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06-05-2020 0 When Hasel came in for his first ever gay shoot, he was under the impression he would only be "working" with one thick-dicked stud, but in fact we brought two studs to break in poor Hasel's mouth and tight asshole. He wasn't sure he was ready for this, but once the first taste of cock hit his lips he was prepared for anything!
06-05-2020 0 Marian the Czech pool stud is always up for having new experiences -- and fortunately for Mike, sucking cock turned out to be right up Marian's alley!
06-05-2020 0 Vanessa Lane was due to make an appearance with us. As if her rock-hard perfect body isn't enough, she is also a total nymphomaniac who likes to show off how flexible she is. What makes her even more special is she likes to drìnk cum from a wine glass so she can really enjoy the taste and smell of it.
06-05-2020 0 Sam had Sebastian over to try on his outfit for an upcoming parade, but in the end, Sebastian ended up wearing Sam's sperm instead!
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06-05-2020 0 "It's the same as training. You have to try different programs and genres..... It's actually very good cardio, and it helps your blood flow... I know my blood's flowing really well right now... We're going to make you into a new woman in more ways than one!"
06-05-2020 0 Double your pleasure with Carrie and Patricia as they take it up the ass with two big cocks! Watch them stretch their holes, swap spit and lick a hot load off of each other!
06-05-2020 0 Poor Faith has never been poked by a pecker. Her lover, Abby, has never been with another woman. Scott and Nadia are inexperienced but enthusiastic Wife Switcher's who can't wait to get started. Cum on over to find out if these two, green to swing couples, are brave enough to play games of perversion.
06-05-2020 0 This MILF was out spending her husband's money. Instead of shopping for shoes, she ends up shopping for dick! What a slut! She said, "Will we be done in time for me to pick up my husband?" This married MILF was a lot of fun. She fucked like an animal. Oh man, we slammed that married ass like tag-team wrestlers.
06-05-2020 0
06-05-2020 0 I bet you'd do just about anything to go on that Europe trip, said Joe. Yeah, pretty much anything! said Katie. Veronica chimed in: Well, we're a pretty open-minded couple...I bet we can come up with a way to make your trip happen!
06-05-2020 0 Recently I had the chance to hang out with a hottie who can squirt like crazy. Jamie is from Montreal but was in the US visiting and wanted to teach me how to squirt. She has a terrific body and is in total control of it, so we decided to play together. You better put on your rainsuit for this one!
06-05-2020 0 Kristine is hot, but we were afraid that she was just too damn little to take four monstrous black cocks at once! Give Kristine credit though, she somehow manages to take multiple man-masts balls-deep into her mouth, asshole and pussy without her hot holes tearing open!
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06-05-2020 0 It's an all out fuck fest! Don't pass it up, like you did in college. You won't believe your eyes!
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06-05-2020 0 This hot little slut was about to get fucked by a hot lesbian honey, and she had no idea. We took her back to the pad and with a little smooth talking she was licking a pussy for the first time. Marlene loved her first Lesbian Sex so much I'm sure we will see her again!
06-05-2020 0 Dustin was cross training for a marathon when we eyed him. But, he ended up cross training for the pink team. One in the ass and one in the mouth! Boy was his ass sore, I guess this straight guy forgot to stretch!
06-05-2020 0 Our wreckin' crew was on the hunt for the perfect groupie, and we thought Chelsea would make the perfect skank! She was already a freak in the sack, so we knew this petite little lassie would love the girth and the mirth of Her First DP!
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06-05-2020 0 This week's slutty mom was shopping at a yard sale when we showed up and offered to stuff her bag with our cocks. She couldn't wait to check out what we had to offer. This mama was on our cocks like a little brat on a nipple! Don't miss out on this Mature MILF!
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06-05-2020 0 Who would have thought an innocent interview would turn into a game of "If you show me yours, I'll show you mine." Spencer can hardly contain himself at the sight of two huge cocks, and soon he's taking them from both ends, begging for their hot cum.
06-05-2020 0 It was easy enough to lure J.T. back to our studio with the promise of easy money, but even easier to get him to prove his desperation for the job by opening up his tight twink-gina for some hot man-pole!
06-05-2020 0 Alright fellas, this week we've got a hot one! She was supposed to be headed to Heff's mansion hoping to be one of his new girlfriends but we snagged her first! We got this Swedish Mama back to the studio and poked a few more holes in her swiss cheese! Don't miss out on this week's Swiss Miss MILF!
06-05-2020 0 Tobi enjoys getting filled up with big cocks so that's what we planned for her. Her mouth gets stretched during a gagging session with both cocks in her. Next is rough anal sex on a glass table all while still getting face fucked and choked by the other dick, and of course plenty of ass-to-mouth so she can taste her asshole juice. She begs to get double stuffed, so one cock goes in each fuck hole for a few different positions before messy facials.
06-05-2020 0 Hanging out with your friends while the girlfriend is out of town, always results in fun. Getting a little tipsy and getting horny go hand in hand....and by hand I mean dick and by hand I mean ass!
06-05-2020 0 The customer's always right Ethan reminds Mackenzee when she tries to leave before Lexi's gotten what she wants from the cute maid. Lexi insisted on doing her own inspection of Mackenzee's crack and crevasse before putting the girl to work polishing her husband's knob.
06-05-2020 0 Vivien drops by for the 'Clara treatment,' and you know what that means: her pussy, asshole, tongue and fingers are in for a serious workout! Vivien shows that she can give as good as she gets, eating Clara's pussy and rimming her asshole like the dirty little slut she is.
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06-05-2020 0 "I've never been in a situation like this before," said Hailey. Frank assured her: "It's totally normal! Your inhibitions just melt away. We want to show you how fun it is!" Wife Lauren chimed in: "Ooooh, she's blushing! We'll have to teach her a few things..."
06-05-2020 0 If you like a chick with spunk, have we got a show for you! Adriana learned to be loud on the mean streets of NYC but she learned how to be a freak in the sack out here in SoCal. She'd said that it'd been a long time since she's gotten any, but she's never gotten it like this before!... Listen to her destroy her vocal cords while we destroy her!
06-05-2020 0 When we stopped to pick up a sexy cute hitchhiker my husband asked "Shouldn't you be in school". The cutie admitted that she didn't study for a test and was skipping. We invited her back to our place where we hoped to teach her how to earn an "O" grade. "I'm sure you'll remember this lesson" my husband said with a smirk as he began to suck on her nipples for the first time.
06-05-2020 0 Men who work out together get down together! These two handsome hunks will wet your whistle while blowing each other's horns! They play each other like violins and crescendo into orgasmic ecstasy!
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06-05-2020 0 Ever wonder what you missed at all those parties you didn't get invited to back in college? Wanna know what your girlfriend was doing all those nights she had to 'study'? Find out now!
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