet to "Wife Switch." Soon tempers fly. Andrew likes it rough but Joe says not with his wife. After a heated exchange, they all make up and skeptical Alana gets her tits doused in Andrew's cock custard. All is well!
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11-19-2017 0 We thought no one would recognize us outside of L.A. but before we were even settled in Atlanta, our new neighbor, Brett, came by to introduce himself. He said that he recognized us from "his friend's porn." We saw thru that lie and knew why he really came by.... To experience His First Gay Sex!
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11-19-2017 0 I don't know if I can do this Toni protested What if my parents find out? They're never gonna find out. We wont say anything if you don't say anything Devon replied
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